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Sugar Ray Leonard Fights

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Sugar Ray Leonard Career Set (14 DVDs) (39 Fights and 4 documentaries)

One of the largest Career sets for Leonard that you will find.


Disc 1 (Amatuer Fights)

1) Limasa - (Amatuer) - 1976 Montreal Olympics

2) Beyer(Amatuer) - 1976 Montreal Olympics

3) Szczerba, Azimier (Amatuer) - 1976 Montreal Olympics

4) McKenzie, Clinton (Amatuer) - 1976 Montreal Olympics

5) Carllson, Ulf (Amatuer) - 1976 Montreal Olympics

6) Currey (Amatuer) - 1976 Montreal Olympics Qualifier

7) Aldama, Andres (Amatuer) - 1976 Montreal Olympics Gold medal bout - Leonard fought with photos of his high school sweetheart Juanita Wilkinson, and their three-year-old son taped to his shoe. It was good copy, but he was not favored to win the gold. A lot of amateur boxing observers thought that the great Cuban left hook artist Andres Aldama would defeat the 20 year old Leonard in the Olympic final. Aldama was virtually a pro and had scored 5 straight knockouts to reach the finals. Ray Leonard proved that he was a great boxer winning with an impressive 5-0 decision capping his outstanding amateur career by winning Olympic Gold.

8) Silver, Terrance (Amatuer) - 1974 National Tournament of Champions - Espn Classic


Disc 2

1) Benitez, Wilfred - Nov. 1979 - WBC World Welterweight title - The fight was closely contested, both men fighting cautiously much of the time. Leonard's harder punches proved the difference, and he was declared world champion with a technical knockout in round 15, with 6 seconds left in the fight. - includes prefight and postfight

2) Duran, Roberto I - The First Super fight of the 80's - Leonard abandoned his usual slick boxing style and brawled with Duran. It was a great fight, but Leonard lost in a unanimous 15-round decision. The scores were 148-147, 145-144, and 146-144. - includes prefight and postfight


Disc 3

1) Duran, Roberto II (11-15-80) - Sugar Ray boxed Duran. Using speed and movement, he frustrated Duran from the opening bell. In round 7, he started to taunt Duran, and with 17 seconds to go in round 8, the unthinkable happened: Duran turned around, walked to his corner and gave up, saying the now famous words, "no más." Referee Octavio Meyran, perhaps as incredulous as was the rest of the world at what he was seeing, asked Duran if he was sure, and Duran repeated, "No más, no más." Duran, whogorged himself after the weigh-in, claimed he quit because he was having stomach cramps, but most felt he quit out of frustration. - includes prefight and postfight

2) Duran, Roberto III - December 1989, he fought Roberto Duran for a third time. This took place at the new Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Fighting cautiously, Leonard won a lopsided, extremely boring twelve round unanimous decision. Both fighters were booed often by the fans during the bout. - includes prefight and postfight

3) Bonds, Larry - includes prefight and postfight


Disc 4

1) "Legendary Nights" - The Tale of Leonard vs Hearns

2) Kalule, Ayub - On June 25, 1981, Leonard fought undefeated Ayub Kalule, world junior middleweight champion. Kalule gave Leonard a tough fight and it was closely contested. In round 3, Leonard injured his left hand, making the bout even more difficult for him. But by round 9, after a vicious body assault, Leonard connected with a combination of punches that sent Kalule down. Kalule rose before being counted out, but told the referee he could not continue. Leonard now owned two world titles at the same time. - includes prefight


Disc 5

1) Hearns, Thomas II - In June 1989, he battled Hearns again at Caesar's Palace. Leonard was knocked down twice, but he came back and hurt Hearns after each trip to the canvas. A strong final round helped Leonard pull out a twelve round draw.

2) Hagler, Marvin - 1987 Fight of the Year - In May 1986, Leonard shocked the sports world once again when he announced he would return to the ring for one more fight: against middleweight champion Marvin Hagler, then considered the best fighter in the world. Refusing to take tune-ups, Leonard waited for Hagler to accept his challenge. In August, Hagler agreed, and the bout was scheduled for April 6 1987 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Many people opposed the bout because of Leonard's inactivity, feeling he didn't deserve a title shot against Hagler. Others opposed the fight because of Leonard's eye surgeries. A sizeable number also felt Leonard was likely to be seriously hurt by the relentless Hagler. Despite the controversy, it was still Hagler and Leonard, finally getting together, and that alone made it a huge event. Hagler was a heavy favorite, the odds starting at 4-1, then 3-1. Leonard had only fought once in five years, and that one bout was three years earlier. Leonard had never fought as a middleweight, and now he was fighting a man who had been middleweight champion for seven years and had not lost a fight in eleven years. However, Leonard surprised everyone by boxing carefully and smoothly, as well as absorbing Hagler's big punches. Sugar Ray won by a split decision to become the world's middleweight champion. Hagler bitterly protested the result, and many boxing fans and writers have argued about the decision since. After this stunning upset, Leonard announced his retirement a month later. This announcment was met with skepticism, many fans and writers predicting he would eventually fight again. They were right.


