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Larry Bird Basketball Legend



(02-03-79) Indiana State vs Tulsa - Larry Bird scores 22 pts

(02-06-79) Indiana State vs Drake - Larry Bird scores 33 points. - added December, 2007

(02-24-79) Indiana State vs Witchita St - Larry Bird scores 49 points. - readded December, 2007

(03-01-79) 1979 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament 2nd RD - Indiana State vs Southern Illinois - Larry Bird scores 20 pts - added December, 2007

(03-11-79) 1979 NCAA Tournament 2nd RD - Indiana State vs Virginia Tech - Larry Bird scores 22 pts - added December, 2007

(03-15-79) 1979 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 - Indiana State vs Oklahoma - Larry Bird scores 29 pts - added December, 2007

(03-17-79) 1979 NCAA Tournament Elite 8 - Indiana State vs Arkansas - Larry Bird vs Sidney Moncreif - Bird scores 31 pts - Indiana State became the only school to reach the Final Four in its one and only NCAA Tournament appearance when the Sycamores' Bob Heaton shifted the ball from his normal right hand to his left for a short shot that bounced twice on the rim before going down. - added March, 2007

(03-24-79) 1979 NCAA Tournament Final Four - Indiana State vs Depaul - Great game - Larry Bird 35 pts on 16 for 19 shooting Amazing

(03-26-79) 1979 NCAA Tournament Final - Indiana State vs Michigan State - Magic Johnson & Michigan State against Larry Bird and Indiana State in most famous college match ever! (A)

(???????) 1979 Pizza Hut All American Game - (Larry Bird!!!!)



1979-80 season

(01-20-80) Boston Celtics @ Seattle Super Sonics - Double OT classic, DJ hits 3 to send game in OT, Williams 29 Pts, Bird Rookie game - added December, 2007

(01-27-80) Los Angeles Clippers @ Boston Celtics - Larry Bird scores 36 pts - NBAtv - Added March, 2009

(01-30-80) LA Lakers @ Boston Celtics - First pro meeting between Magic & Larry Bird at the Garden. Magic helps the Lakers take a big game 100-98 when Celtics' Dave Cowens missies last second shot! - original - Includes halftime (Quality 9.0)

(02-03-80) 1980 NBA All-Star game - added October, 2007

(04-18-80) 1979 ECF Game 1 - Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(04-20-80) 1980 EC Finals Game 2 - Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics - added December, 2007


1980-81 Season

(1981) 1981 NBA All-Star game - The smallest player of the match, Nate Archibald, helped his team to win and himself to get the MVP. With seven minutes left in the fourth quarter, East won by 14 (113-99), but Dennis Johnson and Paul Westphal gave an opportunity to the West. Then, appeared Celtics point guard Archibald. He took the control of the game, and the West never was closer than three points. - added March, 2009

(03-29-81) Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics - winner gets homecourt advantange throughout playoffs - JIP 4-4 in 1st Qtr - Added March, 2009

(04-12-81) 1981 ECSF game 4 - Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls - Added March, 2009

(04-22-81) 1981 ECF game 2 - Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(04-26-81) 1981 ECF game 4 - Boston Celtics @ Philadelphia 76ers - Added March, 2009

(04-29-81) 1981 ECF game 5 - Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(05-01-81) 1981 ECF game 6 - Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers - Boston somehow forces deciding seventh game, after being down by 17 points early, by barely pulling out 100-98 decision over Philadelphia in a great contest! Celtics end 11 game Spectrum losing streak. Maxwell Goes after a Philadelphia Spectrum fan!! (Quality 9)

(05-03-81) 1981 ECF game 7 - Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers - Boston beats 76ers 91-90 to complete three game comeback in one of the best playoff games ever! Game sends Bird to his first Finals appearance ever (Quality 9)

(05-05-81) 1981 NBA Finals Game 1 - Houston Rockets @ Boston Celtics - Bird's famous switch-hands lefty put-back and the Garden erupts!! Bird 18 points, and an awesome career-high 21 rebounds. - added October, 2007

(05-06-81) 1981 NBA Finals Game 2 - Houston Rockets @ Boston Celtics - Malone 31 Pts. & 15 Reb. / Bird 19 Pts. & 5 Stl. - added December, 2007

