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(10-23-66) Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - Bonus baby Donny Anderson scored two touchdowns, one on a 77-yard punt return, as the Green Bay Packers mauled the defenseless Atlanta Falcons 56-3. Anderson's first regular season score came on a five-yard sweep as the once beaten Packers remained alone atop the Western Conference standings. Green Bay plucked the Falcons for 28 points in the first half alone as Bart Starr completed eight of 11 throws for 217 yards. He stepped aside in favor of Zeke Bratkowski early in the second half. The Packers, unable to score more than 24 points in any previous game, held only a 7-0 lead after the first 15 minutes as Elijah Pitts smashed over from the three to cap a 71-yard drive that began with a Bob Jeter interception of a Dennis Claridge pass. But they added three more touchdowns in the second period with Jim Taylor plunging over from the one, Carroll Dale taking a 51 yard Starr bomb and Anderson's sweep. Atlanta came back in the second half to score on a 41-yard field goal by Lou Kirouac, set up by the power running of Ernie Wheelwright. But Herb Adderly added a fifth Packer touchdown with a 68-yard runback of a pass interception. Bratkowski, who took over for Starr early in the third period, connected with Max McGee for a 24-yard touchdown early in the final period. Anderson's punt return came late in the game as the Packers continued to pour it on despite liberal substituting by Coach Vince Lombardi. Another substitute, Doug Hart, closed out the scoring when he intercepted a Randy Johnson pass and returned it 40 yards for a touchdown. The victory margin remains the largest in Green Bay history. - NFL "GOTW" highlights from game - Milwaukee game - original, 26 minutes (Quality 9) - Upgraded June, 2009



(10-04-70) San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 9) - Added December, 2009



(11-11-73) Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)



(11-21-76) Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons - original GOTW highlights, color, 22 mins (quality 9)



(09-25-77) Atlanta Falcons vs Washington Redskins - Missing last 1:20 of game. No scoring missed - Added July, 2009

(10-02-77) New York Giants @ Atlanta Falcons - added March, 2009

(10-09-77) Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers - has commercials & halftime; fan on field @ end of 3rd qtr - added March, 2009

(10-16-77) Atlanta Falcons @ Buffalo Bills - Buffalo wins rare 3-0 game over Atlanta, getting a big day from OJ Simpson (23-138) who surpassed the 10,000 mark in the game. - missing last 1:20 - added December, 2007

(10-23-77) Atlanta Falcons @ Chicago Bears - Includes halftime and commercials (Quality 9) - added August, 2007

(10-30-77) Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons - has commercials & halftime - added March, 2009

(11-06-77) San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - Added November, 2009

(11-13-77) Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons - A fumble and an interception spelled defeat for the Lions late in a close contest. A total of five passes were intercepted during the contest, three by the Lions. Each team recovered a pair of fumbles to stop other drives. During the first half, the Falcons manage just 25 yards in offense and one first down. It marked the first Atlanta win over Detroit. - added December, 2007

(11-20-77) Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - Includes commercials - added March, 2009

(11-27-77) Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - added March, 2009

(12-11-77) Atlanta Falcons @ LA Rams - partial - starts with less than 2 minutes to go in the first half, it only goes about halfway through the third quarter and then ends - added January, 2008



(09-17-78) Cleveland Browns @ Atlanta Falcons - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5) - Added December, 2009

(10-01-78) Wk 5 New York Giants @ Atlanta Falcons - (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011

(10-08-78) - Atlanta Falcons @ Pittsburgh Steelers - edited huddles - costas/matte - Includes post game Bradshaw interview and 78 WK #6 highlights (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2007

(10-15-78) WK 7 - Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons - Includes halftime and commercials (3 DVDs) (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(10-22-78) Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers - Added November, 2009

(11-12-78) Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - Big Ben - Most of 1st half and last 45 seconds (Quality 8.5) - Named one of the NFL's greatest finishes - Added September, 2008

