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**Most Wisconsin Badgers games are under the Wisconsin Badger section**



1925 Season

1925 Illinois vs Chicago - original black and white film, silent, 3 minutes (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011


1927 Season

1927 Nebraska @ Pittsburgh - original black and white film, silent, 5 minutes (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011

(10-15-27) Michigan Wolverines @ Wisconsin Badgers - original black and white film, silent, 13 minutes (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011


1928 Season

1928 Wisconsin Badgers vs Chicago Maroons - Starts with both marching bands and their preformances on the field. Chicago band first and then Wisconsin plays On Wisconsin and crowd sings along. Shows parts of first half, most of halftime band preformances, parts of second half, and celebration bonfire by Wisconsin kids after win - original black and white film with crowd audio, 26 minutes (Quality 9) - added March, 2011

1928 Stanford vs Army - Played at Yankee Stadium - original black and white film with crowd audio, 10.5 minutes (Quality 9) - added March, 2011

1928 Navy @ Pennsylvania - Navy cadets fill field after game and try to tear down goal posts - original black and white film from sidelines with crowd audio, 6 minutes (Quality 9) - added March, 2011

1928 Stanford @ USC - original black and white film with crowd audio, 8 minutes (Quality 9) - added March, 2011

1928 Princeton @ Ohio State - original black and white film with crowd audio, 2.5 minutes (Quality 9) - added March, 2011

1928 VMI @ Georgia Tech - original black and white film, silent, 7.5 minutes (Quality 9) - added March, 2011

1928 Navy vs Princeton - Played in Philadelphia - original black and white film with crowd audio, 13 minutes (Quality 9) - added March, 2011


1929 Season

1929 Michigan Wolverines @ Purdue Boilermakers - original black and white film, silent, 2 minutes (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011

1929 Michigan Wolverines vs Harvard - original black and white film, silent, 2 minutes (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011



1930 Michigan Wolverines @ Harvard - original black and white film, silent, 5 minutes (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011

Tribute to Knute Rockne - Champion of Champions - Original News reel from Notre Dame practices, footage from the plane crash that took Rockne and from his funeral - black and white - 3 minutes - Added March, 2011


1935 Season

1935 Notre Dame vs Ohio State - In one of the most anticipated games in the history of intercollegiate football, Notre Dame shocks 81,018 onlookers at Ohio Stadium by overcoming a 13-0 forth quarter deficit - and a 13-6 deficit with only three minutes remaining - to conquer the undefeated Buckeyes of Ohio State, 18-13. Such a comeback is unheard-of in this era, a major reason why the game would be remembered, more than any other, as "The Game of the Century." The winning score comes with thirty-two seconds left, on a 19-yard touchdown pass from Bill Shakespeare to Wayne Millner. Many feel that the term "Hail Mary Pass" originated with this play. - Actual game film - narrated (B-) (36m)

1935 Notre Dame vs Ohio State - "The way it was series" - In one of the most anticipated games in the history of intercollegiate football, Notre Dame shocks 81,018 onlookers at Ohio Stadium by overcoming a 13-0 forth quarter deficit - and a 13-6 deficit with only three minutes remaining - to conquer the undefeated Buckeyes of Ohio State, 18-13. Such a comeback is unheard-of in this era, a major reason why the game would be remembered, more than any other, as "The Game of the Century." The winning score comes with thirty-two seconds left, on a 19-yard touchdown pass from Bill Shakespeare to Wayne Millner. Many feel that the term "Hail Mary Pass" originated with this play. - about 30 minutes long


1938 Season

(01-02-39) 1939 Rose Bowl - Duke @ USC - game film / radio merger (Quality 8) - Added May, 2009


1942 Season

(10-03-42) Wisconsin Badgers vs Marquette Warriors - silent game film - added November, 2007

1942 Iowa Navy Pre-Flight @ Michigan - Iowa military team takes on Michigan - original black and white narrated footage - 1 minute (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011


1943 Season

(09-18-43) Wisconsin Badgers vs Marquette Warriors - silent game film - added November, 2007

1943 Minnesota @ Michigan - battle for little brown jug - original black and white narrated footage - 1 minute (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011


1950 Season

1950 Ohio State vs Michigan - b/w - radio broadcast and film merger (quality 8) - added May, 2009


1951 Season

1951 Indiana @ Notre Dame - 1h 24m - b/w, actual TV broadcast. Missing portions of 2nd and 3rd Qtrs and quarters are in the wrong order. - added October, 2008

(10-20-51) Michigan @ Iowa - phillips 66 game of the week - includes ads (Quality 7.5) - Added May, 2009

1952 Rose Bowl - Stanford vs Illinois - 1st half film/aud merge, 2nd half audio - added March, 2009


1952 Season

1953 Rose Bowl - USC vs Wisconsin - added November, 2007


1953 Season

1954 Rose Bowl - Michigan St vs UCLA - 41 minutes - added November, 2007


1954 Season

Michigan St vs UCLA - 41 minutes - added November, 2007

(11-20-54) Michigan @ Ohio State - game film / radio merger (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2009


1956 Season

1956 Notre Dame vs SMU - Added October, 2008

1957 Rose Bowl - Oregon St. Beavers vs Iowa Hawkeyes - added August, 2007


1957 Season

1958 Rose Bowl - Oregon Ducks vs Ohio St Buckeyes - The 1957 college football season had witnessed "Woody Hayes Football" at its best. In his seventh season at Ohio State, a strong OSU line featuring Bill Jobko and All-American guard Aurealius Thomas enhanced Hayes’ reputation for conservative football. After a shocking, season-opening loss to TCU (18-14), Ohio State found its stride. Sophomore fullback Bob White’s 66 yards on a clutch, 68-yard drive was the key to a dramatic 17-13 victory over fifth-ranked Iowa. A 31-14 win at Michigan completed a perfect conference season and sent OSU to the Rose Bowl. OSU, which had captured the Big Ten Conference crown for the third time in four years, had already been proclaimed national champions entering the Rose Bowl. In 1957 Oregon was surprisingly crowned Pacific Coast Conference champion. A Time magazine article, dated November 4, 1957, reported on the Oregon Ducks with a picture entitled, "Oregon’s Tourville Crossing California, Scents of the Rose Bowl." The article included the following report: "The brief words echoed like a bomb in the strained silence of the dressing room ‘Rose Bowl,’ muttered Oregon quarterback Jack Crabtree, as if the very syllables were sacred. His silver-haired coach, Len Casanova, cut him short: ‘It’s a silly thing to discuss.’ But it was too late to button anybody’s lip. The desperately quiet Oregon Ducks had just beaten California, 24-6. They were still unbeaten in Pacific Coast Conference play, and their hometown of Eugene was already planning a New Year’s visit to Pasadena." The Ducks finished 7-3 and claimed the Conference's Rose Bowl bid. It would be the Ducks first appearance in the Rose Bowl since meeting Harvard in 1920. Through the 1957 game, the Big Ten’s record over the Pacific Coast Conference in the Rose Bowl series stood at ten wins against one loss, and football fans gave Oregon little hope and Ohio State entered the game as a whopping 21 point favorite. Ohio State started in dominating fashion, driving 79 yards on its first possession. The Buckeyes scored when Frank Kremblas dove over center from the one. Kremblas then converted the extra point. The Buckeyes’ touchdown drive was kept alive by a pair of key third down conversions. But, Oregon responded in the second period by driving 80 yards in 10 plays. Jim Shanley capped the drive with a five yard scoring run and the game was tied 7-7 at the half. The nation's attention was riveted on the game as the Ducks had a chance to lead the Buckeyes in the third period with a field goal attempt. But, Jack Morris’ three-point try from the Ohio State 24 hooked to the left at the 5:20 mark in the third quarter. The contest remained tied through the quarter and into the fourth. The quarter that had been so kind to the Buckeyes all season was good once again. On a drive that started with more than five minutes remaining in the third period, the Buckeyes went 56 yards in 14 plays to take a 10-7 lead on a 34 yard field goal by the sure-footed kicker, Don Sutherin, with 14:02 to go in the game. From then on, it was a defensive struggle as the Ducks were unable to get an offensive attack going. Oregon drove to the Ohio State 24 yard line following Crabtree’s 23 yard completion to Ron Stover, but a Stover fumble stopped the drive. The Ducks began their last-gasp effort against the nation’s No. 1 ranked Buckeyes from their own 17 yard line with 4:29 to play. A pass interference call, a 17 yard Crabtree pass to Stover and the Oregon field general’s six-yard run advanced the ball to the Ohio State 43 before the team’s final two attempts failed to move the ball closer to victory. Crabtree’s fourth-down pass to Stover fell incomplete with 47 seconds remaining to allow Ohio State to avert one of the biggest upsets in the 44 year history of the New Year’s Day classic. Much of the nation had rooted for the underdog Oregon and Casanova. Oregon outgained Ohio State in total yards and first downs. Bill Leiser of the San Francisco Chronicle Sporting Green, on January 2, 1958, reported in part: "A kick that sailed true, 34 yards through the upright posts, as against one that did not, won for Ohio State the finest football game of modern Tournament of Roses history this balmy afternoon, 10-7. Tabbed for a three touchdown licking, Casnova’s Oregon Ducks refused to accept the odds and matched the more numerous and more powerful athletes from the Big Ten blow for blow, yard for yard, and touchdown for touchdown. It wasn't easy for Hayes' men who were outgained and out-first-downed by Oregon. "The field goal and the four breaks, two interceptions and two recovered Oregon fumbles, were the only real edge in the game, and we got 'em all," said Hayes. Oregon's Crabtree completed 10 to 17 passes for 135 yards to receive player of the game honors, becoming only the third player in the bowl’s history to earn that distinction playing for the losing team. In addition, Stover established a Rose Bowl record for most yards receiving by a Pacific Coast Conference participant. It was a moral victory for the Ducks, but on the scoreboard, it was a victory, a second Rose Bowl title and a national championship for Ohio State. It capped a 9-1 season in which OSU outscored opponents 267-92. Ohio State claimed the UPI crown while finishing second to Auburn in the AP poll. - reels 1, 3, and 5 of original broadcast. Missing portions of 2nd and 3rd Qtrs. Black and White - added October, 2007


1958 Season

1959 Rose Bowl - California Golden Bears vs Iowa Hawkeyes


1960 Season

(01-01-61) 1961 Rose Bowl - Minnesota vs Washington - Washington upsets the already-declared national champion Gophers - game film / radio merger - Added June, 2009


1961 Season

1961 Wisconsin vs Ohio St. - Added October, 2008

(01-01-62) 1962 Rose Bowl - Minnesota vs UCLA - game film / radio merger - Added May, 2009