(05-09-81) 1981 NBA Finals Game 3 - Boston Celtics @ Houston Rockets - Bird has 5 steals in blow out win - added October, 2007

(05-10-81) 1981 NBA Finals Game 4 - Boston Celtics @ Houston Rockets - Dunleavy 28 Pts, Malone 24 Pts 22 Reb, Maxwell 24 Pts - added December, 2007

(05-12-81) 1981 NBA Finals Game 5 - Houston Rockets @ Boston Celtics - Maxwell 28 Pts & 15 Reb, Malone 20 Pts, Bird 12 Pts, 11 Reb,8 Assists - added December, 2007

(05-14-81) 1981 NBA Finals Game 6 - Boston Celtics @ Houston Rockets - added October, 2007


1981-82 Season

(02-14-82) Boston Celtics @ Los Angeles Lakers - Added March, 2009

(02-28-82) Milwaukee Bucks @ Boston Celtics - One of Larry Bird's greatest games. Bird would have to leave the game because of injury in the 3rd prd and return to lead the Celtics to the win - Added March, 2009

(04-06-82) Boston Celtics at Milwaukee Bucks - Lanier 26 pts, Moncrief 26 pts, McHale 27 pts - 1:28 (Quality 7.5)

(04-09-82) New Jersey Nets @ Boston Celtics - Robert Parish 36pts, 13 rebs and 5 blocks, Jo Jo White Retirement Ceremony - Added March, 2009

(05-05-82) 1982 ECSF Game 5 - Washington Bullets @ Boston Celtics - 2 OT classic - Parish 33 points, J. Ruland 33 points, Larry Bird 26 pts, C. Maxwell 26 pts - NBAtv - Added March, 2009

(05-09-82) 1982 ECF Game 1 - Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(05-19-82) 1982 ECF Game 5 - Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(05-23-82) 1982 ECF Game 7 - Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics - Classic series between bitter rivals goes down to dramatic final game where the 76ers get revenge for last year with 120-106 win over Boston - From Sixers dynasty DVD (Quality 10)


1982-83 Season

(12-01-82) Atlanta Hawks @ Boston Celtics - Big win for celts, Bird on fire with 30, Wilkins rookie game - added December, 2007

(02-13-83) 1983 NBA All-Star game - added October, 2007

(04-19-83) 1983 Eastern Conference 1st RD Game 1 - Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics - Wilkins first playoff game - original - Includes halftime, commercials (Quality 7.5)

(04-24-83) 1983 Eastern Conference 1st RD Game 3 - Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics - Ainge and Tree biting fiasco - original - Includes halftime, commercials, Danny Ainge interview (Quality 8.5)


1983-84 Season

(01-29-84) 1984 NBA All Star Game - OT - Isiah Thomas managed his team to the victory, lead by Dr. J's 36 points. It was East fifth consecutive victory, and they made a scoring record with 154 points. East came back a 62-76 at halftime, and tied the game (132-132) at the final of the fourth quarter. In the overtime, they beat West by 22-13. Detroit Pistons point guard, Isiah Thomas was named MVP with 21 points and 15 assists. In the West, the best players were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Magic Johnson with 15 points and an absolute assists record with 22. - Players included Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Dr. J (34 pts), Isiah Thomas (21 pts 15 assists 5 rebounds), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sidney Moncriff, Ralph Sampson, George Gervin, Kevin McHale, Bill Laimbeer, Robert Parish, Alex English, etc (Quality 9.5)

(03-25-84) Boston Celtics @ Philadelphia 76ers - Double OT, Bird 33 Pts, 17 Reb, Malone 32 Pts, 30 Reb, Erving 29 Pts - added December, 2007

(05-11-84) 1984 ECSF Game 6 - Boston Celtics @ NY Knicks - Knicks Dynasty DVD (Quality 10)

(05-19-84) 1984 ECF Gm 3 - Boston (109) @ Milwaukee (100) - Moncrief 22 pts, Bird 28 pts

(05-23-84) 1984 ECF Gm 5 - Milwaukee (108) @ Boston (115) - starts mid 2nd qtr - Johnson 24 pts, Bird 21 pts