(11-19-78) WK 12 - Atlanta Falcons @ Chicago Bears - Missing 1st Qtr - Includes halftime and commercials (3 DVDs) (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(12-03-78) Wk 14 - Atlanta Falcons @ Cincinnati Bengals - Includes halftime and commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(12-24-78) 1978 NFC Wildcard - Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons - Atlanta won their first playoff game in team history after they overcame a 13-0 deficit by scoring 2 touchdowns in the final 5 minutes of the game to take 14-13 win over Philadelphia. In the first quarter, the Eagles Cleveland Franklin recovered a fumble on a punt return, setting up wide receiver Harold Carmichael's 13-yard touchdown reception. However, kicker Mike Michel missed the ensuing extra point, which would later prove to be costly. Neither team would score again until the third quarter when the Eagles would drive 60 yards to running back Wilbert Montgomery's 1-yard rushing touchdown. But late in the fourth period, Falcons quarterback Steve Bartkowski completed 4 of 6 passes for 88 yards, as Atlanta came back to score on tight end Jim Mitchell's 20-yard touchdown reception. Then on the Falcons next drive, Bartkowski threw a 37-yard touchdown pass to Wallace Francis with 1:39 left in the game. The Eagles had one last shot to win the game as they reached the Atlanta 16-yard line with 13 seconds remaining, but Michel missed a 34-yard field goal attempt. - (quality 9)

(12-30-78) 1978 NFC Divisional - Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys - Danny White replaces an injured Roger Staubach.



(09-02-79) Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - OT - Amazing ending - listed as one of the best endings of the decade. - JIP first quarter with score 0-0 and the Saints with the ball. - Includes commercials, halftime, and post game (Quality 8.5) - added August, 2008

(10-07-79) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Tim Mazzetti kicked three field goals, and the Falcon defense forced three turnovers, as Atlanta snapped a three-game losing streak and reached the .500 mark. Mazzetti's first field goal was set up by Rolland Lawrence's 17-yard interception return. Atlanta also recorded eight sacks, including one by Mike Lewis which resulted in a safety. - Includes halftime and commercials (3 DVDs) (Quality 9) - Added September, 2011

(10-14-79) Atlanta Falcons @ Oakland Raiders - missing opening kickoff and picks up at first snap of game (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011

(10-21-79) Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers - Walsh's first win as head coach of SF - added March, 2008

(10-29-79) Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons - MNF - Includes pregame and halftime (Quality 8.5) - added August, 2008

(11-11-79) Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants - played in the rain - (3 disc’s) halftime and commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2009

(12-02-79) Atlanta Falcons @ San Diego Chargers - BARTKOWSKI VS FOUTS - Dan Fouts 338 yards passing, William Andrews 131 yards rushing, John Jefferson 103 yards receiving (3 discs)



(09-21-80) Miami Dolphins vs Atlanta Falcons - Loses video for about 5 minutes in 1st qtr due to technical difficulties - (Quality 8.5) (3 discs) - Added December, 2008

(12-07-80) Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles - Two powerhouses meet in a huge late season clash and possible Conference Championship preview. Atlanta wins in final seconds 20-17 in a great game! (Quality 8.5)

(01-04-81) 1980 NFC Divisional - Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons - "Duel in Dixie" - Cowboys rally in 4th Qtr from way behind to put down strong Atlanta team 30-27 in an action packed game! Alfred Jenkins had 155 yards receiving, Danny White 322 yards passing - 4 DVDs (quality 9) - added August, 2007 - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list. - Upgraded May, 2009



(09-13-81) Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - The Packers were 15 minutes from a 2-0 start, leading 17-0, when they suffered one of their worse collapses in history. Atlanta scored four touchdowns in the fourth quarter, two by the offense and two by the defense and 31 total pts in the 4th, to leave the Lambeau Field audience stunned. Bartkowski tossed four interceptions in the win. Atlanta star RB William Andrews (19-87-1) enjoys a fine day to help overcome Packer star WR James Lofton's (8-179) huge day. (Quality 9.5)

(09-20-81) San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011

(10-25-81) WK 08 New York Giants @ Atlanta Falcons - (Quality 8) - added March, 2011

(11-08-81) Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers - Added March, 2009

(11-29-81) Atlanta Falcons @ Houston Oilers - broadcast ends with 1:50 to go in 4th Qtr after Oilers get last score of game - Includes Halftime and commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2011



