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(11-02-69) New Orleans Saints @ St. Louis Cardinals - GOTW highlights, Rebroadcast, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(12-21-69) WK 14 New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers - original, color GOTW highlights, 22 mins (quality 9) - Added March, 2011



(10-17-71) Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints - rebroadcast, GOTW highlights, 22 mins (Quality 9)



(09-18-77) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - A game of streaks that would see the Packers score 24 points, started by Willard Harrell’s 75-yard punt return for a TD, in the 1st half and the Saints 20 points in the second half in a desperate comeback attempt. The Packers would hold on though for their first opening day win in 4 years. Archie Manning, 18 of 30 for 225 yards in the game, would make his first start since 1975 and break the Saints career rushing record by running for 34 yards, giving him 1240 yards for his career. Chuck Muncie would run for 86 yards and 2 TDs for the Saints. The Packers defense was the real hero of this game with 7 sacks, 4 by Dave Roller, and 2 turnovers. This would be RB John Brockington’s last game, after gaining only 25 yards on 11 carries, with the Packers. He would be waived after the game to make room for rookie RB Jim Culbreath. Includes commercials (Quality 8.5)(3 discs)

(09-25-77) New Orleans Saints @ Detroit Lions - The Lions' ground attack explodes for 306 rushing yards. Dexter Bussey led the Lion's attack accounting for a career-high 150 yards. Also chipping in was Detroit QB Greg Landry, tossing two TD's. The Lions dominate the game much more than the score would indicate as they roll up 429 yards of total offense with the Saints only able to muster 92 yards. - Missing end of game, but not missing any scoring. Includes commercials (Quality 9)

(10-02-77) New Orleans Saints vs Chicago Bears - Payton 140 yards 2 TD (also 33 yd rec TD); Manning 3 rush TD - Includes commercials (Quality 8.5)

(10-16-77) WK 5 - New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams - missing opening kickoff - Includes halftime and commercials (3 DVDs) (Quality 9) - Added September, 2011

(10-23-77) Wk 06 New Orleans Saints @ St. Louis Cardinals - Includes halftime and commercials (4 DVDs) (Quality 9) - added May, 2011

(10-30-77) WK 7 - Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints - Includes halftime and commercials (Quality 9) - Added September, 2011

(10-30-77) Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints - original, GOTW highlights, 22 mins (Quality 9)

(11-06-77) New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles - added May, 2009

(11-13-77) San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans Saints - OT - Added July, 2009

(11-20-77) Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - Woddy Thompson 123 yards rushing - Includes commercials - added March, 2009

(12-11-77) Tampa Bay Bucs vs New Orleans Saints - Tampa Bay wins it’s first ever game after starting off 0-26! The Bucs use three INT TD returns to spur 33-14 victory over New Orleans and set off wild and well deserved celebration - Includes commercials and halftime (Quality 8.5)



(09-10-78) New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - David Whitehurst threw four touchdown passes - three to James Lofton - as Green Bay won their second straight game en route to their best start since the 1969 season. The Packers' running game was effective once again, gaining 220 yards, including 114 by Terdell Middleton. Archie Manning and Tony Galbreath established Saints single-game records in the losing effort - Manning for most pass completions (33) and passes attempted (53), Galbreath for most pass receptions (14). - Added August, 2008

(10-15-78) New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers - added May, 2009

(10-22-78) Wk 8 - New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams - Includes Halftime (Quality 8) - Added August, 2011

(11-05-78) New Orleans Saints @ Pittsburgh Steelers - New Orleans show they are no longer the "Aints" as the give the Super Bowl bound Steelers all they can handle in hard fought come from behind 20-14 Pittsburgh win. Saints QB Archie Manning (344 yards) shines, as does Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw (16-23, 200yds, 2tds) and RB Rocky Bleier (17-84, and 3-46- receiving). Good game! - Includes commercials, halftime, and NFL Today post game show (quality 9)

(11-12-78) Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - Most of 1st half and last 45 seconds (Quality 8.5) - Named one of the NFL's greatest finishes - Added September, 2008

(11-19-78) New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys - added March, 2009



(09-02-79) Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - OT - Amazing ending - listed as one of the best endings of the decade. - JIP first quarter with score 0-0 and the Saints with the ball. - Includes commercials, halftime, and post game (Quality 8.5) - added August, 2008