1962 Season

1963 Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs USC - One of the greatest ever clash's! For 364 days a year, Pasadena. Calif., is a gentle, cultivated city populated by little old ladies who sit behind lace curtains and, according to legend, knit Volkswagens. But on New Year's Day. Pasadena is no place for the timid. Bass drums defile the dawn, and the aroma of American Beauty mingles with the perfume of nervous palomino. The Tournament of Roses parade is all about girls and beauty; the afternoon's football game is supposed to separate the men from the boys. There have been times when the fans wished that they had gone home after the parade. But not this year. Matched in the Rose Bowl were the nation's two top teams, Southern California and Wisconsin, and in 3 hours of matchless play, they restored to college football all the grace and aggressiveness, the fun and glory that it had presumably lost to the pros. In the regular season, Southern Cal had ripped off ten straight victories, outscored its opponents 219 to 55, wound up No. 1 in the nation. It had a highly touted quarterback in Pete Beathard, 20, a 200-lb. junior, and an All-America end in Hal Bedsole, who had broken every U.S.C. pass-catching record (29 catches, 726 yds., 9 TDs). Wisconsin, champion of the arrogant Big Ten, had won eight games, lost one (to Ohio State, 14-7), was ranked No. 2 in the country. Its passer was Ron VanderKelen, 23, a bean-tall senior from football-crazy Green Bay, who played only 90 seconds in his first two varsity years but was voted the Big Ten's Most Valuable Player this season. Its end was Pat Richter, 21, who caught 38 passes, made ten All-America teams. Wisconsin also felt it had a little score to settle. Six times this season, schools from the Big Ten had been beaten by teams from the West's Big Six; twice in the last three years, the Big Ten had been humiliated in the Rose Bowl—and the worst licking of all was Wisconsin's own 44-8 shellacking by Washington in 1960. At the kickoff, Wisconsin was a three-point favorite. But U.S.C. swiftly made the point spread seem ridiculous. After only 5 minutes, with a fourth down on the Wisconsin 13, U.S.C. Coach John McKay sprang a clever trap on the Badgers, who were playing a man-to-man pass defense. Trojan Tackle Ron Butcher came scurrying on field with a rarely used play. "IG84-weak tackle look," Quarterback Beathard muttered in the huddle. The Trojans lined up over the ball—and, way out on the right wing, a U.S.C. back casually stepped up into the line. At the same instant. Left End Bedsole took a step backward, thereby making Tackle Butcher a legal pass receiver—for that one play. The notion of a tackle catching a pass never occurred to the befuddled Badgers. All alone in the Wisconsin secondary. Butcher gathered in Beathard's lazy little toss and jumped high with joy —right into the end zone. Score: U.S.C. 7, Wisconsin 0. It took Wisconsin eleven plays to get the touchdown back. In the 81-yd. march, Quarterback VanderKelen completed four bull's-eye passes, sent his fullback cracking over tackle for the last yard and the score. But U.S.C. had more surprises to show. Beathard began experimenting with U.S.C.'s complex man-in-motion ground attack. "All season long," says Coach McKay, "we sent our man-in-motion in the direction the play was going. Now we began sending the man-in-motion one way and the ball the other." Trojan Fullback Ben Wilson ripped through the center of Wisconsin's line for one TD. Minutes later, behind a phalanx of three blockers. Halfback Ron Heller cut off right tackle and sprinted 25 yds. for another touchdown that gave U.S.C. a 21-7 lead. "We Knew." By half time, the California fans were settling comfortably back to enjoy the slaughter. Yet in the Wisconsin dressing room a curious calm prevailed. "We were surprised that they hit us so hard in the beginning," recalls VanderKelen. "But nobody was desperate. We knew we could come back." Hardly anyone else agreed. On the very first play from scrimmage in the second half, U.S.C.'s Beathard fired a little "lookin" pass to Left End Bedsole, who took two quick steps forward and cut diagonally across the field. Once again Wisconsin was asleep. Two vicious blocks cut down the only defenders with a shot at Bedsole, and he rambled and strutted 57 yds. for a touchdown. VanderKelen got that one back personally. In seven plays, he moved from kickoff to the U.S.C. 17, coolly mixing passes with line bucks to keep the defense guessing. Then, trying to pass, he looked for his receivers. All were covered. In came the thundering U.S.C. line, murder in every step. At the last instant, VanderKelen wriggled loose from a tackier, saw daylight and raced all the way to a touchdown. It seemed like a dying gasp. U.S.C.'s Beathard threw 23 yds. to Bedsole for one touchdown, 13 yds. to End Fred Hill for another—and with just 14 min. left in the game, Southern Cal led, 42-14 (video). The Badger band bravely tooted On Wisconsin, but it sounded forlorn. "We're No. 1! You're No. 2!" chanted Trojan fans. ''We want the Packers!" they screamed, "Bring on Green Bay!"Go! Go! Go!" Green Bay they got-in Ron VanderKelen. No professional quarterback ever displayed more poise or rallied more gallantly. In one of those stunning moments of sport when a good player becomes great and does everything right and nothing wrong, he filled the air with footballs, lobbing long passes to Richter on the sidelines, shooting short flare passes to his halfbacks. A beautifully timed running play sent Halfback Lou Holland scampering 13 yds. around right end, and that made the score 42-21. Now U.S.C. began to feel the pressure. Wisconsin recovered a Trojan fumble on the U.S.C. 29. Another deadeye pass from VanderKelen to Halfback Gary Kroner meant another touchdown, and U.S.C.'s lead was cut to 14 points. Suddenly, 98,000 spectators awoke to the fact that they were witnessing an uncommon game. In homes all across the U.S., children were shushed into silence and telephones went unanswered as TV held the eyes. The U.S.C. offense, so potent minutes before, sputtered to a halt. The U.S.C. punter dropped back to kick from his 12-yd. line, the pass from center sailed over his head and into the end zone. Almost another Wisconsin touchdown, but U.S.C. recovered just in time for just a two-point Wisconsin safety. Once again Wisconsin and VanderKelen got the ball. "Throw it!" screamed the crowd. ''Go! Go! Go!" Dancing, faking, sidestepping tacklers, VanderKelen threw —on the dead run, off balance, any way at all. A Trojan lineman trapped him on the U.S.C. 37. Arm cocked, falling sideways, VanderKelen let fly. Incredibly, he hit Richter on the Trojan 17. Another pass to Richter, another Wisconsin TD. Up stepped Wisconsin's place kicker Gary Kroner, and as the kickers for both teams had all afternoon, he clipped it professionally through the uprights for the extra point. Up shot the referee's arms, and the score was 42-37. The clock read 1 min. 19 sec. left in the game, and desperate U.S.C. backs began to run backward to eat up the time. At last, Southern Cal had to punt. The two lines collided viciously, and three Wisconsin players smashed through, trying to block the kick. It soared over their outstretched fingers. On the Wisconsin 44, Lou Holland fielded the ball. Wham! a Trojan tackler hit him. Bang! the game was over. Every Kid's Dream. U.S.C. was still No. 1. Wisconsin was still No. 2. But there were roses enough to go all around. Together, U.S.C. and Wisconsin tallied 79 points, a Rose Bowl record. Trojan Quarterback Beathard's four touchdown passes set another record. And Ron VanderKelen, completing 33 of 48 passes for 401 yds., put on the greatest one-man show in the Rose Bowl's 49-game history. That night the offers from the pros started pouring in for the youngster who was all but passed up in last month's player draft. Coach Vince Lombardi of VanderKelen's home-town Packers called person-to-person from Green Bay. VanderKelen was still unsure about a pro career. But there was no question about the team he would like to play for. "Every kid who grows up in Green Bay," he said, "dreams of being on field with the Packers." B/W with radio merger - (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) - added August, 2007

1963 Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs USC - "The way it was series" - Considered one of the greatest games ever. Great game with huge comeback by Badgers. (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)

(01-01-63) 1963 Orange Bowl - Oklahoma vs Alabama - Added May, 2009


1964 Season

(11-21-64) Michigan @ Ohio State - game film / radio merger (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2009

1964 Notre Dame Football Highlights - ESPN Classic Rebroadcast - Added October, 2008


1965 Season

(09-18-65) TCU @ Nebraska - Black and white

1966 Rose Bowl - Michigan St vs UCLA - The UCLA Bruins, the team they said didn’t belong in a New Years Day Bowl game in 1966, stunned the football world by holding off a much bigger and stronger Michigan State team to post a tremendous upset. Tommy Prothro’s Bruins kept MSU scoreless for 52 minutes, three times held on downs, and finally stopped State’s two point conversion try to seal the victory. UCLA had been totally dominated by these same Spartans, 13-3, in their season opener of 1965. Gary Beban ran for two touchdowns and threw for 147 yards. Michigan State committed four first-half turnovers, with the first coming late in the first quarter as Don Japinga fumbled away a punt at the Spartan 6 that UCLA’s John Erquiaga recovered. On the opening play of the second quarter, Beban scored on a 1-yard sneak to give the Bruins a 7-0 lead. UCLA then surprised the Spartans with an onsides kick that Bruin Dallas Grider recovered at the MSU 42. Beban hooked up with Kurt Altenburg for a 27-yard pass to the MSU 1. Beban capped off the five-play, 42-yard drive with another 1-yard sneak as UCLA scored twice in 3:07 to build a 14-0 lead. At halftime, the stadium crowd was stunned. In the third quarter, UCLA used tackle-eligible plays and well designed short pass plays to hold onto the ball and keep it out of the Spartan’s hands. It wasn’t until the 52 minute mark that MSU was able to break through. They rallied late in the fourth quarter, scoring twice in the final 6:13. Steve Juday’s 42-yard strike to Gene Washington set up Apisa’s 38-yard TD run. Believing they would score again, the Spartans went for two, but Juday’s two-point pass attempt failed and the score was 14-6. The Spartan defense held on the next series and Bubba Smith partially blocked Larry Cox’s punt to give MSU possession at the UCLA 49. Juday finished off the 14-play scoring drive with a 1-yard sneak with :31 left. On the two-point try, Apisa was stopped short of the goal line by Grider, Jim Colletto and Bob Stiles. Stiles came rushing hard from the endzone to put a crushing hit on Apisa. The impact was so intense that Stiles fainted. The Rose Bowl exploded. UCLA stopped the Spartans on fourth-and-1 plays three times in the second half, including twice in the fourth quarter. Michigan State outgained UCLA, 314-212, total yards. The Spartans picked up 204 yards on the ground, with Clinton Jones rushing for 113 yards on 20 carries. It was only the fifth victory for a western team in twenty years of competition with the Big Ten and was by far the biggest upset to that point in series. - 41 minutes, color and narrated (Quality 8) - added November, 2007


1966 Season

(11-19-66) Notre Dame @ Michigan State - Game of the decade - (VG) (Film/audio merge 1st half, ABC 2nd half) - Added June, 2009

(01-01-67) 1967 Rose Bowl - USC vs Purdue - game film / radio merger - Added May, 2009


1968 Season

1968 regular season Yale @ Harvard - The greatest tie in College Football history 29-29 - merger of several TV Kinescope versions to make complete game on 3 DVDs - March, 2011

1969 Rose Bowl - (#1) Ohio State vs (#2) USC - #1 Ohio State wins the National Championship by stopping the #2 USC Trojans. O.J. Simpson experiences both the negative and the plus in a matchup of undefeated powers, 9-0-1 USC and 9-0 Ohio State that the Buckeyes win 27-16. O.J. runs 100 yards for a touchdown and gains 171 yards in 28 carries, but he also has a hand in five USC turnovers that help make Ohio State the national champion. Simpson fumbles the ball away twice and throws a pass interception, fatal miscues when added to quarterback Steve Sogge's fumble and interception. Ohio State wins with Rex Kern's expert quarterbacking, running and passing plus the blasts of Jim Otis and Leophus Hayden. One of the Trojan scores is a disputed "catch" by Sam Dickerson who already has lost the pigskin when the officials raise their arms. - (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


1969 Season

1969 Ole Miss vs Alabama - Added March, 2011

1969 Oklahoma vs Texas - rebroadcast - Added May, 2009

1969 Ohio State vs Purdue - radio broadcast and film merger (quality 9) - added May, 2009

(11-22-69) Michigan vs Ohio State - includes pregame - Added May, 2009

1970 Cotton Bowl - Notre Dame vs Texas - Radio Audio and Color Game Film merged DVD - Added March, 2009

(01-01-70) 1970 Rose Bowl - Michigan vs USC - Added May, 2009


1970 Season

(10-03-70) Penn St @ Wisconsin Badgers - silent b/w game film (40 mins) - added August, 2007

(12-31-70) 1970 Sugar Bowl - Mississippi vs Arkansas - Archie Manning - color (Quality 8.5) - Added June, 2011

1971 Orange Bowl - Nebraska vs LSU - Coach Bob Devaney's Nebraska Cornhuskers won their first of two consecutive national championships by virtue of a 17-12 win over LSU. Earlier in the day, top-ranked Texas was upset by Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl and number two-ranked Ohio State was shocked by Stanford and Jim Plunkett in the Rose. That left the door to the title wide open for the third-ranked 'Huskers. In a close game Nebraska showed its grit by regaining the lead with 8:50 left. On a fourth-and-one, quarterback Jerry Tagge was stopped inches short of the goal, but he stretched the ball over the line for the national title. It will go down as the greatest drive in Nebraska football history, capped by the greatest touchdown in Nebraska football history. Tagge wasn't the only Cornhusker to make big plays in the Orange Bowl. Senior Jerry Murtaugh, one of the all-time great linebackers at NU, was a terror to LSU's offense, particularly in the final eight minutes of the game. At the beginning of the year, Murtaugh brashly predicted that Nebraska would win the national championship in 1970. And, sophomore Willie Harper seemed to be in the LSU backfield more often than the Tiger skill position players. If any Nebraska player deserves credit for the Orange Bowl win, it is Joe Orduna. Against a defense that allowed only 50 yards a game on the ground, Orduna pushed, pounded, prodded and peppered his way for 63. The Huskers as a team put up 132 yards rushing, by far the most by any team against the powerful Bayou Bengal 'D'. Orduna's running in the fourth quarter, along with that Jeff Kinney, set Tagge up for his triumphant moment. - Added March, 2009


1971 Season

1971 Penn St @ Tennessee - Franco Harris and Lydell Mitchell - color (Quality 8) - Added June, 2011

(11-25-71) (#1) Nebraska @ (#2) Oklahoma - True College "Game of the Century" as #1 Nebraska beats #2 Oklahoma 35-31. Great Game!