(12-26-82) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - James Lofton caught three passes for 146 yards and two touchdowns as the Packers clinched their first playoff berth since 1972. (Quality 9.0)

(01-09-83) 1982 1st RD NFC Super Bowl Tournament - Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings - added January, 2008



(10-16-83) WK 7 - Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams - Includes halftime (Quality 8.5) - added September, 2011

(11-14-83) WK 11 - Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons - played in rain - (Quality 8.5) - added September, 2011

(11-20-83) San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - Amazing finish! Atlanta wins 28-24 on incredible Hail Mary now seen in all the Fantastic Finishes films! Billy "White Shoes" Johnson falls down, catches pass that is bouncing everywhere, then runs, dodges, weaves, and lunges past three 49ers to score winning TD on final play of the game! - added May, 2009

(11-27-83) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Barn Burner of a game! Atlanta pulls out 47-41 win in OT Classic! Atlanta CB Kenny Johnson returns INT for TD with less then two minutes to go for the lead, but the Packers tie game on last play TD. Then Johnson does it again in OT for the win!!! Falcons get big day from RB William Andrews (20-129-2rush, 5-54-1rec) to off set big Green Bay days by QB Lynn Dickey (25-37, 3tds, 366yds) and WR James Lofton (7-161-1). (Quality 9.0)

(12-04-83) WK 14 - Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins - Includes halftime, commercials, and post-game (4 DVDs) (Quality 9) - added September, 2011



(09-30-84) Wk 5 Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers - Added May, 2011

(10-28-84) WK 9 - Atlanta Falcons @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers '84 Post game w/ guest Frank Pollard, Ahmad Rashad interview with Mike Singletary on NFL Today (Quality 8) - added August, 2011

(12-02-84) Wk 14 San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - Missing 1st couple of plays (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011



(10-06-85) WK 5 - San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - Includes half (Quality 8) - Added September, 2011

(11-03-85) WK 9 - Washington Redskins @ Atlanta Falcons - Includes halftime, commercials, and post-game (4 DVDs) (Quality 8.5) - added September, 2011

(11-24-85) Atlanta Falcons @ Chicago Bears - Walter Payton’s 40-yard TD run and finished with 102 yards on the day. William Perry’s rushing touchdown. Gerald Riggs 110 yards rushing - added March, 2007



(09-20-87) WK 2 Washington Redskins @ Atlanta Falcons - Joined in Progress w/ 2:30 remaining in 1st Qtr score 7-0. Includes commercials and local news post-game (Quality 8) - added May, 2011



(11-06-88) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Green Bay suffers its second consecutive shutout, the first time since 1925 the team had been whitewashed in consecutive games. Randy Wright and Don Majkowski combined to throw four interceptions in the loss. - added January 2008

(12-04-88) WK 14 - San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - Includes halftime and post-game (3 DVDs) (Quality 9) - Added September, 2011



(10-01-89) Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - Going into the fourth quarter, Green Bay trailed 21-6 and appeared to be on its way to a 1-3 record. The Packers exploded for 17 points, with Chris Jacke nailing a 52-yard field goal late for the win. Includes Packer pre-game ‘89, NFL Today pre-game, commercials, halftime, local channel 2 news post game coverage and interviews, packer locker room w/ Larry McCarren, Lindy Infante Show (3 discs) (Quality 9)



(10-14-90) San Franciso 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - Montana 6 TD passes, Rice 5 TD receptions - Joe Montana (32-49, 6tds, 476yds) and Jerry Rice (13-225-5!!!) go NUTS in 45-35 San Francisco victory. Atlanta did get a great performance out of WR Andre Rison (9-172-2). includes commercials, halftime (Quality 8)



(11-10-91) Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins - was the first regular season game a guy named Brett Favre completed his first pass in. His first completion was a well thrown pass that wasn't handled by the receiver. The ball would instead be tipped up into the air off the receivers hands and returned for a TD by Washington! Favre would then go to the sidelines and say to his coach, "How about that my first completion in the NFL and it goes for a TD!" It wasn't found to be to be very amusing.