(05-27-84) 1984 NBA Finals Game 1 - LA Lakers @ Boston Celtics - Abdul-Jabbar 32 Pts. / Mc Hale 25 Pts. / Bird 24/14 - added December, 2007

(05-31-84) 1984 NBA Finals Game 2 - LA Lakers @ Boston Celtics - Boston came out strong in the 1st period and only Magic’s 14 points kept L.A. from being run out of Boston Garden. L.A. rallied in the 2nd quarter behind James Worthy and Jamaal Wilkes to close the gap to 2 at the half with a 15-4 run after Boston led 57-44. Worthy would finish the game with 5 3-point plays as Boston could not contain his quickness. Kareem scored 9 points in the first 3:34 of the 3rd quarter as L.A. took their first lead of the game, 66-65. Boston would answer with a run of 11-3 to lead 76-69. The Lakers would answer with their own run of 18-6 to lead 87-82 late in the 3rd. Boston would score the last 8 points (4 by Danny Ainge) of the 3rd to re-take the lead. In the 4th, L.A. took a 115-113 lead with 18 seconds left. McHale was fouled and had 2 shots. L.A. coach Pat Riley told Magic that he wanted a timeout if McHale made the 2nd shot but Magic misunderstood. After McHale missed both, L.A. called timeout and allowed the Celtics to set up their defense. Magic got the ball to Worthy in the backcourt, but with Magic standing just an arms’ length away, Worthy tried to hit Byron Scott with a crosscourt pass. Celtic Gerald Henderson picked off pass streaking towards the hoop and laid in the tying basket with 13 seconds left. L.A. would get no last shot attempt as Magic was caught dribbling on the perimeter as the horn sounded. In the OT, Scott Wedman took a feed from Henderson and hit a baseline jumper to make it 122-121 Boston with 14 ticks on the clock. Larry Bird hit 2 free throws with 2 seconds left to provide the final margin. - Worthy 29 Pts, Magic 27/10/ 9, Bird 27 Pts - added December, 2007

(06-03-84) 1984 NBA Finals Game 3 - Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers - Bird 30 Pts. / Abdul-Jabbar 24 Pts. / Magic 14 Pts. & 11 Reb. & 21 Ass - added December, 2007

(06-06-84) 1984 NBA Finals Game 4 - Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers - OT - The Lakers missed yet another chance to throw dirt on the Celtics as they squandered several late chances to take a 3-1 lead in the series. L.A. led by as many as 14 points in the 1st half and looked to be in charge. L.A. made 10 of their first 11 shots as they took a 31-21 lead late in the 1st period. Boston closed the period on an 11-1 run to offset the Lakers’ early streak. However, the Celtics started the 2nd period by missing their first 9 shots as L.A. went on a 14-1 run behind 6 points from Swen Nater to take a 47-33 lead. Boston suffered a setback when bench sharpshooter Scott Wedman fractured his fibula. L.A. was still leading 76-70 in the 3rd quarter when the psychological turning point of the series occurred. Kevin McHale clotheslined Kurt Rambis on a breakaway and a near pier 6 brawl erupted. Just 1:29 later Kareem and Bird had to be separated by officials as well. Boston would go on to take a 104-101 with 5:24 left in the game but L.A. answered with an 8-0 run to take a 109-104 lead. L.A. still led by 5 (113-108) with less than a minute remaining. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar then fouled out as Robert Parish scored. Kareem was a big loss as he had been on a roll with 14 4th quarter points. Parish hit the free throw to cut it to 113-111. Parish then knocked the ball away from Magic and Larry Bird converted 2 free throws to tie the game at 113. Parish came up with another steal with 4 seconds left but both Bird & McHale missed opportunities to win the game in regulation. L.A. would be haunted by 4 missed free throws in the final minute. Magic Johnson missed 2 with 35 seconds left and James Worthy missed 2 with 10 seconds left after being given the "choke" sign by Cedric Maxwell and M.L. Carr. In the extra period, Bird hit a 15-foot turnaround to give Boston a 125-123 lead with 16 seconds left in OT. L.A. could not answer as they could not find Worthy who had 10 points in the OT. Dennis Johnson converted 2 free throws to clinch the game. - Celtics Dynasty DVD (Quality 10)

(06-08-84) 1984 NBA Finals Game 5 - LA Lakers @ Boston Celtics - Bird 34 points (15-20 shooting), 17 rebounds... The game was known as the "Heat Game" or "Sauna Game", as it was played under 97-degree heat, and without any air conditioning, at Boston Garden. The Celtics did not warm up with their sweat pants on because of extreme heat, and oxygen tanks were provided to give air to exhausted players. It was also the last time that a team with home court advantage in a 7 game series played a Game 5 in it's own floor. The next year, the NBA Finals switched to a 2-3-2 format with Game 5 going to the team without home-court advantage.