1972 Rose Bowl - Michigan vs Stanford - With the score tied at 10, Stanford attempts to return missed FG but is tackled for a Safety giving undefeated Michigan shocking score and 12-10 lead with only minutes remaining. Stanford's defense holds the Wolverines to 3 & Out, where QB Don Bunce (24-44, 290yds) then completes 5 of 6 passes to frantically move the ball into position for game winning FG, 13-12, with only 16 seconds to go! (Quality 7.5)

1972 Orange Bowl - Nebraska vs Alabama - #1 Nebraska, showing it is one of the greatest college teams ever, dismantles Bear Bryant's #2 Alabama squad 38-6 to stake their claim as the best team ever! (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


1972 Season

(11/23/72) Nebraska vs Oklahoma - On Thanksgiving Day #4 Oklahoma from down 14-0 to #5 Nebraska via the air of all means to take 17-14 thriller! It was the first Big 8 loss for the Cornhuskers in 36 games - Added March, 2009

1973 Orange Bowl - Nebraska vs Notre Dame - Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers proved the award was justified by scoring four touchdowns and passing for another as ninth-ranked Nebraska smashed Notre Dame 40-6 in the 1973 Orange Bowl. Although he left the game in the third period with 81 yards rushing on 15 carries, Rodgers scored on runs of eight, four and five yards, galloped down the sidelines on a 50-yard touchdown pass play from quarterback David Humm and tossed a 52-yard scoring aerial to Frosty Anderson as the Cornhuskers rolled to their third consecutive Orange Bowl conquest. The defeat was the worst for the Irish since Ara Parseghian took over the Notre Dame coaching reins in 1964. Nebraska bested Notre Dame in just about every statistical category. The Huskers rolled up 560 yards total offense to Notre Dame’s 207. Nebraska had 300 yards on the ground and 260 through the air, while the Irish had 104 yards rushing and 103 yards passing. Notre Dame managed only 13 first downs to Nebraska’s 30. Humm completed 13 of 19 passes for 185 yards, while his Irish counterpart Tom Clements was successful on nine of 22 attempts for 103. In addition to his 81 yards rushing, Rodgers caught three passes for 71 yards. The victory proved a fitting end to the 11-year Nebraska career of head coach Bob Devaney. - Added March, 2009

1973 Rose Bowl - Ohio State vs USC - #1 USC Trojan fullback Sam "Bam" Cunningham powered in for four touchdowns as USC broke away from a 7-7 halftime tie to bury the #3 Ohio State Buckeyes 42-17. Trojan tailback Anthony Davis (157yds), QB Mike Rae (18-25, 225yds), and WR Lynn Swann (6-108yds) all shined. Few remember that Ohio State was very much in this game through the first two periods, owning a 2-1 edge in rushing yardage. But three turnovers doomed the OSU offense, which churned out 287 yards rushing lead by Freshman Archie Griffin. For USC, this squad would go down as probably the greatest college football team of all time! (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) 3 discs - added August 2007


1973 Season

(12-31-73) 1973 Sugar Bowl - Notre Dame vs Alabama - One of the most famous college games ever! Notre Dame reached into its' glorious past for a famous ingredient to engineer a thrilling 24-23 upset of Alabama Monday night. The names of standout Notre Dame quarterbacks roll off the tongue in rapid-fire succession, Lujack, Lattner, Guglielmi, Hanratty, Huarte- and now you can add Tom Clements to the list. Clements, a 6-fooot, 189-pound junior, who just might be the most underrated quarterback in the nation, was the man who spoiled another New Year for Alabama's Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, and he did it with a boldness characteristic of past Irish quarterbacks. Notre Dame had many heroes in conquering the previously unbeaten Crimson Tide. There was freshman Al Hunter, who ran a kickoff back a record 93 yards for a second quarter touchdown (video), kicker Bob Thomas, whose 19-yard field goal with 4:26 remaining was the game winner, and a hard-nosed defense that held the Crimson Tide well under its season average of 481 yards in total offense. But, in the final analysis it was Clements who was the difference. He not only gained 74 yards rushing and an additional 169 passing, but he continually came up with the big play when it appeared Alabama was going to take command of the game. Example No. 1- In Notre Dame s first touchdown drive in the first quarter, Clements exploits Alabama Over the middle with three passes to split end Pete Demmerle covering 59 yards of a 64-yard drive. Example No. 2—Alabama has gone ahead 23-21 early in the fourth quarter on a 25-yard razzle-dazzle pass play from running back Mike Stock to quarterback Richard Todd and appears to have taken charge. But, Notre Dame, beginning on its own 19, moves behind the running and passing of Clements to the Alabama two in only 10 plays and Thomas culminates the drive with his climactic field goal. In that drive Clements personally accounts for 47 yards with 17 yards rushing and a 30-yard pass to tight end Dave Casper. Example No. 3—Time is running out and Alabama has Notre Dame backed up to its own two-yard line in a third-and-eight situation. If Notre Dame is forced to punt, the Tide would have excellent field position and might move in for a game winning field goal. Clements backs into his own end zone and throws a 35-yard pass to Robin Weber. First down, Notre Dame. It was probably the most exciting game ever played in the Sugar Bowl and a record crowd of 85,161 at Tulane Stadium got their money's worth as the lead changed hands six times. For Notre Dame the victory was extremely sweet. It enabled the Irish to complete their first perfect season in 25 years. Notre Dame finished the season 11-0 while Alabama was 11-1. - Added March, 2009


1974 Season

(12-31-74) 1974 Sugar Bowl - Nebraska vs Florida - Added March, 2009

(01-01-75) 1975 Orange Bowl - Alabama vs Notre Dame - Alabama and Notre Dame locked horns again. Although the stakes weren't as high (only Alabama was ranked number one, undefeated and looking for a national championship), the atmosphere was just as electric and frenzied as the 1973 Sugar Bowl. And this game was to be Ara Parseghian's last as head coach at Notre Dame. After 11 successful seasons and two national championships, he was hanging up his coach’s playbook. The Fighting Irish, though decided underdogs with their 9-2 ledger, gave Parseghian a proper going-away present, a 13-11 victory that denied the Tide the national title for the second straight year and gave Alabama and coach Paul ‘‘Bear’’ Bryant its eighth consecutive non-win in bowl competition. Alabama got the ball back with just under two minutes remaining. Needing only a field goal to avenge the 24-23 loss in the ’73 Sugar Bowl, Todd tossed to Schamun for a 16- yard gain and to Randy Billinsley for an eight-yard reception. But Reggie Barnett intercepted Todd’s next throw and sealed the verdict in favor of the Irish. It proved to be a fitting finale for Parseghian, who downplayed the emotional impact of his last game as Irish head coach. "I told the players before the game that I’d like to win this last one,’’ he said. ‘‘But I told them they didn’t owe me anything. They owed it to themselves, and they won it that way. We won as a team and we lost as a team. That’s the way I told them to look at the game.’’ Ara Parseghian went out a winner. Notre Dame wouldn’t have had it any other way. - Added March, 2009


1975 Season

(09-06-75) Ole Miss vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast on CD - Added May, 2009

(09-20-75) LSU vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast on CD - Added May, 2009

(10-04-75) Kansas St vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast merged with coaches film on DVD - Upgraded March, 2011

(10-11-75) Texas Tech vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast merged with coaches film on DVD - Upgraded March, 2011

(10-18-75) TCU vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast on CD - Added May, 2009

(10-25-75) Baylor vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast on CD - Added May, 2009

(11-08-75) SMU vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast merged with coaches film on DVD - Upgraded March, 2011

(11-08-75) Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech - Famous 'Rudy Game'. (No sound - all dead-ball situations are edited) - Added March, 2011

(11-28-75) Texas vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast on CD - Added May, 2009

(12??-75) Arkansas vs Texas A&M - original radio broadcast on CD - partial game - Added March, 2009

(12-31-75) 1975 Sugar Bowl - Alabama vs Penn State - radio broadcast and film merger - Added May, 2009

1976 Rose Bowl - (#1) Ohio State vs UCLA - The UCLA Bruins said they had something to prove in the Rose Bowl New Year's Day- not to themselves, but to everyone else. Coach Dick Vermeil bitterly attacked some critics who said the Bruins did not belong in the Rose Bowl against Ohio State, saying, "I'd like to tell them to go to hell!" The motivation rallied UCLA and cost #1 Ohio State, lead by two time Heisman Trophy Winner Archie Griffin, a national crown. This was one of the most crushing defeats in Woody Hayes' career. On paper, it should have worked out that way, especially against a UCLA squad OSU had already squashed 41-20 during the regular season. The Bucks dominated the first half, but managed just a 3-0 edge at intermission. The Bruins seized the opportunity and compiled an incredible 366 yards in the second half alone! Ohio State closed to within 16-10 in the fourth quarter, but two QB Cornelius Greene interceptions and UCLA’s Wendell Tyler's (21-172-1) 54-yard touchdown run late in the final period put the game away 23-10 for the Bruins

(01-01-76) 1976 Orange Bowl - Oklahoma vs Michigan - (National Championship Game) - Oklahoma wins Barry Switzer's 1st national championship with win & losses by No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 Texas A&M - Added May, 2009


1976 Season

(11-06-76) Georgia vs Florida - #7 Georgia takes down #10 Florida in the annual "Cocktail Party". QB Ray Goff (124yds & 3tds Rushing) was the difference for the Bulldogs as he lead stirring comeback, with a big assist from RB Kevin McLee (198yds). Florida did get two TD receptions from future All Pro WR Wes Chandler. - JIP with 2 minutes remaining in 2nd Qtr - added December, 2007

(01-01-77) 1977 Sugar Bowl - #1 Pittsburgh vs #4 Georgia - Tony Dorsett stars for Pitt - Georgia played a 6-2 defense just to stop Dorsett in the game which left one on one coverage on the outside. - Includes commercials and half (Quality 7.5) - Added August, 2011