(09-09-79) New Orleans @ Green Bay Packers - Stepping in for the injured Eddie Lee Ivery, Green Bay rookie RB Steve Atkins rushed for 110 yards on 12 carries, scored once, and set up another touchdown with a 60-yard dash as the Packers rallied for the win. Trailing 12-0 at the half, Green Bay started the third quarter by recovering an onside kick. Barty Smith's short touchdown plunge capped off a 51-yard drive. Short scoring runs by David Whitehurst and Atkins gave Green Bay the lead. New Orleans closed the gap to 21-19 early in the final period following a 76-yard drive. On the next offensive play, Atkins ripped off his long run, setting up an insurance score by Eric Torkelson. The Packer win overshadowed a spectacular performance by New Orleans QB Archie Manning, who completed 28 of 45 passes for 291 yards, as the Saints rolled up 474 yards in offense. includes Bart Starr Show after game! (Game quality 8.5) Upgraded 08-20-06

(10-14-79) New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - original GOTW highlights, color, 22 mins (quality 8.5)

(12-03-79) Oakland Raiders @ New Orleans Saints - MNF - Famous Kenny "The Snake" Stabler (26-44, 295yds, 4tds) lead comeback victory on MNF. Oakland trails 35-14 in the 3rd, but the Snake guides four TD drives the rest of the way for thrilling last minute 42-35 win at New Orleans! - Named one of the NFL's greatest finishes



(09-14-80) Wk 2 - New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears - Includes halftime and commercials (3 DVDs) (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(10-12-80) WK 6 - New Orleans Saints @ Detroit Lions - Missing opening kickoff - Includes commercials (3 DVDs) (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(12-07-80) New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers - OT - Joe Montana's (24-36, 2tds, 285yds) famous record setting 28 point comeback! He leads 49ers to 38-35 OT win over Archie Manning (24-38, 3tds, 377yds) lead Saints. 49ers WR Dwight Clark (6-155-1) & RB Lenvil Elliot (20-125-1) shine too (9) - Includes commercials and halftime (Quality 9) - added March, 2007 - Named one of the NFL's greatest finishes



(09-27-81) New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers - (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011

(12-13-81) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - Green Bay's Lynn Dicky (19-21, 218, 5td) has a near perfect day, while the "D" holds New Orleans super rookie RB George Rogers (26-70-1) in check for 35-7 crucial win (Quality 9.0)

(12-20-81) San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints - Last game Manning starts for Saints - (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011



(11-28-82) New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers - Snake Stabler vs Montana. Great game and Montana leads late comeback that falls just short - (Quality 8) - added July, 2011

(12-26-82) Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints - (Quality 8) - added March, 2011



(09-11-83) WK 2 New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams - (Quality 9) - added August, 2011

(09-18-83) Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints - OT - (Quality 8.5)

(09-25-83) WK 4 New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys - Saints have never won in Dallas leading up to this game and look poised to pull off their first win. Then the game is ended by the unthinkable for the first time in history. Ken Stabler is starting QB for Saints - Named one of the NFL's greatest finishes - (Quality 8) - Readded March, 2011

(12-18-83) Los Angeles Rams @ New Oleans Saints - Great game! Rams Get into playoffs on last-second FG in NO - added May, 2009



(09-16-84) WK 3 New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers - (Qualtiy 8.5) - added May, 2011

(09-23-84) WK 4 - St. Louis Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints - (Quality 8) - added August, 2011

(10-07-84) New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears - Walter Payton (32-154-1) breaks the All Time Career Rushing Record in Bears win over Saints - added January, 2008

(10-21-84) New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys - OT - Great game - added March, 2009

(11-04-84) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - Green Bay takes control of tight game in the second half to pull away to 23-13 win in New Orleans (Quality 9.0)

(11-25-84) Wk 13 San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints - Missing 1st 3 plays (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011



(09-22-85) Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints - tracking issues in beginning (Quality 8) - added July, 2011

(09-29-85) WK 4 - New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers - (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(11-17-85) New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - New Orleans' QB Bobby Herbert first NFL start doesn't turn out all that well as Green Bay takes 38-14 victory. Lynn Dickey throws for 302 yards and two touchdowns, while the Packer offense generates 445 total yards. (Quality 9)



(09-14-86) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - New Orleans picks off seven Green Bay passes leading to 24-10 win (Quality 9.5)

(09-28-86) New Orleans Saints @ NY Giants

(12-07-86) Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints - Added March, 2009