Disc 6

1) Howard, Kevin - May 11th 1984 in Worcester, Massachusetts, televised live on HBO. With Hagler, Pryor, Donald Curry in attendance, and millions more watching on TV, Leonard scored a 9th round TKO. However, he was unimpressive in the fight, even getting knocked down for the first time in the 4th round. At the post-fight press conference, Leonard surprised everyone by announcing his retirement again, saying he just didn't have it anymore. - includes prefight and postfight

2) Silver, Terrance (Amatuer) - 1974 National Tournament of Champions - Espn Classic

3) Benitez, Wilfred - Nov. 1979 - WBC World Welterweight title - The fight was closely contested, both men fighting cautiously much of the time. Leonard's harder punches proved the difference, and he was declared world champion with a technical knockout in round 15, with 6 seconds left in the fight. - includes prefight and postfight - ESPN Classic


Disc 7

1) Mayweather, Floyd - includes prefight and postfight

2) Virette - JIP 1st Rd

3) Vega, Luis - Sugar Ray made $40,000 for his first professional fight (then a record) against tough Puerto Rican Luis Vega. The fight was televised nationally on CBS-TV, and Leonard won by a 6 round unanimous decision. - JIP 1st Rd - includes post fight

4) Eklund, Dick - includes prefight and postfight


Disc 8

1) Norris, Terry - February 1991 to fight world junior middleweight champion Terry Norris at Madison Square Garden, Leonard's first outing there. Leonard suffered two knockdowns, and was easily beaten in a unanimous decision. After the verdict was announced, a battered Leonard took the microphone and once again announced his retirement. - includes prefight and postfight

2) Price, Andy - September 1979 - includes postfight

3) Finch, Bruce - February 1982 Leonard KO'd Bruce Finch in the 3rd round to retain his undisputed title - includes prefight and postfight

4) Green, Dave 'Boy'- Leonard's won first title defense by easily knocking out British challenger Dave Green in four rounds in Landover, Maryland. Green was stopped with a devastating left hook to the chin. - includes postfight


Disc 9

1) Camacho, Hector - In 1997, at age 40, Leonard launched his final boxing comeback against former lightweight champion Hector 'Macho' Camacho. His brilliant boxing skills long since gone, Sugar Ray was easily defeated and lost via 5th round TKO. After this humiliating defeat, it was finally enough for Leonard, and he has not fought since. - includes prefight and postfight

2) Prada, Bernie - includes prefight and postfight

3) Chiverini, Tony

4) Santore - JIP 1st Rd - includes post fight


Disc 10

1) Ranzany, Pete - August 1979 - North American Boxing Federation (NABF) welterweight championship - includes prefight and postfight

2) "Legendary Nights" - Tale of Hagler vs Leonard

3) Lalonde, Donny - On November 7, 1988 Leonard came back and fought Don Lalonde. He picked himself up off the canvas and knocked out Lalonde in the ninth round to win two world titles, the vacant WBC super middleweight championship, and Lalonde's WBC light heavyweight championship. - includes prefight and postfight


Disc 11

1) Muniz, Javier - includes prefight and postfight

2) Muniz, Armando - includes prefight and postfight

3) Gant, Johnny - includes prefight and postfight

4) Mercatte, Fernando - Includes post fight


Disc 12

1) Sugar Ray Leonard "Beyond the Glory"

2) Sugar Ray Leonard - "The Most Retiring Champion" - A Hugh McIlvaney Interview


Disc 13

1) Gonzalez, Daniel


Disc 14

1) Hearns, Thomas I - September 16, 1981, once again at Caesar's Palace. In a bout televised on closed-circuit and pay-per-view outlets throughout the world, Leonard and Hearns fought one for the ages. Hearns started at the aggressor and built an early lead, but after being hurt by Leonard in round 6, Hearns went from puncher to boxer, and Leonard went from boxer to puncher. After several tough rounds, Hearns was able to regroup, and he again started to pile up points. With an eye almost closed, trailing on all 3 score cards, Leonard dug deep and came on strong. Leonard floored Hearns in the 13th, and after a rain of punches caught Hearns against the ropes in round 14, referee David Pearl stopped the fight, making Leonard the undisputed world welterweight champion. For his performance, he also received Sports Illustrated magazine's "Sportsman of the Year" award. - In 22 months, Leonard stopped Benitez, Duran, Kalule, and Hearns. All four were reigning world champions when he stopped them, and they had a combined record of 177-1-1. - 1981 Fight of the year