1977 Season

(01-02-78) 1978 Cotton Bowl - #1 Texas vs #5 Notre Dame - For the fourth time in history, Texas came to the Cotton Bowl equipped with the nation’s No. 1 ranking and a spotless season record. The Longhorns rolled through the SWC race with ease to win their first championship in four seasons. When it came time to tender bowl invitations, fifth-ranked Notre Dame, without hesitation, turned down all others to come to Dallas with the avowed intention of beating the Longhorns and propelling themselves to yet another national championship. This classic was a headline attraction. It featured college football’s Heisman Trophy winner- Earl Campbell, the Outland Trophy winner- Brad Shearer, both of Texas; the Lombardi and Maxwell Award winner- Ross Browner, and the Walter Camp Award winner- Ken MacAfee, both of Notre Dame. As a junior, Browner was awarded the Outland as the season's outstanding interior lineman. Six major individual awards, along with the country’s top ranked team and No. 5 Notre Dame, all rolled into one New Year’s Day Classic. On paper, Texas had the edge in every department, a team with more ways than one to deliver a knockout punch. Campbell was a franchise running back. Of his 1,744 yards gained that season, more than a thousand of them came after he had been hit at least once. Durable and hard to bring down was his trademark. - Added March, 2009


1978 Season

(12-02-78) Georgia Tech @ Georgia - added December, 2007

(12-29-78) 1978 Gator Bowl - #20 Ohio State vs #7 Clemson - Woody Hayes punches Clemson player The Clemson team of 1978 was notable for many reasons, not the least of which was a 17-15 victory over Ohio State in the Gator Bowl. The '78 team won 11 games (eight by convincing margins), had the nation's longest winning streak after the bowl game and changed head coaches 19 days before the Gator Bowl. With 8:11 left in the game, Art Schlichter scored his second touchdown to bring Ohio State within two points. Jim Stuckey tackled Schlichter on a sweep to prevent the two-point play, and Clemson still led at 17-15. Ohio State mounted one final drive. Faced with third-and-five at the Clemson 24, an interception by second-team middle guard Charlie Bauman (the only theft of his four-year career) killed the drive. Bauman was run out-of-bounds on the Ohio State sideline, and Buckeye coach Woody Hayes swung at the Clemson player. Consecutive unsportsmanlike conduct penalties gave Clemson excellent field position, and Fuller was able to run out the clock, giving Clemson its first win over a Big Ten team. Woody Hayes made the worst mistake of his legendary career: The 65-year-old Ohio State coach slugged an opposing player. The morning after the 17-15 defeat, Hayes was fired. He never coached again. He also never apologized to Bauman for hitting him. - 2nd disc includes Clemson coaches show.

(12-31-78) Bluebonnet Bowl - Georgia vs Stanford - added December, 2007

1979 Sugar Bowl - (#2) Alabama vs (#1) Penn State - Whoa, Nellie! Keith Jackson, who's forgotten far more about college football than we'll ever know, says it's one of the greatest games he's seen. No. 2 Alabama vs. No. 1 Penn State and a crowd of 76,824 at the Superdome. It's a defensive battle. The Tide leads 14-7 with less than five minutes left in the game. Penn State forces a fumble, and recovers on Alabama's 19. The Nittany Lions move quickly to the eight. Then comes "The Goal Line Stand." Penn State runs three times, and is stopped inches from the end zone. Jackson's call: "Fourth down and a foot separating top-ranked Penn State from a possible national championship. Fusina hands to Guman. He didn't make it! He didn't make it! What an unbelievable goal line stand by Alabama!" There are still four minutes remaining, and Penn State gets another chance, but Alabama holds on for the 14-7 victory. (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)

1979 Cotton Bowl - #9 Houston vs #10 Notre Dame - "The Chicken Soup Game" Joe Montana's most famous college comeback! The city of Dallas is encased in ice, as players prepare for the game and in addition to the cold and ice, there is an 18-30 mph wind on game day. Notre Dame QB Joe Montana would wake up suffering from the flu, but still do his best to play. He boldly took the Irish to a 12-0 first-quarter lead. Houston uses its second-quarter wind advantage to pile up 20 unanswered points. In the third quarter, Houston adds another 14, as Montana stays in the locker room, struggling to stay warm. With the score 34-12, there seems no reason for him to go back outside. "We knew for a fact people were clicking off their TVs all over the country," Notre Dame center Dave Huffman recalled. "You could hear the ratings drop every time Houston went up another point." But Montana did go back outside, and here the Montana legend began. Not much happens until Notre Dame's Steve Cichy grabs a Cougar punt blocked by Tom Belden and scampers 33 yards for a TD. Montana connects with Vagas Ferguson on a two-point conversion to bring the Irish within two TDs with 7:25 left. On their next possession, Notre Dame drives 61 yards with Montana running the last three into the end zone, then throws for another successful two-point conversion with 4:15 remaining. 34-28. There it remains, until the Irish get the ball for a final chance. With the clock reading :00, Montana connects with Kris Haines on an eight-yard TD pass, and walk-on kicker Joe Unis nails the PAT. Notre Dame 35, Houston 34. What revived the sick and cold Notre Dame QB? Chicken soup. It was a magical combo, wrote Steve Wulf in Time, "an Italian leading the Irish to triumph thanks to a traditional Jewish remedy."

(01-01-79) 1979 Rose Bowl - USC vs Michigan - Frustration continues for Bo Schembechler who loses his fifth straight Rose Bowl game, this time with another 10-1 Michigan team that succumbs to John Robinson's 11-1 USC Trojans 17-10. Overthrows by Michigan's Rick Leach lead to two USC interceptions by Ronnie Lott and Dennis Smith and 10 points on a Paul McDonald to Hoby Brenner touchdown pass and a 35-yard Frank Jordan field goal. The touchdown that gives USC its winning margin is a disputed one by Charles White who is stripped of the ball by Ron Simpkins while attempting to cross the goal line with Michigan's Mark Braman recovering on the one. It is ruled a touchdown even though many observers feel White crossed the goal line but the ball didn't. The victory makes USC's all-time Rose Bowl record 16-6, while also gving the Trojans a share of National Championship. - Added March, 2008


1979 Season

(01-01-80) 1980 Rose Bowl - Ohio State vs USC - #3 USC over undefeated and #1 Ohio State 17-16 with thrilling late game drive lead by Heisman Trophy winner RB Charles White who ran for 247 yards in 39 carries, an iron man extraordinary. (Quality 8.0)

(01-01-80) 1980 Sugar Bowl - Alabama vs Arkansas - Added March, 2009

(01-01-80) 1980 Orange Bowl - Oklahoma vs Florida State - Added May, 2009


1980 Season

(12-19-80) 1980 Holiday Bowl - BYU vs SMU - BYU scores 21 in final 2:33 in incredible comeback. Jim McMahon's amazing Hail Mary to Clay Brown as time expires completes 4th quarter comeback from 45-25 down to beat Eric Dickerson and SMU - The Mustangs owned the ground in this game, as Craig James is on his way to a 225-yard, 3-TD game and Eric Dickerson's racking up 110 yards and two TDs. McMahon completes 32 of 49 for 446 yards and four TDs.

(01-01-81) 1981 Sugar Bowl - Georgia vs Notre Dame - Added March, 2009

(01-01-81) 1981 Orange Bowl - Oklahoma vs Florida State - Added May, 2009


1981 Season

(09-12-81) #1 Michigan @ Wisconsin - Wisconsin upsets #1 Michigan - full game. Merged first half and original broadcast for 2nd half - Upgraded March, 2011

(09-12-81) Cincinnati @ Penn St - Added May, 2009

(09-26-81) Penn St @ Nebraska - Added October, 2008

(10-03-81) Temple @ Penn St - Added May, 2009

(10-03-81) Purdue @ Wisconsin - 4 discs - added October, 2007

(10-10-81) Penn St vs Boston College - Added October, 2008

(10-17-81) Penn St @ Syracuse - Added October, 2008

(10-24-81) Penn St vs West Virginia - Added October, 2008

(10-31-81) Penn St @ Miami - JIP BY ABC EARLY IN FIRST QUARTER (0-0) - Added May, 2009

(11-07-81) Penn St @ NC State - Added May, 2009

(11-14-81) Alabama @ Penn St - Added May, 2009

(11-14-81) Iowa @ Wisconsin - Added October, 2008

(11-21-81) Penn St vs Notre Dame - Added October, 2008

(11-28-81) Penn St @ Pittsburgh - Added May, 2009

(12-13-81) 1981 Garden State Bowl - Wisconsin Badgers vs Tennessee Volunteers - Reggie White, Tim Krumrie, Randy Wright, Al Toon, Willie Gault just to name a few who played in this game. (Quality 8) Upgraded March, 2011

(01-01-82) 1982 Rose Bowl - #12 Washington Huskies vs #13 Iowa Hawkeyes - Washington Huskies, lead by QB Steve Peuller, take surprisingly easy 28-0 win over a tough Iowa Hawkeye squad lead by LB Andre Tippett - added August, 2007

(01-01-82) 1982 Fiesta Bowl - #7 Penn St vs #8 USC - Added October, 2008

(01-01-82) 1982 Orange Bowl - Clemson vs. Nebraska - (National Championship) - Added March, 2009


1982 Season

(10-23-82) Illinois @ Wisconsin - added October, 2007

(10-31-82) Notre Dame @ Navy - Replay - Added May, 2009

(11-20-82) California vs Stanford - The band is on the field! - John Elway QB's Stanford to what looks like a win until the final Kick off return and then the fun starts. Unbelievable ending. A

(11-26-82) #3 Nebraska vs #11 Oklahoma - Nebraska wrapped up its second-straight Big Eight title and Orange Bowl bid with a fiercely-contested, 28-24 win over Oklahoma before its 124th consecutive sellout and a national television (CBS) audience — but not until defensive end Scott Strasburger's interception with 26 seconds left killed a last-gasp Sooner effort. Mark Dupree rushed for 149 yards for the Sooners in the loss. - Added June, 2009

(11-26-82) #5 Pittsburgh @ #2 Penn State - Dan Marino - A

(11-27-82) Notre Dame @ USC - Added March, 2009

(12-11-82) 1982 Independence Bowl - Wisconsin Badgers vs Kansas State - original broadcast - Quality 9 - 4 DVDs - Added March, 2011

(01-01-83) 1983 Orange Bowl - LSU Tigers vs Nebraska Cornhuskers - Added May, 2011