(12-27-87) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - Don Majkowski threw three touchdown passes and the Packers jumped out to any early advantage. The Saints used four Morten Andersen field goals and a 4th Quarter TD to win a close game. The win gave the Saints their most successful season ever and wrapped up the NFC West title. (Quality 9.5)

(01-03-88) 1987 NFC Wildcard - Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints - added January, 2008



(11-06-88) WK 10 - New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins - Missing first 4 minutes of game. - Includes Halftime (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(11-27-88) New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints - Lawerence Taylor has 7 tackles 3 sacks 2 forced fumbles (playing with dislocated shoulder & torn pectoral muscle) - added March, 2008



(09-17-89) New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - First close win of many thrillers for cardiac Pack in this unbelievable comeback. Green Bay appear headed to an 0-2 start when they headed to the lockeroom at the half down 24-7. Don Majkowski rallied his troops by completing 18 consecutive passes, going 20 for 22 for 273 yards and three touchdowns in the second half. His winning pass came with 1:26 remaining. Includes commercials and halftime (3 discs) (Quality 9.5)

(11-26-89) LA Rams @ New Orleans Saints - OT - WR Flipper Anderson (15-336-1) sets NFL record for receiving yards in Rams 20-17 comeback win in overtime versus Saints. Ram QB Jim Everett throws for 454 yards.(Quality 8)



(01-06-91) 1990 NFC Wildcard - New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears - added August, 2008



(12-28-91) 1991 NFC Wildcard - Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - Added March, 2008



(01-03-93) 1992 NFC Wildcard - Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints - added September, 2008



(08-14-93) New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason - added September, 2007

(11-14-93) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - Packers come-from-behind victory over the Saints in New Orleans. Favre came up with the biggest play of the season to that point when, on a second-and-20 play from the Packers' 27-yard line with 52 seconds left and the Packers down 17-16, he rolled out of the pocket to his left and hit Sharpe with a 54-yard strike that led to a game-winning field goal; Favre closed out the day with 18 completions in 32 attempts for 150 yards and one TD Includes commercials (Quality 8.5)



(08-19-94) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - Preseason - added September, 2007



(08-05-95) New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason - added September, 2007

(12-16-95) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - Brett Favre threw for 308 yards and four touchdowns Saturday and the Green Bay Packers, buoyed by the return of Reggie White, qualified for the NFL playoffs for a third straight year with a 34 23 victory over the New Orleans Saints. The victory also positioned the Packers to clinch their first NFC Central championship since 1972. White, the NFL's career leader with 157 sacks, was expected to miss the rest of the year with an injured left hamstring, but he entered the game on the Packers' third defensive play. He was credited with one tackle in the game. On Wednesday, the Packers said White would miss the final two games and the playoffs because of surgery scheduled for next week. But the following day, White returned to practice and showed he didn't need the surgery after all. He injured the hamstring December 3 against Cincinnati and missed last Sunday's game at Tampa Bay. It was the first game he missed because of injury in his 11-year NFL career. Favre, who completed the first six passes he threw, advanced his claim for the MVP award by completing 12 of 18 passes for 203 yards and four touchdowns in the first half. It was the second time this season Favre, who grew up about 60 miles from New Orleans and had a large group of fans on hand passed for four touchdowns in a game. He completed 21 of 30 passes on the day. Four minutes into the game, Favre hit Anthony Morgan with a 19-yard touchdown and added another first quarter score on a 17-yard pass to Robert Brooks. Six seconds into the second quarter, he found Brooks open again for a 40 yard touchdown capping a 58 yard drive. Favre finished the first half with a 3-play scoring drive and an 11-yard touchdown pass to Antonio Freeman. his first NFL touchdown. The loss guaranteed the Saints a second straight losing season and third non-winning year. In the first half, Favre became the third quarterback in Packers history to throw for 4,000 yards in a season. Lynn Dickey had 4,458 in 1983 and Don Majkowski 4,318 in 1989. Edgar Bennett entered the team's record books himself in the fourth quarter as he became the fifth Green Bay Packer to crack the 1,000-yard rushing mark in a season. (Quality 9)



(11-03-96) WK 10 - San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints - Rice’s 1000th catch. - Includes halftime (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011



(08-08-98) New Orleans @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason (Quality 9.5)



(08-28-99) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - Preseason - added April, 2008

(10-31-99) Cleveland Browns @ New Orleans Saints - The NFL return of the Browns saw many fans hoping for a 7-9 record for their comeback campaign. But my mid-season, these hopes were dashed, as Clevelanders just hoped that the hometown boys would win a game. Things were not looking good for them coming into week 8 of that season, but Tim Couch's Hail Mary bomb with the clock reading triple-zero changed all of that. - Includes halftime and NFL Today Post-game (Quality 8.5)