(06-10-84) 1984 NBA Finals Game 6 - Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers - Abdul-Jabbar 30 Pts. / Bird 28 Pts. / Cooper 23 Pts. / Henderson 21 Pts - added December, 2007

(06-12-84) 1984 NBA Finals Game 7 - LA Lakers @ Boston Celtics - Beat L.A.! Beat L.A.! BEAT L.A.!..The crowd began chanting from the opening introductions! Celtics champs! One of the best, maybe the best series ever ends as the Celtics capture the title!...Cedric Maxwell and M.L. Carr whoop it up in the closing moments, mocking Magic Johnson and his finger-pointing-stare-down as the Garden goes wild!! Celtics Dynasty DVD (Quality 10)


1984-85 Season

(11-09-84) Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics - Dr. J and Larry Bird get into a huge fight in physical game - Bird and Doctor J. in a vicious brawl in middle of 3rd period! And Moses Malone jumps in and lands a few cheap shots!! Larry had 42 points at the time!..Both are ejected. Celtics win a classic at Garden 130-119

(01-27-85) Portland Trailblazers @ Boston Celtics - LARRY BIRD at the buzzer! - Larry nails jumper from deep in the corner at the buzzer to win an awesome game! Bird has 48points, 10 rebounds, 7assists. - added October, 2007

(02-10-85) 1985 NBA All Star Game - Jordan’s first All-star game, Ralph Sampson MVP - Players include Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Dr. J, Parish, Isiah Thomas, English, Sampson, Akeem Olajuwon, Gervin, Terry Cummings, Sidney Moncrief, Dennis Johnson, Bill Laimbeer, Moses Malone, etc (Quality 9)

(03-12-85) Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks - LARRY BIRD 60 POINTS!! Larry Bird hits a career high 60 points! Incredible fourth quarter shooting display with 18 points. (Quality 8)

(05-27-85) 1985 NBA Finals Game 1- LA Lakers @ Boston Celtics - The Memorial Day Massacre! The Celtics broke numerous championship series records as they buried the Lakers. It started in the 1st quarter when Danny Ainge scored 15 points as he sank his final 6 shots of the period. Scott Wedman, who would set a record by going 11-11 in the game, scored 11 points in the 2nd quarter as Boston built a 30-point lead. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a non-factor as he picked up 3 fouls in less then 12 minutes in the 1st half. Byron Scott scored just 4 points on 2-8 shooting in the opening half as his personal woes in Boston continued. Dennis Johnson held Magic Johnson to just 1 rebound in the game. Boston led 79-49 at the half with the 79 1st half points being another record. They would set another record with their 148 points for the game. Kevin McHale led the 2nd half carnage with 13 3rd quarter points. L.A.’s frustration boiled over when Scott nailed Ainge with a forearm shiver. The refs missed that, but they did not miss Ainge throwing the ball at Scott in retaliation. Ainge was hit with a technical foul.

(05-30-85) 1985 NBA Finals Game 2 - LA Lakers @ Boston Celtics - After stewing over their loss, L.A. answered back to even the series. The Lakers ran out to an 18 point halftime lead. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who bounced back from a disappointing Game 1 led them. L.A. jumped out to a 21-6 lead behind 9 points from James Worthy and extended it 30-16 with 2:25 left in the 1st half. Boston ended the 1st with a 10-1 run to get back in the game. The Lakers opened the 2nd as hot as the 1st behind 8 points from Michael Cooper. L.A. led 46-33 with 7:06 left in the half. Robert Parish limped off at that point but he would return shortly. Boston tried to comeback behind Larry Bird’s 12 3rd quarter points as they cut the lead from 18 to 8. Abdul-Jabbar would answer with 12 points of his own in the quarter including some of the 10 skyhooks that he would sink in the game. Boston would close the gap from 12 in the 4th but they could never seriously threaten L.A.