(01-01-83) 1983 Sugar Bowl - #2 Penn State vs #1 Georgia - (National Championship) - Amid the incessant woofs of human beings imitating bulldogs and the roars of proud Pennsylvanians who had painted their faces with blue lions' paws, the word most often heard throughout New Orleans all week long before Saturday's Sugar Bowl game was Walker, Walker, Walker. The thousands of Georgia fans took it as gospel that Herschel Walker, the Bulldogs' Heisman Trophy-winning junior tailback, was unstoppable, a man among boys -- and little else mattered. In the 35 games Walker had played for Georgia, the Bulldogs had won 33 and lost two, both of them a season ago, sandwiched between two undefeated campaigns -- the first culminating in a national championship with a win over Notre Dame in the '81 Sugar Bowl, the latest dawggone sure to wind up with another Sugar Bowl victory and another title. Penn State had other ideas. When the Nittany Lions had won, 27-23, and the woofing had finally stopped, members of the Penn State band ringing the Lions' bus outside the Superdome chanted "Walker Lee! Walker Lee!" for their heroic defensive end, while the other Walker skulked off nearly unnoticed into the darkness, his pride and his right shoulder somewhat out of joint from the beating he had taken. Inside the Dome during the preceding hours a great football game had been played, only the sixth postseason matchup of a No. 1 team (Georgia) and a No. 2 team (Penn State) since the Associated Press Poll began in 1936. Earlier in the week in response to a remark by Ashley that Penn State was going to "make Herschel mighty sore," Walker had said, "Talk is cheap. If everyone got paid for talking we'd have a lot of rich people in the world." And then Herschel went right on talking. "A lot of people look forward to tackling me," he said. "If I was a defensive player, I'd look forward to tackling myself. I can dish out more punishment than a defensive guy can dish out on me." The record certainly substantiated Walker's claim, solidly enough to keep Coach Joe Paterno, in search of his first national championship in 17 years as head coach at Penn State, fretting and squirming right up until kickoff time, then restlessly pacing the sideline until the game was over. A friend invited into the Nittany Lions' locker room before the opening kickoff tried to ease Paterno's obvious tension by asking him what he thought Herschel might do on his first few carries. "Hey, are you kidding?" said Paterno. "If we knew that we wouldn't be sitting here fidgeting." As it turned out, Penn State knew exactly what Walker was going to do, and how to stop him. In the Sugar Bowl the Lions unfolded what they call the "Magic Defense" -- as in "now you see it, now you don't." Lineman and linebackers shifted into various configurations, sometimes showing an eight-man front, sometimes a five or a six. They switched from a nose to gap alignments, and at times as few as two defenders got down into a four-point stance, forcing the Georgia linemen to recalculate their timing and blocking angles while trying to remember their assignments and the count. ... On Saturday, three prides of Lions hit the real Walker hard and hit him often. The first wave, led by Ashley and Greg Gattuso up front, stripped away Walker's blocking and tried to keep his movements lateral -- "east-west and not north-south" said Tackle Dave Opfar -- and made the initial hit whenever possible. Scott Radecic and the other punishing linebackers in the second wave tried to hold Walker up so that the third wave, led by Safety Mark Robinson, could complete the mission. Meanwhile, the Penn State defenders had to keep in mind that Georgia could go other ways if it had to -- "only as a last resort," Bulldog coach Vince Dooley admitted before the game -- to Fullback Chris McCarthy, of instance, or, if things got really tough, to the air via the arm of Quarterback John Lastinger. The result? Walker was held to 107 yards on 28 carries, his lowest one-game output since his freshman season, with the exception of this season's opening game against Clemson in which Walker, nursing a broken thumb, was used mainly as a decoy. Moreover, Walker's longest run against Penn State was only 12 yards. Except for the Clemson game, he had run at least once for 14 yards or more in every game of his career, going all the way back to his debut as an 18-year-old freshman. ... Trailing 27-23, Georgia, which could have tied only with a subsequent field goal, tried a two-point conversion. "A tie wasn't going to do either team any good," said Dooley. Who got the call was no surprise, nor from the way things had been going, who won the play: Walker Lee applied the first hit that kept Herschel Walker out of the end zone. Curt Warner, in agony and exhausted, will forever remember the feeling he had when he knew the game was safe. "I looked up, and right then it hit me that we're the national champion. That this is what we've been playing for, and now we've got it." Next, pandemonium. Fans, photographers and players from both teams swarmed around Paterno, at one point knocking his glasses off. There simply cannot be another coach in America who deserves a national championship more than he, nor can there be any doubt about this Penn State team's credentials. "They are one of the three best teams I've seen in 19 years of coaching," said Dooley, the others being Nebraska of 1969 and Pittsburgh of 1976. Still, Paterno insisted -- "for the nine thousandth time" -- that in his mind his undefeated teams of 1968, 1969 and 1973 were champions as well, even if they weren't voted to the top spot in the polls. "Being No. 1 is important to our fans and our kids, but not to me," he said. "What about the playoff system for college football that Paterno has been advocating for years? "Next year let there be a playoff," he said. "This year let's vote. - Added March, 2009


1983 Season

(11-05-83) Iowa @ Wisconsin - Added October, 2008

(01-02-84) 1984 Orange Bowl - (#4)Miami 31 vs. (#1)Nebraska 30 - One of College FB's all time biggest upsets The 12-0 Cornhuskers come into the Orange Bowl averaging 52 points a game, and some say they're the best team in college football history. But the 11-1 Hurricanes are playing in the here and now, and take a 17-0 lead in the first quarter. Midway through the fourth quarter, Miami, led by QB Bernie Kosar, still leads, 31-17. Nebraska comes back in a stunning fashion. Jeff Smith scores two TDs, including a 24-yarder on fourth-and-eight, to make it 31-30 with 48 seconds remaining. Huskers coach Tom Osbourne calls for a two-point conversion attempt. "We wanted an undefeated season and a clear-cut championship. I don't think we should go for the tie in that case. It never entered my head," he says. The attempt fails when a Turner Gill pass is knocked down by Ken Calhoun. The Hurricanes, 11 1/2-point underdogs, win the game and the national title. If Nebraska had played it safe and kicked the PAT, a tie would have likely kept them atop both polls. But they end up ranked No. 2. Says Osbourne, "I guess I'm not very smart." - (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


1984 Season

(10-27-84) Ohio St. @ Wisconsin - Added October, 2008

(11-03-84) Wisconsin @ Iowa - Added March, 2011

(11-10-84) Maryland vs Miami - Frank Reich Comeback - In a game that is considered by many as the greatest comeback in college football history, Maryland QB Frank Reich foretells the future ('92 AFC WC Bills Miracle Comeback) by leading the Terrapins back from a 31-0 halftime deficit to defeat the defending national champion Miami Hurricanes 42-40 at the Orange Bowl. Reich was close to perfect in Maryland’s 42-point second half explosion, completing 12 of 15 passes for 260 yards, throwing 3 TD passes and rushing for another. Miami QB Bernie Kosar sparked the Canes to a 31-0 halftime lead rushing for one touchdown and throwing for three more scores - Added October, 2008

(11-23-84) #10 Boston College 47 vs. (#12)Miami 45 - Doug Flutie's famous Hail Mary on last play leads Boson College 47-45 over Miami and QB Bernie Kosar. Just a tremendous offensive contest with non stop back & forth action as the two teams combine for over 600 yards each, and both Kosar and Flutie throw for well over 400 yards!

(12-21-84) 1984 Holiday Bowl - BYU vs Michigan , Jerome Heavens gained 101 yards and Vagas Ferguson an even 100, while for Texas Campbell picked up 116 yards. When the game was over, the two teams had virtually traded places in the national rankings. The Fighting Irish vaulted to the No. 1 spot, while the Longhorns fell to fourth, marking the seventh time the national championship had been won or lost at the Cotton Bowl. - Trailing Michigan 17-0 with nothing going right, BYU’s beat up QB Robbie Bosco pulls off miracle comeback in guiding the Cougars to 24 unanswered points, the 24-17 win, a perfect 13-0 record, and the National Championship! - (Quality 9.5)

(12-29-84) 1984 Hall of Fame Bowl - Kentucky vs Wisconsin - Added October, 2008

1985 Fiesta Bowl - Miami vs UCLA - Bruins kick winning FG with :51 seconds left in a back and forth game - Added March, 2009

1985 Orange Bowl - Washington vs Oklahoma - Boomer Schooner/Boz - Added March, 2009


1985 Season

1985 Michigan State vs. Iowa - thrilling finish, the Chuck Long "naked bootleg" game - Added May, 2011

(10-19-85) (#2) Michigan @ (#1) Iowa - #1 Iowa holds onto that rank by beating #2 Michigan at home 12-10 on last second field goal that ended a great game - A

(11-16-85) Wisconsin @ Ohio St. - Added October, 2008

(11-30-85) Alabama vs Auburn - Added May, 2009

(01-01-86) 1986 Cotton Bowl - Texas A&M vs Auburn - Bo Jackson - rebroadcast - Added March, 2009

(01-01-86) 1986 Sugar Bowl - (#2)Miami vs. (#8)Tennessee - Tennessee spoils Miami’s shot at 2nd National Championship - Added May, 2011

(01-01-86) 1986 Orange Bowl - #1 Penn State vs #3 Oklahoma - Oklahoma scored 16 second-quarter points and shut out top-ranked Penn State in the second half as it won its third national championship in the Orange Bowl. After giving up seven on the Lions' opening drive on a short Tim Manoa run, the Sooner defense shut down Penn State. After Tim Lashar kicked the first of his four field goals early in the second period to make it 7-3, the momentum swung to Oklahoma. Jamelle Holieway, who would engineer six scoring drives, found All-America tight end Keith Jackson for a 71-yard touchdown pass on a third-and-24 play. Lashar added a pair of field goals before State's Massimo Manca kicked a 27-yarder with one second left in the half that made it 16-10. The Sooners' top-ranked defense took over in the second half while Lashar scored again and fullback Lydell Carr scampered 61 yards to make the final 25-10. Oklahoma’s defense was lead Brian Bosworth (13 solo tackles) while the Sooners secondary picked off four Penn State passes. - (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) - Added March, 2009


1986 Season

(11-15-86) Ohio St. @ Wisconsin - Added October, 2008

1986 Holiday Bowl - San Diego St vs. Iowa - Iowa comeback, last second FG for Iowa win - Added May, 2011

(01-02-87) 1987 Fiesta Bowl - (#1) Miami vs (#2) Penn State - In the next "Game of the Century," the largest television audience in college football history watches as the undefeated and #1 Miami Hurricanes battle the undefeated and #2 Penn State Nittany Lions in the Fiesta Bowl for the national championship. The game garnered a 25.1 television rating, with an average of 21,940,000 viewers watching the NBC telecast per minute. Of the two teams, Miami had the starpower, as it was led by Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Vinny Testaverde, running back Alonzo Highsmith, and defensive tackle Jerome Brown, all of whom would be selected within the first nine picks of that April's NFL Draft. Miami was seldom challenged during the regular season and was considered a prohibitive favorite over the gritty Nittany Lions. Tensions between the teams were heightened when Miami players attended a Fiesta Bowl barbecue held days before the game dressed in fatigues. The game played out in surprising fashion. Miami's offense had little trouble moving the ball, yet the vaunted Penn State defense was able to pressure Testaverde enough (four sacks) that the Hurricanes committed a whopping seven turnovers (five interceptions, two fumbles). Miami scored first to take a 7-0 lead, but Penn State would answer with a touchdown of its own to tie it up at 7 at halftime. Miami added a field goal early in the fourth quarter to take a 10-7 lead, but momentum swung when Penn State linebacker Shane Conlan intercepted a pass from Testaverde and returned it 38 yards to the Miami 5. D.J. Dozier would then score on a six-yard run to give Penn State its first lead of the night at 14-10. The score was still 14-10 when Miami took over at its own 23 with just over 3 minutes left. Testaverde was masterful on the drive, converting a key 4th-and-six pass from Miami's own 27 to Brian Blades for a 31-yard gain and at one point completing six straight passes on the drive to take the Canes all the way down to the Penn State 6 with just 18 seconds remaining in the game. But on the next play, Penn State fooled Testaverde when the Lions decided to drop eight men back in pass coverage and rushed just three. Testaverde failed to read the coverage and his pass was intercepted at the goal line by linebacker Pete Giftopoulos, sealing the upset win for Penn State - (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


1987 Season

(11-14-87) Iowa @ Ohio State - A

(09-18-87) Utah @ Wisconsin - added November, 2007

(10-10-87) Iowa Hawkeyes vs Wisconsin Badgers - added August, 2007

(10-03-87) (#3) Miami Hurricanes @ (#4) Florida State - In a game FULL of future pro's (such as Michael Irvin vs. Deion Sanders), #3 Miami rallies from way down to pull off thrilling 26-25 win over arch rival #4 Florida State when Seminole Coach Bowden goes for two and it fails! Classic great game!!