(11-28-99) New Orleans Saints @ St. Louis Rams

(12-12-99) St. Louis Rams @ New Orleans Saints



(12-03-00) WK 14 Denver Broncos @ New Orleans Saints - Two 8-4 teams meet in the Superdome. Denver's star RB Mike Anderson's (37-251-4... Bronco single game records for rushing yardage and TD's) HUGE day in establishing a single game NFL Rookie Rushing Record and recording the 4th highest total ever in an NFL game, out does New Orleans' rookie QB Aaron Brooks' (30-48, 2tds, 441yds... a Saints single game yardage record) big day in 38-23 Bronco win. - Includes Halftime (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011

(12-30-00) 2000 NFC Wildcard - St. Louis Rams @ New Orleans Saints - added August, 2008

(01-07-01) 2000 NFC Divisional - New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings - added August, 2008



(09-15-02) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - Aaron Brooks outperformed mentor Brett Favre by throwing two touchdown passes, and the relentless New Orleans defense led the Saints past Green Bay. Brooks, who spent the 1999 season as Green Bay's third-string quarterback, was 16-of-28 for 217 yards as New Orleans jumped out to an early 21-3 lead. The Saints (2-0) allowed 357 total yards, but the Packers (1-1) had just 95 on the ground. Green Bay converted just 3 for 13 third downs, compared with 7 of 12 for the Saints. Favre, who had been 9-0 in the Superdome, including a Super Bowl win and two college victories, was on the run all game. He was 29-of-44 for 270 yards and two touchdowns. He was sacked once and broke his string of 158 straight passes without an interception when Darrin Smith picked off one in the first quarter. OT Mark Tauscher was lost for the season, after he went down late in the second quarter with an injury to the medial collateral ligament in his left knee and possibly cartilage damage. - added June, 2007

(10-06-02) New Orleans Saints @ Pittsburgh Steelers - added March, 2009



(12-21-03) New Orleans Saints @ Jacksonville Jaguars - "River City Relay" - Saints make an unbelievable ending in this classic. Down to no time and trailing by a TD the Saints start lateraling the ball back and forth. Somehow avoiding a couple of tackles and almost losing the ball a few times the Saints score a dramatic TD to seemingly tie the game and put it into OT, but wait the extra point is needed to tie the game!! - (Quality 9)



(08-21-04) New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason - added September, 2007



(10-09-05) New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - Brett Favre made the most of a makeshift offense and carried Green Bay to a much needed victory. Favre completed 19 of 27 passes for 215 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions in three quarters and the Packers earned their first win of the season by routing New Orleans. After going three-and-out and giving up a field goal, Green Bay scored 52 unanswered points in snapping a four-game losing streak at Lambeau Field that dated to last Dec. 12. Their 35-point firsthalf outburst was their biggest one-half output since Dec. 6, 1992, against Detroit. Green Bay backup RB Najeh Davenport scored twice before leaving with an ankle injury that may sideline him for the rest of the year, and CB Al Harris picked off two passes. Davenport, who had two touchdowns in his second career start, broke his right ankle after being dragged 'down from behind by LB Courtney Watson on a 2-yard reception with 2:40 left in the first half. Davenport's ankle was pinned underneath, and he didn't put any weight on his right leg when helped off the field.



(09-17-06) New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - With his team taking an unbeaten record into the Louisiana Superdome next Monday night, Joe Horn knows people in New Orleans will have something positive to holler about. After a 34-27 victory over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday, Horn doesn't want his teammates to get caught up in the hoopla, though. After winning their first two games on the road, the Saints will play their first true home game since 2004 next Monday night against Atlanta. The Saints spent last season without a home after Hurricane Katrina ravaged their city, and their stadium first became a shelter, then a symbol for governmental mismanagement of a disaster. Saints quarterback Drew Brees overcame three early turnovers by completing 26 of 41 passes for 353 yards. With the game tied at 20, Brees threw a 35-yard pass to Marques Colston for a 27-20 edge with 8:20 remaining. Ahman Green fumbled after Colston's touchdown, and Saints back Deuce McAllister ran 23 yards for his second score. Brett Favre's 6-yard pass to running back Noah Herron cut the Saints' lead to 34-27 with 4:18 remaining. The Packers got the ball again with 3:09 remaining and Favre drove to the Saints 44. But Favre threw four straight incompletions, leaving the Packers with two losses at home to start the season.