(12-01-91) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Ron Wolf’s first game as Green Bay’s GM - The Green Bay Packers almost silenced Atlanta's playoff talk. Then the Falcons struck for three touchdowns in the final quarter to keep those hopes alive. Chris Miller, getting off a sick bed at halftime, completed a 16-yard touchdown pass to Andre Rison with 41 seconds remaining to give the Falcons a 35-31 victory. Atlanta's game-winning touchdown came from a break. Green Bay punter Paul McJulien bobbled a snap and was forced to keep the ball, running out of bounds on his 41, well short of a first down. After being sacked on first down. Miller completed a 10-yard pass to Mike Pritchard and a 21-yarder to Rison before hitting for the game winner. The future QB of the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre, watched the game on the Atlanta sidelines. - Includes commercials and halftime (4 discs) (Quality 9.5)

(12-28-91) 1991 NFC Wildcard - Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - Added March, 2008

(01-04-92) 1991 NFC Divisional - Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins - added March, 2007



(10-04-92) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Chris Miller showed a former understudy how it's done. Miller threw three touchdown passes, two to Andre Rison, as the Atlanta Falcons snapped a three-game losing streak with a 24-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers. Brett Favre, a rookie backup with Atlanta last year, completed 33 of 43 passes for 276 yards, but could produce only one touchdown for the Packers. The outcome left both teams with 2-3 records. Miller's scoring passes to Rison covered 10 and 21 yards. He also threw a 2-yard scoring pass to Mike Pritchard. - (Quality 8.5)

(12-21-92) Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons - MNF - Added March, 2009



(11-21-93) Dallas Cowboy @ Atlanta Falcons - Added March, 2009



(09-18-94) Kansas City Chiefs @ Atlanta Falcons - Sunday Night Football - Joe Montana throws for 361 yards hitting on 28 of 39 and even gets in a fight w/ a fan who was yelling at him all game about how he was washed up. Montana responds by going off on the Falcons and then the fan! - Includes HBO's Inside the NFL, KMBC Channel 9 Chief's Tailgate Special Pre-game, halftime, commercials, TNT post-game, and KMBC local Kansas City news Post-game (Quality 8.5) (3 DVDs) - Added July, 2011

(12-18-94) Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - No time-outs, no time left and the playoffs and division title on the line from the 10 yard line. Holmgram tells Favre to make sure he doesn't run the ball because there are no time-outs and the game will be over if he doesn't make the end zone. So what does Favre do? Well he runs it of course and barely makes it around a diving defensive end and dives into the end zone in front of 2 defenders for the game winning TD - Last Milwaukee game - includes Fox post game show, NFL prime time highlights and Mike Holmgren show with Brett Favre as the guest!!! - upgraded 5-3-06 (Quality 9)



(10-29-95) Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons - Added March, 2011

(12-03-95) Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins - Added March, 2009

(12-31-95) 1995 NFC Wildcard - Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - Favre utilized no fewer than nine receivers, completed 24 of 35 passes for 199 yards and three touchdowns in leading the Packers to a 37-20 NFC Wild Card victory over Atlanta in Lambeau Field (Dec. 31), presiding over scoring drives of 85, 78 and 70 yards and throwing for three touchdowns in the process. Antonio Freeman would also run back a punt for a TD - Green Bay OG Aaron Taylor was lost for the remainder of the playoffs with a torn patellar tendon in his left knee. - Includes halftime and Fox 11 Live post-game show (Quality 9)



(12-22-96) Atlanta Falcons @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Falcons Morton Anderson misses an easy game winning field goal on the last play of the game and sends the Jaguars to the Playoffs - Added March, 2011



(01-09-99) 1998 NFC Divisional - San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - added August, 2008

(01-17-99) 1998 NFC Championship - Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings - Falcons pull off miracle comeback late in 4th Qtr to win 30-27 in Overtime at Minnesota after Vikings left the door open when their "perfect to date" kicker (no misses in over 100 XP's & FG's this year) Gary Anderson missed a very make able FG that would have sealed the win. Great Game! - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list.