(06-02-85) 1985 NBA Finals Game 3 - Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the NBA’s all-time leading playoff scorer in Game 3 as the Lakers blitzed the Celtics. L.A. ran their record at the Forum to 25-1 since February 1st. In the 1st quarter, neither team led by more than 4 points as Kareem continued his hot shooting with 10 points In the 1st 7 minutes of the game. The game was physical and was marred by 3 different shoving matches. One resulted in Celtic Ray Williams being ejected after punching Kurt Rambis while another resulted in a double technical Bob McAddo and Kevin McHale. Boston pulled ahead by 10 at 48-38 in the 2nd quarter. The Lakers then kicked it into high gear behind James Worthy, Magic Johnson, and Bob McAdoo. With Magic leading the break, L.A. would end the half on a 27-11 run to take the lead. McAdoo hit 4 straight jumpers in a 2-minute stretch. Worthy would score 15 points in the 2nd quarter and 14 in the 3rd quarter. L.A. would continue to pull away from Boston as they pounded Boston on the boards to trigger Showtime.

(06-05-85) 1985 NBA Finals Game 4 - Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers - In a back and forth game, that saw both teams seemingly in charge, Boston pulled it out at the end to even the series. L.A. looked ready to run away again but Boston fought back and took the lead at the end of the half behind Larry Bird’s late jumper. The Lakers took the lead in the 3rd and looked to be in command as they led 92-85 early in the final period. Bird would score 11 points in the final stanza to lead a Celtic comeback. Bird culminated a 10-2 run with 2 free throws to give Boston a 95-94 lead with 6:42 to play. With Boston leading 97-96, Bird stole the ball and then hit a fallaway jumper to make it 99-96. Now, it was the Lakers turn to rally as they finally came back to tie it at 105 on a Magic Johnson follow shot in the final half-minute. The Celtics had the last possession and, after L.A. double-teamed Bird, he found Dennis Johnson who knocked down a 21-footer as the horn sounded to win the game. - Added October, 2008

(06-07-85) 1985 NBA Finals Game 5 - Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers - Once again, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar came out hot with 12 points in the 1st quarter. There were 5 lead changes and 4 ties in the 1st quarter alone. Kevin McHale led the way for Boston with 13 points in the 1st quarter. L.A. coach Pat Riley made a defensive switch and had Abdul-Jabbar guard McHale and he put either Kurt Rambis or Bob McAdoo on Robert Parish and Kareem stopped McHale’s scoring binge. The score was tied at 44 with 6:52 left in the 2nd quarter when L.A. ripped off a 20-7 run to close the half. James Worthy had 9 points in the run while Robert Parish had all 7 Celtic points. The Lakers would stretch the lead to 18, 70-52, early in the 3rd period. With the score 76-59, Celtics coach K.C. Jones was ejected after receiving his 2nd technical foul. The lead was still 89-72 late in the 3rd before Boston tried to stage a comeback. Boston closed the gap to 4 points on 4 different occasions in the 4th but could not get any closer. L.A. did not score for the first 3:43 of the 4th as their hot shooting deserted them. Boston would trail 101-97 with 6 minutes left before Kareem and Magic would combine for the next 7 Laker hoops (Kareem 4 and Magic 3). With the score 107-103, L.A. put it away when Kareem hit a sky hook, Kurt Rambis converted an offensive board into free throws and Magic converted a Rambis steal into a fastbreak hoop. That left the score at 113-103 with only 2:42 left.