(09-25-06) Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints - MNF - Superdome Homecoming: The New Orleans Saints play their first home game in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina on Monday Night Football. Reggie Bush’s regular season Monday Night Football debut. - added March 2007

(01-13-07) 2006 NFC Divisional - Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints - The Deuce McAllister Game! Close back and forth game that comes down to 4th Qtr. The Saints gained 208 rushing yards and 435 total yards, both postseason franchise records, en route to a 27-24 victory over the Eagles, allowing them to advance to the conference championship game for the first time in the team's 40-year history. McAllister finished the game with 143 rushing yards, five receptions for 20 yards, and two touchdowns. Bush amassed 95 all-purpose yards and a score. Brees completed 20 of 32 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown. Westbrook rushed for 116 yards and two touchdowns on only 13 carries. Stallworth caught 3 passes for 100 yards and a touchdown. - added March, 2007

(01-21-07) 2006 NFC Championship - New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears - The Bears defense dominates the Saints, as Chicago advances to the Super Bowl, ending the Saints’ amazing season - added March, 2007



(09-14-08) New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins - Added March, 2009

(09-21-08) New Orleans Saints @ Denver Broncos - Nail biter! Once again Denver jumps out to 21-3 lead early, only to watch New Orleans climb back into the climb. Saints actually have chance to take lead late, but missed FG gives the Broncos a hard earned 34-32 win at home. New Orleans QB Drew Brees (39-48, 421 yards, 1 TD) and RB Reggie Bush (18-73-1 rushing, 11-75-1 receiving, 2-30 punt returns) star for the visitors, while WR Brandon Marshall (6-155-1) shines for Denver. - added December, 2008

(11-24-08) Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints - MNF - Drew Brees threw for 323 yards and four touchdowns, and the Saints tied a franchise record for points in a game while throttling the Packers. Deuce McAllister had a rushing score and set the Saints career record with 54 touchdowns, while Brees connected on 20-of-26 passes. Lance Moore had five receptions for 115 yards and a pair of TDs for the Saints, who are two games out of first place in the NFC South. Pierre Thomas ran for 87 yards and two touchdowns for New Orleans. The Saints also equaled the 51 points set Nov. 2, 1969 in a win at St. Louis, and tied Nov. 21, 1976 in a triumph at Seattle. Aaron Rodgers completed 23-of-41 passes for 248 yards with a pair of scores, but was picked off three times for the Packers, who fell a game behind Chicago and Minnesota for the top of the NFC North. Greg Jennings had eight receptions for 101 yards and a TD for Green Bay, which has dropped three of its last four games.



(01-16-10) 2009 NFC Divisional - Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints - Added March, 2011

(01-24-10) 2009 NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints - OT - Incredible back and forth game in which one team would score and the other team would score to keep the game tied through out. Vikings were killed by turnovers but had the ball at the end of the 4th Qtr for a potential game winning drive. They would drive into field goal range and while trying to run down clock and get closer would get called for to many men in the huddle after a timeout with only 19 seconds to go which would knock them out of field goal range and make Favre throw the ball. Favre who is classic for making you live and die with him would make a classic QB mistake of throwing back across the field when he could have ran easily into field goal range himself. - Includes halftime, commercials, and post game - Added March, 2011

(02-07-10) Super Bowl XLIV - New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts - Added March, 2011



(01-08-11) 2010 NFC Wildcard - New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks - Marshawn Lynch's run. Seattle becomes first team ever to make the playoffs with a losing record at 7-9. They won the NFC west the week before in what was a one game playoff to win the division. New Orleans was the defending Super Bowl champs with most of the same players. Seattle pulls out to shocking lead and Matt Hasselback plays his best game in years. Saints come back though and make 4th Qtr comeback and you get the feel they are going to complete the comeback as Seattle couldn't stop the Saints or move the ball. Seattle has ball and is nursing a 4 point lead with about 3:30 to go in the game. Then on 2nd and 10, Marshawn Lynch who was cast away to Seattle in mid season trade, makes the most amazing run in playoff history breaking tackles and literally throwing people off of him for 67 yards as he single handly wins game for Seattle - Includes Halftime (Quality 10) - Added March, 2011



New Orleans Saints Yearbooks - 1975 (original), 76 (original), 77 (original), 78 (original), 79 (original), 84 (original) - Updated May, 2011