(01-31-99) Super Bowl XXXIII - Atlanta Falcons vs Denver Broncos - @ Miami, FL - includes Pre-game intros, Commercials, halftime, and post-game (Quality 9) (3 discs)



(11-18-01) Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - Controlling the ball for more than 36 minutes, Atlanta snapped Green Bay's nine-game home winning streak with a 23-20 victory. With just over one minute remaining, Green Bay was driving into Atlanta territory. Ashley Ambrose intercepted a long Favre pass intended for Bill Schroeder at the 2-yard line to seal the win. Ambrose also intercepted Favre's first pass of the day. Losing for just the 12th time in 75 home games, Favre threw three interceptions and fumbled twice, losing one of them. He finished the afternoon completing 16 of 29 attempts for 262 yards and two touchdowns. Favre connected on two long pass plays to Corey Bradford for 51 and 56 yards in the first half. Bradford finished the afternoon with his second career 100-yard game recording three catches for 117 yards. Schroeder tallied four catches for 55 yards and one score while Antonio Freeman hauled in two passes for 45 yards, including a 39-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. The Packers' biggest loss of the afternoon came midway through the second quarter. After starting his 128th consecutive game, S LeRoy Butler was lost with a broken shoulder blade. He would never play for the Packers again. - added June, 2007 - added September, 2007

(12-30-01) Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins - includes all commercials and halftime; also, many highlights from local Miami TV follow the game - Added March, 2009



(09-08-02) Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - OT - Michael Vick's first trip to Lambeau is a classic - Ryan Longwell's 34-yard field goal with 5:15 left in overtime gave Green Bay a victory over Atlanta. Atlanta's Jay Feely sent it into overtime with a 52-yard field goal with five seconds left in regulation. That capped a six-play, 35-yard drive that followed William Henderson's dive into the end zone on fourth-and-inches with 1:10 left that had given Green Bay a 34-31 lead. The Packers avenged their only home loss last year behind Brett Favre, who completed 25 of 36 passes for 284 yards and two touchdowns, and Ahman Green, who rushed 27 times for 155 yards. Michael Vick, the top pick in last year's draft, was 15-of-23 for 209 yards and rushed nine times for 72 yards. - Includes Mayne Event clip with Favre from ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown pre-game, Mike Sherman post-game news conference, Pack Attack w/ guest Johnnie Gray, The Mike Sherman Show W/ guest Ryan Longwell, Pack Attack Milwaukee w/ guest Cledius Hunt and Darren Sharper (Quality 8.5) - Upgraded May, 2011

(11-10-02) WK 10 - Atlanta Falcons @ Pittsburgh Steelers - OT - added March, 2009

(01-04-03) 2002 NFC Wildcard Playoffs - Atlanta @ Green Bay Packers - It looked so perfect for Green Bay. Snow falling. Packers in green and gold. Lambeau Field in January. Only it wasn't Brett Favre making all the plays. It was Michael Vick. Undaunted by the storied stadium where his own coach lost in the "Ice Bowl" 35 years ago, Vick made history of his own. The 22-year-old improvisational genius led the Atlanta Falcons to a shocking 27-7 upset of the Packers in a wild-card playoff before a record crowd of 65,358 stunned souls. The Packers were the only team to go unbeaten at home during the regular season. And they had never lost a home playoff game since the NFL instituted a postseason in 1933 in going 13-0 -- 11 of the victories coming at Lambeau and two more in Milwaukee. The closest they had come was on New Year's Eve 1967, when Bart Starr knifed into the end zone with 13 seconds left to give Green Bay a 21-17 victory over Dallas in the coldest game in NFL history. Falcons coach Dan Reeves threw a 50-yard touchdown pass on a halfback option that gave the Cowboys a 17-14 fourth-quarter lead in that game. Favre had built a reputation as the game's greatest cold-weather quarterback, winning all 35 of his starts at home in which the temperature was 34 or below. It was an unseasonably warm 31 degrees at kickoff. But by the time snow began falling at halftime, the Falcons had an astonishing 24-0 lead. Favre was without Pro Bowl running back Ahman Green (knee) and leading receivers Donald Driver (shoulder) and Terry Glenn (concussion) in a futile second-half comeback attempt. He finished 20-of-42 for 247 yards. Vick was 13-of-25 for 117 and rushed 10 times for 64 yards, numerous times turning sure sacks into big plays. - (Quality 9) - upgraded February, 2008

