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Joe Frazier Fights

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"Smokin" Joe Frazier

Joseph William "Smokin' Joe" Frazier is a former world Heavyweight boxing champion who is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. Frazier is famous for his trilogy of fights with Muhammad Ali, of which their third bout, the Thrilla in Manila, has been considered by many to be boxing's greatest bout ever. the Philadelphia-raised Frazier won a Gold medal in boxing at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. Joe Frazier's vision in his left eye was considered legally blind. He fought entirely with his right eye throughout his career. He never revealed this fact till after his retirement. This startling revelation revealed just how great of a fighter he had been. Frazier had a record of 32 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw, with 27 knockout wins. He is a member of the International Boxing Hall Of Fame.



Sets Available


Ali vs Frazier Trilogy (2 DVDs)

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier Trilogy - 2 DVDs in excellent quality and original - Frazier fought Ali (the boxer against the slugger) in three epic fights. First came the Fight of the Century on March 8, 1971, the first time in history that two undefeated champions fought for the same title. Frazier sealed the victory with a knock-down in the 15th round and went on to win the decision. Then came the rematch on January 28, 1974 when Ali won a 12 round decision. Finally, the greatest heavyweight championship fight of all times, the Thrilla in Manila on September 30, 1975 which Ali won when Frazier couldn't come out for the 15th round. Also includes their daughters fight on the second disc.


Joe Frazier Career Set (6 DVDs) (20 Fights) - One of the Largest Sets you will find, with some very rare fights!

Disc 1

1) Wipperman, Dick

2) Bonavena, Oscar I - ESPN Classic

3) Chuvalo, George

4) Mathis, Buster - In 1968, Ali had to leave his world Heavyweight title vacant, because of his protest against the Vietnam war, and the New York commission decided to hold a fight between Frazier and Buster Mathis, the winner being recognized as world champion by the state of New York. Although the fight was not widely recognized as a world championship bout by boxing fans, nevertheless, Frazier went in there and won the fight by a knockout in 11

5) Ramos, Manuel


Disc 2

1) Bonavena, Oscar II - retaining that 'title', by a decision in 15, after being dropped twice in round one

2) Zyglewicz, Dave - In what could be considered a weird twist, 1969 saw him defend his New York 'title' in Texas, beating Dave Zyglewicz by a knockout in the first

3) Quarry, Jerry I - 1969 Fight of the year

4) Ellis, Jimmy I - On February 16, 1970, Frazier finally became a recognized champion when WBA world Heavyweight champion Jimmy Ellis defended against Frazier at the Madison Square Garden and Frazier defeated him with a fifth round knockout. Frazier was immediately recognized as the undisputed world champion

5) Foster, Bob - In his first defense, he went to Detroit to fight legendary world Light Heavyweight champion Bob Foster, who set a record for the number of defenses in the Light Heavyweight division. Frazier retained the title by a knockout in two


Disc 3

1) Ali, Muhammad #1 (the fight of the century) - 1971 fight of the year - On March 8 of 1971, also at the Madison Square Garden, Frazier and Ali boxed the first of three epic bouts. In front of a world wide television audience, and an in-house audience which included such luminaries as Frank Sinatra (acting as a photographer for Life magazine) and Woody Allen, Frazier dropped Ali in round 15, to secure a 15 round decision win and retain the title, inflicting Ali's first professional defeat.

2) Daniels, Terry


Disc 4

1) Stander, Ron - ESPN Classic

2) Foreman, George I - Then came January 22 of 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica, and it was Frazier's turn to lose his undefeated record, and world championship belt, against George Foreman, when Foreman knocked him out in two rounds. This was the first fight ever telecast on HBO Boxing - ESPN - 1973 Fight of the year

3) Bugner, Joe - Frazier then returned to his winning ways with a 12 rounds decision win over Joe Bugner, a future challenger to Ali for the world title. The fight was held in London.


Disc 5

1) Ali, Muhammad #2 (the rematch)

2) Quarry, Jerry II - ESPN Classic

3) Ellis, Jimmy II - He met former world champion Ellis in Melbourne, Australia and came out the winner by a knockout in nine. That win made him again the number one challenger for the world crown


Disc 6

1) Ali, Muhammad #3 (the Thrilla in Manila) - 1975 fight of the year

2) Foreman, George II - In 1976, Frazier lost to Foreman in a rematch and retired - ESPN Classic