1988 Orange Bowl - #2 Miami vs #1 Oklahoma - (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) - #1 vs #2 matchup which sees Jimmy Johnson employ a new strategy to stop the wishbone. Play linebackers at defensive ends, safeties at outside linebackers, and use track stars in the secondary to effectively use speed to shut down the wishbone for good. Complete game from the Orange Bowl! - NBC - Don Criqui - Bob Trumpy - added December, 2007


1988 Season

(09-17-88) Florida St. Seminoles vs Clemson Tigers - Deion Sanders' called touchdown on a punt return to beat Clemson in 1988. - Added May, 2011

(10-08-88) Wisconsin Badgers vs Iowa Hawkeyes - added August, 2007

(10-15-88) Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Miami fails to convert on last second 2 point conversion - CSTV rebroadcast (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011

(11-05-88) (#8) Oklahoma vs (#12) Oklahoma State - Despite Barry Sanders going for 200+ yards Oklahoma State loses 31-28 to arch rival Oklahoma when receiver drops last minute game winning pass in the end zone! - B+

(12-23-88) 1988 Independence Bowl - Southern Mississippi vs UTEP - A young QB named Brett Favre leads Southern Mississippi to win over Texas El Paso

(12-30-88) 1988 Holiday Bowl - (#12) Oklahoma State vs (#15) Wyoming 64-14 - Barry Sanders gets 222 Yards & 5 TDs as Oklahoma State beats Wyoming 62-14 - B+

(01-02-89) 1989 Fiesta Bowl - #1 Notre Dame vs #3 West Virginia - Notre Dame returns to glory by winning the National Championship Just like this season, Miami's eyes were focused elsewhere during bowl season 12 years ago. On Jan. 2, 1989, the 'Canes geared up to watch the Fiesta Bowl, looking for a glimmer of hope that they could still win the national championship, when they played Nebraska in the Orange Bowl later that night. Miami lost to Notre Dame in October when Jimmy Johnson chose to go for two in South Bend and failed. It vaulted the Irish to No. 1, and a win over No. 3 West Virginia in Tempe would clinch Notre Dame's first national title in 11 years. Miami's hopes of forcing voters into choosing a champion between West Virginia and Miami came to naught as the Irish prevailed 34-21 on the strength of quarterback Tony Rice and a punishing defense. Of course, leading up to the game, Lou Holtz insisted his team couldn't pass the ball and that Rice wasn't a good thrower. "I don't argue with Coach Holtz," Rice said, tongue in cheek after the game. "If he says we can't throw, we can't throw." Instead, Rice outdueled West Virginia's Major Harris by completing 7-of-11 passes for 213 yards and two touchdowns. "For a guy who wasn't supposed to be able to throw, he looked all right to me," said West Virginia coach Don Nehlen. Harris had been the force behind the Mountaineers' surprise run at the national title. But on the third play of the game, Michael Stonebreaker and Jeff Alm separated his left shoulder with a harsh hit on an option play. It was his non-passing arm and did not force him to miss any time, but the sophomore quarterback was never the same. "It definitely affected my scrambling," said Harris, who ran for only 11 yards and passed for 166. "I think on certain plays, I was thinking about my shoulder. Every time I landed on it, I could feel the pain." While Harris battled his injury, Rice was moving Notre Dame up and down the field. Before the Mountaineers could muster a single first down, Rice had the Irish leading 16-0 on a Billy Hackett field goal and touchdown runs by Anthony Johnson and Rodney Culver more than five minutes into the second quarter (video). With two minutes remaining in the first half, Rice connected with Raghib "Rocket" Ismail for 29 yards and another score. Although WVU hit a field goal on the last play of the half, the Irish held a commanding 23-6 lead at the break. The lead was 26-6 when West Virginia mounted its final rally. Harris directed a 74-yard drive capped off by a 17-yard TD pass to Grantis Bell that cut the lead to 26-13 with 3:32 remaining in the third quarter. Harris then looked to capitalize on Rice's lone mistake of the day -- a pass intercepted by Willie Edwards -- that gave the Mountaineers the ball on the Irish 26. The Notre Dame defense had a different agenda. On first down, Flash Gordon dropped Harris for a two-yard loss on an option play. On second down, Stan Smagala deflected a pass in the end zone. On third down, Frank Stams and Arnold Ale sacked Harris for a 12-yard loss that knocked West Virginia out of field goal range. "Disaster," said Nehlen, whose offense was limited to 282 yards after averaging 482.7 yards and 42.9 points per game during the season. "That was the turning point. Had we put something on the board there, we're in business. That was a monster." Rice promptly delivered the final blow to West Virginia's national championship hopes. After he ran 15 yards on a QB draw, Rice hit flanker Ricky Watters with a 57-yard pass that set up a 3-yard TD toss to Frank Jacobs. After Rice ran in for the 2-point conversion, the Irish held an insurmountable 34-13 lead. The Fiesta Bowl victory completed Holtz's masterpiece, and returned Notre Dame to the top. - Added March, 2009


1989 Season

(09-03-89) Southern Mississippi vs Florida State - Favre leads Southern Miss to huge upset win over the Seminoles

(10-28-89) Washington @ UCLA - Added March, 2009

(11-18-89) Wisconsin @ Ohio St - Added October, 2008

(11-25-89) Ohio St @ Michigan - added December, 2007

(01-01-90) 1990 Sugar Bowl - (#2) Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes vs. (#7) Alabama Crimson Tide - (National Championship) - Miami wins their 3rd National Championship - Added May, 2011


1990 Season

(09-16-90) Southern Mississippi @ Alabama - Favre leads Southern Miss to huge upset - upgraded October, 2007

(10-06-90) Colorado vs Missouri - Colorado completes 15 play, 88 yard drive to beat Missouri 33-31 scoring on a controversial 5th Down on the last play! Buffs RB Eric Bieniemy (29-217-1 & 4-26rec) is huge. - Readded March, 2011

(10-13-90) Wisconsin Badgers @ Iowa Hawkeyes - added August, 2007

(12-28-90) 1990 All-American Bowl - NC State vs Southern Miss - Brett Favre's last college game with Southern Mississippi

(01-01-91) 1991 Orange Bowl - Notre Dame vs Colorado - The 1991 Colorado Buffaloes, a team of comebacks and controversy, overcame the loss of top quarterback Darian Hagan to earn its first national championship with a 10-9 victory over Notre Dame in the 57th annual Federal Express Orange Bowl. Colorado's Eric Bieniemy led both teams as he gained 86 tough yards on the ground and 19 yards through the air and scored the Buffaloes lone touchdown. But the MVP was back-up quarterback Charles S. Johnson, who completed all three of his passes for 32 yards in a third-quarter drive that led to Bieniemy's one-yard dive into the end zone--the eventual winning score. The most exciting part of the game was still to come, however. Trailing 10-9 with 43 seconds remaining, Notre Dame's Raghib "Rocket" Ismail broke the Colorado punt coverage and ran 91 yards for the winning score, only to have it nullified by a late clipping penalty. Five plays later, frustrated Notre Dame quarterback Rick Mirer threw his third interception of the day. Colorado defensive back Deon Figures grabbed the ball to seal the Colorado victory. The Buffs took an early 3-0 advantage on a 33-yard Jim Harper field goal, but a Ricky Watters 2-yard run gave Notre Dame a 6-3 lead before halftime. The outlook seemed bleak for Colorado as Hagan ruptured the tendon in his knee on the last play of the half as he scrambled for a 5-yard gain. Notre Dame running backs Tony Brooks and Watters, who ran for 46 and 44 yards, respectively, each fumbled on consecutive third-quarter possessions. From there, the Colorado defense took over and kept the Fighting Irish out of scoring range the rest of the way. Colorado special teams restricted the usually sure-footed Craig Hentrich to one field goal on three attempts and they blocked his second-quarter PAT attempt, which eventually spelled the one-point difference in the game. Colorado, 11-1-1, was voted the national champion by both the CNN/USA Today and Associated Press polls. (Split National Championship) - Added December, 2008


1991 Season

(11-16-91) (#2) Miami @ (#1) Florida State - (Wide Right I) The original classic - #2 Miami beats bitter rival #1 Florida State 17-16 in the "Wide Right" game! Trailing 16-7 heading into the fourth quarter on the road, the Hurricanes scored 10 points to take a 17-16 lead, only to see the Seminole's drive the field to set up last second game winning field goal, only Florida State kicker Gerry Thomas missed the 34-yard field goal attempt that went wide to the right as Coach Bobby Bowden is shown being first elated before turning bewildered and dismayed at the kick missing.

(01-01-92) 1992 Rose Bowl - Washington vs Michigan - Added March, 2009

(01-01-92) 1992 Orange Bowl - (#1) Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes vs. (#10) Nebraska Cornhuskers - (National Championship) - Miami wins their 4th National Championship - Added May, 2011


1992 Season

(10-03-92) (#3)Florida State @ (#2)Miami - (Wide Right II) #3 Florida State travels to #2 Miami in classic clash! Hurricanes win 19-16 because of "Wide Right II". In a finish eerily like last years meeting between these two top teams, the Seminole's drove 59 yards to set up a 39-yard field goal attempt, this time for a tie, but K Dan Mowrey missed the last-second, game-tying opportunity when it sailed into a certain same direction as last years kick!

(10-10-92) Clemson Tigers @ Virginia Cavaliers - Clemson is down 28-0 with under 2-minutes left in the first half. Clemson coach Ken Hatfield puts in back-up Louis Soloman at QB. He marches the offence to a touchdown with total disreguard for coach Hatfield's play selection...then proceeds to lead the tigers to a 29-28 victory as they stun the home crowd who mostly left at the half. - Added May, 2011

(11-21-92) Michigan @ Ohio St - Game ends in a tie - added December, 2007

(01-01-93) 1993 Rose Bowl - Washington vs Michigan - Added March, 2009

(01-01-93) 1993 Sugar Bowl - (#2)Alabama vs (#1)Miami - #2 Alabama over #1 Miami 34-13 in stunningly easy win by The Tide (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


1993 Season

(09-25-93) #1 Miami @ Colorado - big brawl breaks out that caused players to get suspended - ABC - Keith Jackson, Bob Griese, Jack Arute - added December, 2007

(10-30-93) Penn St @ Ohio St - Played in the snow - added December, 2007

(10-30-93) Michigan vs Wisconsin - In a magical year for Wisconsin, the Badgers take down the mighty Wolverines. Then tragedy strikes as the fans rush the field to tear down the goal posts - Includes post game coverage and news

(11-06-93) Ohio State vs Wisconsin - The game that sends Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl as the two teams battle to a tie giving the Badgers the Big Ten title

(11-20-93) North Carolina St vs Florida St - Charlie Ward record - added August, 2007

(12-31-93) 1993 Independence Bowl - #22 Virginia Tech vs #21 Indiana - Antonio Freeman - Edited full original broadcast (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2011

(01-01-94) 1994 Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs UCLA - Wisconsin led by the RB tandem of Brent Moss and Terrel Fletcher win Barry Alvarez and Wisconsin their first Rose Bowl and brings Wisconsin football into the national seen for good.

(01-01-94) 1994 Orange Bowl - Florida State vs Nebraska - Bobby Bowden finally wins a National Championship Nebraska entered its record-tying 25th consecutive bowl undefeated and ranked No. 2 by AP, but No. 1 in the USA Today/CNN Coaches poll and in the combined Bowl Coalition poll. Florida State held the AP No. 1 rank and were second by the coaches and Coalition. Although the Huskers were undefeated, they were tagged as a 17 1/2 point underdog. True freshman Lawrence Phillips came in for the injured Calvin Jones, and on the first play of the fourth quarter scored on a 12-yard run. Set up by Phillips' 17-yard scamper and Frazier's 32-yard sprint to the 4-yard line, Bennett appeared to have kicked the game-winning 27-yard field goal with 1:16 remaining. But with Nebraska up 16-15, FSU Heisman QB Charlie Ward orchestrated a successful drive from the FSU 35. On second down from the 5, Bentley kicked a 22-yard field goal with 21 seconds left to give FSU an 18-16 lead. With 15 seconds from the NU 43, Frazier hit TE Trumane Bell on the second try for a 29-yard gain and called time out with one second remaining. Bennett set up for a 45-yarder as officials cleared the field of those who thought the game was over, but his kick was wide left. Nebraska totaled 183 yards rushing to FSU's 47, out-yarded the Seminoles, 389-333, and held the nation's No. 1 offense to just one conversion on 12 third-down attempts. Frazier was Nebraska's MVP, matching Ward yard-for-yard with 283 total-offense yards. (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) - Added March, 2009


1994 Season

1994 Colorado vs Michigan - The most amazing Hail Mary you'll ever see! Keith Jackson described it as "An absolutely shocking finish!". #7 Colorado beats #4 Michigan 27-26 on Stewart to Westbrook's last play 70+ yard prayer that is answered!