(06-09-85) 1985 NBA Finals Game 6 - LA Lakers @ Boston Celtics - Lakers erase the ghosts by winning 1st championship in 8 tries against Celtics, and at the Garden no less! Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (29pts) again helped L.A. off to a good start with 11 points in the 1st quarter. He would pick up his 3rd personal foul early in the 2nd quarter with the score tied at 39. Magic (14pts, 14ast, 10reb) would also leave with his 3rd foul at the 3:33 mark. Mitch Kupchak filled in with 6 points and 5 rebounds; most during the 2nd period to keep the game tied. James Worthy (28pts) made his first appearance in goggles in this game after being poked in the eye in Game 5. In the 3rd quarter, a 8-0 L.A. run left them with a 73-63 lead. They would still lead by 9 midway through the 4th quarter. Boston used only 7 players in the game and, perhaps as a result, Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge missed 25 of 31 shots. L.A. would hold off Boston late in the 4th with 2 Magic drives and 3 Kareem sky hooks as the Lakers finally stomped out the Leprechaun. - Lakers Dynasty DVD (Quality 10)


1985-86 Season

1986 Boston Celtics @ Portland Trailblazers - added October, 2007

(01-18-86) Boston Celtics @ Atlanta Hawks - OT - Trash talking Hawks motivate C’s rally in OT - Dominique Wilkins 36 pts (Quality 8)

1986 All Star Game - Isiah Thomas (30 points) was the best of the game. He scored, assisted, and lead his team in a great final, 18-4 in the last four minutes. Larry Bird helped to Isiah with 23 points. In the West there was a Lakers dominion. Pat Riley coaching, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the top scorer with 21 points, James Worthy 20 points and Magic Johnson 15 assists. Isiah Thomas was named MVP, his second title in three years. - Players include Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas and many many more! - includes commercials, halftime, post game interviews (Quality 8.5)

(04-17-86) EC 1st RD Game 1 - Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics - Added October, 2008

(04-20-86) EC 1st RD Game 2 - Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics - Michael Jordan's career playoff high 63 points! Jordan was able to play in only 18 regular-season games in his second year in the NBA, after breaking a small bone in his foot in Chicago's third game of the year. Although he was encouraged to sit out the end of the season in order to make sure he was fully healed for the next, he insisted on coming back late in the season and led the Bulls to the 1986 NBA Playoffs. In Game 2 of Chicago's first round matchup against the eventual NBA champion Boston Celtics that Jordan showed just how thoroughly he had recovered. In the hallowed halls of the Boston Garden, he set a playoff record by scoring an amazing 63 points against what many considered to be one of the greatest NBA teams ever. The Celtics won the game, 135-131 in double-overtime, and went on to sweep the Bulls, but Jordan's playoff record still stands. "Michael was doing so much and so well, I found myself just wanting to stop and watch him -- and I was playing," said teammate John Paxson. "I didn't think anyone was capable of doing what Michael has done to us," marveled Celtics ace Larry Bird. "He is the most exciting, awesome player in the game today. I think it's just God disguised as Michael Jordan."

(05-15-86) ECF Game 2 - Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics (Quality 8.5)

(05-26-86) 1986 NBA Finals Game 1 - Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(05-29-86) 1986 NBA Finals Game 2 - Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(06-01-86) 1986 NBA Finals Game 3 - Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(06-03-86) 1986 NBA Finals Game 4 - Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(06-05-86) 1986 NBA Finals Game 5 - Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(06-08-86) 1986 NBA Finals Game 6 - Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics - In one of the All Time Greatest Performances in NBA Finals History Larry Bird (29 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists.) delivered the knockout punch with a triple-double performance, and figuratively speaking he did so early in this game as he would finish the 1st Half alone with 16 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists! No wonder he was named the MVP! Certainly one of the greatest teams of all time, the Bird lead Boston Celtics would win 114-97 over the Houston Rockets to take their 16th Crown, what turned out to the their last until turning the trick again 22 years later. The Rockets missed their chance in the 1st quarter when they committed 11 turnovers. Seven of those turnovers came in the first 6 minutes as Boston jumped out to a 22-10 lead. Hakeem Olajuwon (19 points, 13 rebounds) came up with 3 straight steals, 2 of whom he finished with dunks to cut the lead to 22-21. In the 2nd period, the Rockets could only make 6 of 23 shots. Boston would open up a 55-38 lead as they closed the half with a 24-10. Bird (13) and Kevin McHale (9) combined for 22 of the 24 points in the Celtic run. Ralph Sampson, booed with great vigor, scored only 2 points in the 1st half on 1-8 shooting. Boston outrebounded Houston 30-16 in the 1st half led by McHale’s 21 points and 9 rebounds. Bird helped put the game away with a trio of 3-pointers in the 3rd period. Houston would get no closer than 14 points in the 2nd half as Boston led by as many as 30 (97-67) in the 4th quarter. - Added March, 2009