(01-11-03) 2002 NFC Divisional - Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles - added August, 2008



(08-09-03) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Preseason - Added April, 2008



(11-21-04) Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants - ELI MANNING FIRST NFL START

(01-15-05) 2004 NFC Divisional - St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons - added March, 2007

(01-23-05) 2004 NFC Championship - Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles - Philadelphia finally moves on to the Super Bowl after losing this game the previous three years. The Eagles get great leadership from QB Donovan McNabb (17-26, 280yds, 2tds), while the Defense holds Atlanta QB Michael Vick at bay all day in 27-10 win at home - added March, 2007



(09-12-05) Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons - match up of last years NFC Championship game on opening day, but with a different outcome

(10-09-05) New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons - (Quality 9) - Added September, 2008

(11-13-05) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Green Bay is sure glad Samkon Gado put his medical career on hold. Making his first career start on his 23rd birthday, the Nigerian-born Gado scored three touchdowns and the Packers won for only the second time this season, upsetting first-place Atlanta. Brett Favre threw for 252 yards and came up with a great escape on a drive that led to Ryan Longwell's fourth field goal, a 51-yarder with 4:01 remaining that restored Green Bay's nine-point lead. Less than a minute later, rookie WR Roddy White finished off the Falcons with their sixth fumble of the day. Nick Barnett scooped up the ball and returned it to the Atlanta 2, where Gado powered into the end zone for his third TD. Gado, who was unemployed less than a month ago, was the fifth player to start at running back in Green Bay's revolving door backfield - and certainly the most improbable - after season-ending injuries to Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport.



(08-19-06) Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - preseason - added September, 2007

(09-25-06) Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - MNF - Superdome Homecoming: The New Orleans Saints play their first home game in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina on Monday Night Football. Reggie Bush’s regular season Monday Night Football debut. - added March 2007

(10-22-06) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons - added January, 2008



(10-05-08) Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers - With every rock-solid read and on-target spiral, Matt Ryan takes another step toward making everybody forget Michael Vick, Bobby Petrino and everything else in the alcons' ugly recent past. The rookie quarterback turned in another sharp performance as the Falcons beat the Packers, upstaging a gritty showing by Aaron Rodgers. It was the first road win of the season for the new and improved Falcons, putting a team that is supposed to be rebuilding over the .500 mark. Falcons coach Mike Smith had a feeling during pregame warmups that his young quarterback wasn't going to get rattled on the road this time around. Ryan completed 16 of 26 passes for 194 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Falcons wide receiver Roddy White caught eight passes for 132 yards and a touchdown, while Michael Turner ran for 121 yards and a touchdown. Ryan stole the stage from Rodgers, who played hurt and played hard -- but not quite well enough to avoid the Packers' third straight loss. Rodgers started for the Packers despite a sprained shoulder that kept him out of practice for most of the week. He got better as the game went on, even as the signs that his shoulder was bothering him became more obvious. Rodgers hurt his shoulder at Tampa Bay last Sunday, and insisted during the week that the quarterback-record consecutive starts streak held by his predecessor, Brett Favre, didn't place any additional pressure on him to play. NOTES: Michael Turner rushed for 121 yards for his third 100-yard rushing game this season and sixth of his career. His teams are 6-0 when he reaches the century mark in rushing...Atlanta snapped a five-game road losing streak dating to last season and is one win away from tying last season's win total...The Packers lost for the first time (including playoffs) when Ryan Grant had 18 rush attempts in a game. He finished with 83 yards on 18 carries...Rodgers was 25-for-37 for 313 yards, his first career 300-yard game at Lambeau Field and second overall.

(10-12-08) Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons - Added March, 2011

(01-03-09) 2008 NFC Wildcard - Arizona Cardinals vs Atlanta Falcons - Added March, 2009



(11-28-10) Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Added March, 2011

(01-15-11) 2010 NFC Divisional - Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons - Added March, 2011



Atlanta Falcons Yearbooks - 1980 (original) - Added May, 2011