(10-15-94) Auburn vs Florida - #6 Auburn goes into The Swamp and pulls off huge upset of #1 Florida in 36-33 last second thriller! - added August, 2007

(10-22-94) Southern vs Alcorn State - Steve McNair sets all-time college record - added August, 2007

(11-19-94) Michigan @ Ohio St - added December, 2007

(11-26-94) Florida vs Florida St - Incredible comeback - In a Sugar Bowl preview it looks like Florida is going to blow out the Seminoles taking a 31-3 lead into the 4th. FSU would come alive though and score 4 TDs in the 4th Qtr to tie the game up. Warrick Dunn, danny Kannell and defense lead the way for FSU's 4th Qtr.

(12-03-94) Alabama vs Florida - Chris Doering throws a 19-yard pass on a flanker option, then catches a 2yd TD pass to bring #6 Florida back for a 24-23 win over #3 Alabama - added August, 2007

(12/30/94) 1994 Sun Bowl - North Carolina vs Texas - Texas gets big day from RB Priest Holmes to lead big 35-31 comeback over North Carolina! - added August, 2007

(01-01-95) 1995 Rose Bowl - Penn St vs Oregon - Collins-Engram-Jurivicius-Kyle Brady - Added March, 2009

(01/01/95) 1995 Orange Bowl - Miami vs Nebraska - Tom Osborne finally wins a National Championship After suffering three Orange Bowl defeats to Miami in 10 years, the Nebraska Cornhuskers enacted big-time revenge against the Hurricanes in a 24-17 come-from-behind national championship win on Jan. 1, 1995 in front of a record crowd of 81,753. The Cornhuskers entered the game as the nation's top-ranked team, while No. 3 Miami boasted the top-ranked defense in the country, led by its monstrous defensive tackle Warren Sapp. "Warren Sapp was the main key going into that game," explains Corey Schlesinger. "We knew of his combination of speed and power, and how hard he charged the field. But we had a big offensive line with a group of heavy guys who we thought could wear Sapp out as the game progressed." With the Miami defense clearly focusing on stopping RBs Lawerence Phillips and Tommy Frazier, Nebraska head coach Tom Osborne decided it was time to shake things up on offense for the Huskers. Schlesinger, who averaged only three or four carries a game throughout the season, was who Osborne called upon. "Warren Sapp would often charge upfield so hard and so quickly," recalls Schlesinger, "so we had practiced a play all week where I'd get a quick, simple handoff right up the middle. It was a play I knew was going to work. I got past the line of scrimmage and saw nothing but daylight to the end zone." Schlesinger's 15-yard touchdown was followed by a two-point conversion pass from Frazier to Eric Alford to even the score at 17. Momentum was unquestionably on Nebraska's side, but the Cornhuskers were sure to keep their poise and focus on closing out the game. On the Huskers' ensuing possession, Nebraska started its drive to the national championship at its own 42 with 6:28 left in the game. On a key third-and-four play, Frazier scrambled 25 yards to the Miami 27. Three plays later, Osborne called Schlesinger's number again, and the fullback rumbled 14 yards straight up the middle for the game-winning touchdown.

(01/02/95) 1995 Hall of Fame Bowl - Wisconsin vs Duke - added October, 2007

(01/02/95) 1995 Citrus Bowl - Alabama vs Ohio St - Alabama's RB Sherman Williams runs for 167 yards in leading the Tide to 24-17 win over Ohio State - added August, 2007


1995 Season

1995 Virginia @ Michigan - Michigan wins the game on last second TD pass to beat Ronda Barber and Tiki Barber’s tough Virginia squad. Includes commercials and halftime (quality B+)

(11/25/95) Ohio State @ Michigan - ABC - Todd Blackledge, Mark Jones - includes halftime (Quality B)


1996 Season

(12-27-96) 1996 Copper Bowl - Utah vs Wisconsin - Wisconsin wins big

1996 1AA Championship - Marshall vs Montana - Randy Moss has a huge day - added November, 2007

1996 Gator Bowl - Tennessee 20 Ohio State 14 - Peyton Manning leads the Vols to a huge victory over the Buckeyes - B+

1997 Rose Bowl - (#4) Ohio State vs (#2) Arizona State - #4 Ohio State 20-17 over #2 Arizona State & Jake Plummer after thrilling last minute drives by each team! includes halftime, rose bowl post game show, and Ohio State coach John Cooper on the Jay Leno Show (Quality B+) (1 disc)

1997 Sugar Bowl - Florida vs Florida State - added November, 2007


1997 Season

(01-01-98) 1998 Outback Bowl - Wisconsin vs Georgia - played in Tampa Bay, FL - added October, 2007

(01-01-98) 1998 Rose Bowl - Michigan vs Washington State - Brian Griese vs Ryan Leaf - Added March, 2009


1998 Season

(12-05-98) #3 UCLA @ Miami - An all time great scoring feast between UCLA, lead by QB Cade McNown (26-35, 5tds, 513yds) and Miami, lead by RB Edgerrin James (39-304-3). Exciting back and forth classic won 49-45 by Hurricanes when Bruin pass into the end zone on the last play of game falls incomplete! Both team exceeded 600 yards in offense for the game! - ESPN - Ron Franklin, Mike Gottfried, Adrian Carsten - added December, 2007

(01-01-99) 1999 Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs UCLA - Wisconsin was a huge underdog coming into the game and had no respect. UCLA also felt no respect after being left out of the national Championship game. UCLA and Wisconsin put on a classic back and forth Rose Bowl in which Ron Dayne and Cade McNown were unstoppable. Great Game!


1999 Season

(01-01-00) 2000 Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs Stanford - In a defensive battle Dayne proves to much over the length of the game and leads Wisconsin to their 3rd Rose Bowl victory in 6 years


2000 Season

2000 Heisman Trophy Ceremony - Ron Dayne wins the Heisman - added October, 2007

(10-07-00) (#1)Florida State vs (#8)Miami (Wide Right III) Ken Dorsey throws a 13-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Shockey with 46 seconds left, and watches a 49-yard field goal attempt sail wide on the final play of the game as #8 Miami beats #2 FSU, 27-24

(12-29-00) 2000 Sun Bowl - Wisconsin vs UCLA

2001 Florida Citrus Bowl - Auburn vs Michigan - (B+)


2001 Season

(11-24-01) Ohio St @ Michigan - added December, 2007

2002 Rose Bowl - (#1) Miami Hurricanes vs (#2) Nebraska Cornhuskers - BCS Championship Miami shows it is the only team to consider as the National Champion with 37-14 blowout win over Nebraska - ABC - Keith Jackson, Tim Brandt, Lynn Swann, Todd Harris (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


2002 Season

2002 Purdue vs. Iowa - thrilling finish, Dallas Clark TD on 4th down for win - Added May, 2011

2002 Eastern Illinois vs Hawaii - Tony Romo - Added March, 2009

2002 (#17) Penn State @ (#10) Michigan - OT - includes commercials and halftime (Quality B+)

(10-12-02) (#12)Florida State @ (#1)Miami (Wide Left) Amazingly, Florida State loses yet another game to Miami when their last play FG attempt sails wide, only this time to the left and the last three times went Wide Right! Awesome back & forth game sees Hurricanes pull off great 28-27 come from behind victory. - ABC - Brad Nessler, Bob Griese, Lynn Swann

(11-09-02) Ohio St @ Purdue - Classic finish! "Holy Buckeye" game - Added October, 2008

(12-28-02) 2002 Alamo Bowl - Wisconsin vs Colorado - Exciting back & forth game goes into over time before Wisconsin pulls out 31-28 victory over Colorado - Badgers comeback in 4th quarter converting 2 4th downs in their last drive to tie the game.

(01-03-03) 2003 Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State vs Miami Hurricanes - Awesome game for the National Championship! For three quarters, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was a perfectly good, if not memorable, college football championship game. By the end of the fourth quarter, with Ohio State and Miami tied at 17, it was a classic. After two overtimes, and the Buckeyes' 31-24 victory, it was one of the greatest ever. "It was just like two great heavyweights slugging it out,'' winning coach Jim Tressel said Friday night. No one wanted to be No. 2. In a shocking, thrilling season-ender, Ohio State ripped the national title from the confident Canes who, at one point, rushed onto the field thinking they had won. That's the kind of game it was. It changed minute by minute, down by down. In the end, RB Maurice Clarett ran 5 yards for the winning touchdown, and Ohio State's defense turned back one final bid by No. 1 Miami to tie it. With that, the Buckeyes completed an unlikely, unbeaten run to their first national title in 34 years. The second-ranked Buckeyes, 11-point underdogs, ended the Hurricanes' try for a second straight title and their winning streak at 34. But it would have never happened if not for a late pass interference call at the end of the first overtime. Instead, the fourth-down call gave Ohio State the chance it needed to tie the game and send it into the second overtime. By then, it already was an all-timer, the first national championship game to go into overtime, in a matchup of the nation's last two undefeated teams, both fighting staying to stay perfect. Miami's Todd Sievers sent the game into overtime with his 40-yard field goal on the final play of the fourth quarter. The Buckeyes' punishing defense had rattled and pounded Miami quarterback Ken Dorsey all night. And on the last play of the game, on fourth-and-goal at the 1, Cie Grant blitzed and forced Dorsey to heave a desperation pass that linebacker Matt Wilhelm batted to the ground. A few plays earlier, Wilhelm hit Dorsey with such force it sent the quarterback to the sideline for one play. He came back in, but the Buckeyes would not be denied against a team trying to secure its place in history as one of college football's great dynasties. The fantastic finish was nothing new for Ohio State this season. The Buckeyes won six games by seven points or fewer, including their last three to make it to the title game; 10-6 over Purdue, 23-16 over Illinois in overtime and 14-9 over Michigan. Miami (12-1) nearly had its 35th straight victory in the first overtime after scoring a touchdown on its first possession. Trailing 24-17, Ohio State (14-0) converted a fourth-and-14 on a pass by Krenzel. But the Buckeyes then faced a fourth-and-3 at the 5 when Krenzel threw to the right corner of the end zone for Chris Gamble, who was being covered Glenn Sharpe. As Gamble reached back for the ball, he got his hands on it but couldn't hold on. Seconds later, field judge Terry Porter threw a flag from the back of the end zone indicating pass interference even as Miami players and fans spilled onto the field. After losing All-American running back Willis McGahee to an injured left knee early in the fourth quarter, Miami had the ball first in overtime. The Hurricanes went ahead on Dorsey's 7-yard TD pass to Kellen Winslow Jr., but the Buckeyes answered with Krenzel's 1-yard score. In the second OT, the Buckeyes went first from the 25 and Clarett capped off a five-play drive with his spinning, slithering cutback through the Miami defense. Dorsey, a Heisman Trophy finalist, finished off his career with just his second loss in 40 starts. Even though he was groggy from Wilhelm's hit, he came back into the game to try and pull the 'Canes even. - (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