1986-87 Season

1987 NBA All-Star game - Few days before the game, Tom Chambers was selected, taking the place of Ralph Sampson (injured). Playing at home (he was playing for Seattle Sonics in 1987), he got the MVP and lead West in the final quarter. West lost by 12 (128-116) with 5:33 minutes in regulation. Rolando Blackman (29 points) scored two free throws, and the game was tied. In the overtime West won 154-149. In the East, the best player was Moses Malone (27 points and 18 rebounds). - missing part of OT - added October, 2007

(05-05-87) 1987 ECSF Gm 1 - Milwaukee (98) at Boston (111) - A true classic and Boston and Milwaukee go into Double Overtime before the Celtics pull out narrow 138-137 win over the Bucks. Cummings 28 pts, Bird 40 pts

(05-06-87) 1987 ECSF Gm 2 - Milwaukee (124) at Boston (126) - Cummings 28 pts, Bird 30 pts, Ainge 30 pts

(05-08-87) 1987 ECSF Gm 3 - Boston (121) at Milwaukee (126) - Lucas 30 pts, Johnson 32 pts, and Bird 18 pts - Overtime

(05-13-87) 1987 ECSF Gm 5 - Milwaukee (129) at Boston (124) - Moncrief 33 pts, Parish 30 pts

(05-15-87) 1987 ECSF Gm 6 - Boston (111) at Milwaukee (121) - Moncrief 34 pts, Johnson 35 pts

(05-17-87) 1987 ECSF Gm 7 - Milwaukee (113) at Boston (119) - Pressey 28 pts, Bird 31 pts

(05-26-87) 1987 ECF Game 5 - Detroit Pistons vs Boston Celtics - Boston beats Pistons 108-107 as Larry Bird intercepts Isiah Thomas' in bound pass for miracle win - Celtics Dynasty DVD (Quality 10)

(05-30-87) 1987 ECF Game 7 - Detroit Pistons vs Boston Celtics - Boston advances to it's fourth straight finals with 117-114 win over up & coming Detroit behind Larry Bird's (37pts, 9reb, 9asst) big night - NBAtv Broadcast - added October 2007

(06-02-87) 1987 NBA Finals Game 1 - Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(06-04-87) 1987 NBA Finals Game 2 - Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Highest scoring game in finals history! The Lakers were off and running again, but this time Boston stayed close early. Robert Parish’s 12 points in the opening frame kept the Celtics close. In the 2nd quarter, The Lakers exploded on a 20 point run in which Michael Cooper accounted for all 20 points via either basket or assist. Cooper tied a Finals record with 8 assists in the 2nd quarter while making 6 of 7 3-point attempts. L.A. was leading 49-42 when they scored 7 points in 50 seconds to go up 56-42. All in all, the Lakers outscored the Celtics 36-2 on fastbreak points in the 1st half. Trailing by 19 at the half, Boston tried to rally in the 3rd as Larry Bird (9), Dennis Johnson (12) and Kevin McHale (10) scored 31 of their 36 3rd quarter points. Boston did cut the lead from 22 points to 15 but it was all for naught as L.A. opened the 4th with an 8-0 run to take a 115-92 lead. Not too long after that, it was bench-clearing time. Magic tied the same record as Cooper when he came up with 8 3rd quarter assists. Things got even worse for Boston as Kevin McHale reinjured his foot. The Lakers shot a Finals record 61.5% from the field for the game. - Added March, 2009

(06-07-87) 1987 NBA Finals Game 3 - Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Added March, 2009

(06-09-87) 1987 NBA Finals Game 4 - Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Magic Johnson’s baby hook - Great game between Lakers & Celtics is won for LA by Magic as he hits running hook shot at the buzzer to finish bringing Lakers back from 16 down! - Lakers Dynasty DVD (Quality 10)

(06-11-87) 1987 NBA Finals Game 5 - Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Danny Ainge has a huge game for the Celtics. This would turn out to be the last NBA finals victory for the Celtics. - added March 2007

(06-14-87) 1987 NBA Finals Game 6 - Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics - This is the ShowTime Lakers best team of their era! For a long while, it looked like Boston would force a dreaded 7th game. Dennis Johnson held Magic to 4 1st half points and stifled the Laker offense. After a 10-4 Laker start, the Celtics answered with a 15-2 run to take the lead. The Celtics would maintain and lead for all 12 minutes of the 2nd quarter. The Lakers fired out of the gates in the 3rd quarter, scoring the first 10 points of the quarter. That turned a 5 point deficit into a 5 point lead before Boston scored its first points nearly 3 minutes into the period. That bucket was followed by another 8-0 Laker run that gave L.A. a 69-58 lead. Boston connected on only 26% of its 3rd quarter shot attempts. Robert Parish picked up his 5th foul in the 4th as L.A. extended its lead to 89-70. Parish would later foul out with 7:22 left in the game, as Boston never got closer than 12 points the rest of the way. - Added October, 2008


1987-88 season

(02-07-88) 1988 All Star Game - Michael Jordan scores 40 in taking home his first ever all star game MVP in leading East to thrilling 138-133 overtime win versus the West - Players include Bird, McHale, Malone, Hakeem, Drexler, Magic Johnson, Barkley, Ewing, Wilkens, Isiah, etc. (Quality 9)

(04-21-88) Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics - Micl Jordan scores 39 points. Larry Bird scores 44 points. (Quality 8.5)

(05-22-88) 1988 ECSF Game 7 - Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics - Larry Bird (34pts) puts in 20 points in the final quarter to lead Boston to series clinching 118-116 win over Dominique Wilkins (46pts) and his Atlanta Hawks - From NBA’s greatest games series which shows original broadcast (Quality 10) - Also have original broadcast (Quality 9)


1988-89 season

1989 NBA All-Star game - added October, 2007


1989-90 season

1990 NBA All-Star game - added October, 2007


1990-91 Season

1991 NBA All-Star game - added October, 2007

(05-05-91) 1991 EC 1st RD Game 5 - Indiana Pacers @ Boston Celtics - Added October, 2008

(05-07-91) 1991 ECSF Game 1 - Detroit Pistons @ Boston Celtics - Added October, 2008

(05-09-91) 1991 ECSF Game 2 - Detroit Pistons @ Boston Celtics - Added October, 2008

(05-17-91) 1991 ECSF Game 6 - Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons - battle into Overtime - includes halftime (Quality 8.5)


1991-92 Season

1992 All Star Game - Magic returns! Magic Johnson's last All-star game. He also wins MVP honors - players included in game Jordan, Magic, Isiah Thomas, Dennis Rodman, David Robinson, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, James Worthy, Clyde Drexler, Akeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, Chris Mullin, Joe Dumars, Tim Hardaway, Dan Majarle, Dominque Mutumbo, etc - Includes pregame (Quality 8.5)

(03-15-92) Portland Trail Blazers vs Boston Celtics - Larry Bird scores 49 points and hits an amazing 3 pointer to force the first of 2 overtimes. - Larry Bird basketball legend DVD (Quality 10)


1992 Dream Team Olympic games

1992 Tournament of the Americas: Portland, OR (June 26 – July 5, 1992)

--Game 1: USA 136 vs. Cuba 57

--Game 2: USA 105 vs. Canada 61

--Game 3: USA 112 vs. Panama 52

--Game 4: USA 128 vs. Argentina 87

--Game 5: USA 119 vs. Puerto Rico 81 (Semifinal Game)

--Game 6: USA 127 vs. Venezuela 80 (Championship Game)

1992 Summer Olympics: Barcelona, Spain (July 25 – August 10, 1992)

--Game 1: USA 116 vs. Angola 48

--Game 2: USA 103 vs. Croatia 70

--Game 3: USA 111 vs. Germany 68

--Game 4: USA 127 vs. Brazil 83

--Game 5: USA 122 vs. Spain 81

--Game 6: USA 115 vs. Puerto Rico 77

--Game 7: USA 127 vs. Lithuania 76 (Semifinal Game)

--Game 8: USA 117 vs. Croatia 85 (Gold Medal Game)