2003 Season

2003 Michigan vs Michigan St. - B+

(09-27-03) California vs #3 USC - 3OT - Upset of the year as Cal beats USC in the third OT to give them their only loss of year. Aaron Rodgers stars for Cal - includes pre-game, halftime, and post game highlights (Quality 9)

(11-15-03) Washington Huskies @ California Golden Bears - Aaron Rodgers - Includes commercials and Northwest Sports Report Post-game (Quality 9) - Added September, 2011

(11-22-03) Ohio St. @ Michigan

(12-26-03) 2003 Bowl - Virginia Tech vs California - Aaron Rodgers has big game for California against the Hokies who were led by future Lion RB Kevin Jones and future All-Pro DB DeAngelo Hall - (Quality 8.5) - ESPNU rebroadcast - Added March, 2011

(12-31-03) 2003 Music City Bowl - Wisconsin vs Auburn - A very good close game right up till the end. Lee Evans would lead the Badgers and help them tie the score in the 4th Qtr. Cadillac Williams would lead the Auburn Tigers. (Quality 9) - ESPN - Pam Ward, Chris Spielman, Matt Winer

2004 Rose Bowl - #2 USC VS #4 Michigan - ABC/complete game - The "Human" National Championship Game sees USC take the AP Title with convincing 28-14 win over Michigan

2004 Sugar Bowl - #2 LSU vs #1 Oklahoma - BCS Championship Game LSU jumps pulls out to 21-7 lead and then holds on in the final minutes for 21-14 victory over Oklahoma - A (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


2004 Season

2004 Michigan St. vs. (#12) Michigan (3OT) - All time classic between long time rivals sees Michigan take down Michigan State 45-37 in triple overtime! The Wolverines pulled off miraculous 17 point late 4th Quarter comeback to force the extra time. Outstanding performances were turned in from Freshman RB's in the game as Michigan's Michael Hart (33-224-1) and Michigan State's DeAndra Cobb (22-205-2) shine big time, but nobody outplayed Michigan WR Braylon Edwards 11-189-3) in this historic battle!

(10-09-04) (#15) Wisconsin @ (#18) Ohio State A+ - Classic Big Ten football. A straight up run it down your throat game between two of the no frills teams in the Big Ten. Wisconsin's defense shuts down the Buckeyes and the Badgers win for the 3rd straight time in Columbus. - Upgraded August, 2007

(10-16-04) (#10) Wisconsin @ (#5) Purdue - Classic game. Both teams came into the game undefeated and with the Big Ten lead on the line. It was the nations #1 ranked offense against the nations #1 ranked defense. With less than 3 minutes to go Purdue had the ball and a 3 point lead. Then the unthinkable as Kyle Orton fumbles and Scott Starks picks it up and runs in the go ahead TD. Purdue would miss a 45-yard field goal at the end to give Wisconsin a 7-0 start to the season. Classic game with great ending. A

(10-30-04) Arizona State @ California Golden Bears - Aaron Rodgers - Includes halftime, commercials and TBS post-game(Quality 9) - Added September, 2011

(11-06-04) Oregon Ducks @ California Golden Bears - Aaron Rodgers - Includes commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(11-13-04) California Golden Bears @ Washington Huskies - Aaron Rodgers - (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(12-04-04) California Golden Bears @ Southern Mississippi - Aaron Rodgers - Includes commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011

(01-01-05) 2005 Outback Bowl - Wisconsin vs Georgia - added October, 2007

(01-01-05) 2005 Capital One Bowl - LSU vs Iowa - Certainly an all time classic bowl finish! Iowa QB David Tate's last play 56 yard hail mary gives Hawkeye's thrilling 30-25 win over LSU to top off a great contest!

(01-04-05) 2005 Orange Bowl - USC vs Oklahoma - Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush and their Southern California teammates bounced around the end zone, then broke into a victory dance. The celebration was on, and it was only halftime. Playing to perfection, the Heisman Trophy winner threw a record five touchdown passes and the Trojans overwhelmed Oklahoma 55-19 Tuesday night in the Orange Bowl, ending the season just as they started: No. 1. That was no consolation for unbeaten Auburn, the odd team out of the BCS title game this season. The Tigers (13-0) stated their case with a 16-13 victory over Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl on Monday night and could have done no worse than Oklahoma against Southern Cal. But they finished second in the final Associated Press poll. USC became the first team to repeat as AP national champions since Nebraska in 1994-95 and joined Florida State in 1999 as the only teams to go wire-to-wire, from preseason to post bowls, as No. 1. (National Championship Game) - Added October, 2008

2005 Rose Bowl - Michigan vs Texas - ABC/complete game - Tremendous game! Texas, lead by AMAZING QB Vince Young (16-28, 128yds, 1td, and more importantly 21-193-4 rushing!) pulls off thrilling, back & forth, last play 38-37 win over Michigan. The Wolverines were gamely lead by QB Chad Henne (4td passes), WR Braylon Edwards (10-118-3) and WR Steve Breaston's (315 all purposes yards... a Rose Bowl record) sterling performances. But it just wasn't enough to overcome the magnificent effort put forth by Young of the Longhorns, as he was by far the difference maker in the game! - ABC - Keith Jackson, Dan Fouts, Todd Harris


2005 Season

(09-10-05) (#2) Texas @ (#4) Ohio State - #2 Texas goes into the Horseshoe and beats #4 Ohio State 25-22 in an early season Instant Classic! Back & Forth thriller sees Longhorn Heisman Trophy hopeful QB Vince Young out duel the Buckeyes vaunted LB Crew which put on quite a show itself. - ABC - Brent Musberger, Gary Danielson, Jack Arute

(09-24-05) (#14) Michigan @ Wisconsin - Alvarez finally beats Lloyd Carr and the Badgers end Michigan's 23 game win streak in Big Ten openers. Classic game that went right down to the wire. Wisconsin wins on a John Stocco QB sneak with 24 seconds left.

(10-01-05) Michigan vs (#11) Michigan State - OT - another classic UM-MSU game!! UM comes out on top 34-31

(10-15-05) (#1) USC vs (#9) Notre Dame - #1 USC travels to #9 Notre Dame to continue the greatest of rivalries, AND WHAT A GAME FOR THE AGES! Back & Forth Classic with wildly fanatical finish sees each team punch and counter punch to the end when the Trojans extend their winning streak to 28 by pulling out 34-31 victory scoring TD with three seconds remaining! excellent quality. On a scale of 1-10, it is a 10. It is on 2 discs and includes commercials, no half-time. - NBC - Tom Hammond, Pat Haden

(11-19-05) Ohio State @ Michigan - Another classic between these two storied rivals, this one seeing Ohio State come back from being down 21-12 midway through the 4th Qtr to pull out 25-21 win over Michigan in the final seconds. The score completed an amazing 88 yard drive before over 111,000 screaming home town fans!
Several Ohio State Buckeyes were smiling and sweating in a cramped interview room, sporting Big Ten championship hats and T-shirts. They can thank Troy Smith. Smith threw for a career-high 300 yards and a touchdown and scored once on the ground, leading No. 9 Ohio State to a 25-21 win over No. 17 Michigan on Saturday and a share of the conference title. Antonio Pittman's 3-yard run with 24 seconds left capped an 88-yard drive that included a series of spectacular plays by Smith. Smith spun to avoid a sack and made an 11-yard pass early in the drive and eluded another loss with quick feet, buying enough time to complete a 26-yard pass to set up Pittman's winning run. Smith completed 27 of 37 passes and ran for 37 yards, getting sacked only once, a year after his spectacular performance led the Buckeyes to a win over Michigan. Smith ran for 145 yards and a TD and threw for 241 yards and two more scores in last year's 37-21 win over the Wolverines. -
Quality B+

(12-30-05) 2005 Independence Bowl - Missouri vs South Carolina - added November, 2007

(01-01-06) 2006 Outback Bowl - Florida vs. Iowa - controversial finish - Added May, 2011

(01-02-06) 2006 Capital One Bowl - Wisconsin Badgers vs Auburn Tigers - Wisconsin pulls the upset as Brian Calhoun runs over, around, and through Auburn. Alvarez's last game as head coach for Wisconsin (Quality 10)

(01-03-06) 2006 Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State Buckeyes vs Notre Dame (Quality 10)

(01-03-06) 2006 Sugar Bowl - West Virginia vs Georgia - added November, 2007

2006 FedEx Orange Bowl - #22 Florida State vs #3 Penn State - battle of Division 1A's two All Time Win's leading coaches sees Joe Paterno lead his #3 Penn State squad up against a very game #22 Florida State lead by Bobby Bowden. Amazing hard hitting game goes back & fort before going into Overtime, three of them! The Nittnany Lions pull out 26-23 victory in what is sure to be an All Time Classic! (Quality 10)

2006 Rose Bowl - #1 USC Trojans vs #2 Texas Longhorns - Game of the Century, and it lives up to all the hype! #2 Texas, riding a 19 game winning streak, comes back from down 38-26 with six minutes remaining to beat two time defending National Champ #1 USC, riding their own 34 game winning streak, 41-38 in the final seconds to win their first National Championship since 1970 while denying the Trojans an unprecedented third title in a row. The game was fantastic and the action went up and down the field, including six lead changes! The Longhorns QB Vince Young (30-40, 267yds, and 20-200-3 rushing, a Rose Bowl Record 467 Total Yards) wills his team to a win, and just displays unreal athletic ability, unbelievably topping his Rose Bowl performance of last year! For the Trojans, they came within seconds of record setting history, but received huge games from QB Matt Leinart (29-40, 367yds, 1td), Heisman Trophy Winner Reggie Bush (13-80-1 rushing & 6-94 receiving), RB LenDale White (20-123-3), and WR Dwayne Jarrett (10-124-1). With many key plays and crucial decisions & choices to debate and discuss on both sides, this game is sure to go down in history as one of the all time greatest! - (Quality 10) (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)


2006 Season

2006 Michigan Wolverines @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Michigan stakes there claim as one of the top teams in the country with a dominating win over the Irish in South Bend - Includes pre-game, commercials, halftime, and post-game

2006 USC vs Oregon St - added October, 2007

(09-04-06) (#11) Florida St vs (#12) Miami - Ugly defensive game. Both teams combine for 3 total yards rushing - FSU 25 carries 1 yard, Mia 26 carries 2 yard - November, 2007

(09-09-06) (#1) Ohio St vs (#2) Texas - Ohio St travels into Texas and gets revenge for last years loss at home

(09-09-06) Notre Dame vs Penn St. - The Irish crush the Lions

(10-07-06) Missouri @ Texas Tech - added November, 2007

(10-21-06) UCLA vs Notre Dame - Great game that comes down to the end - added August, 2007

(10-21-06) Michigan St vs Northwestern - Biggest Comeback in Division I-A History! Michigan State overcomes mid 3rd Qtr 38-3 Northwestern lead to pull off miraculous 41-38 win in the final seconds!!! Nearly an hour after the game, Drew Stanton was trying to digest what he'd just been a part of -- the greatest comeback in NCAA Division I-A history. Michigan State (4-4, 1-3) got back in game when Ashton Henderson returned a blocked punt for a TD early in the fourth, and the Spartans won it when Brett Swenson kicked a 28-yard field goal with 13 seconds left following a key interception by Travis Key. Until this riveting game, the biggest comeback in Division I-A was 31 points -- when Maryland beat Miami 42-40 on Nov. 10, 1984, and when Ohio State defeated Minnesota 41-37 on Oct. 28, 1989. Northwestern (2-6, 0-4) led 24-3 at the half, and the crushing defeat sent the Wildcats to their fifth straight loss. Michigan State trailed 38-3 with 9:54 left in the third quarter after Northwestern's C.J. Bacher threw his third TD pass, a 5-yarder to Shaun Herbert. Stanton, battling assorted injuries, tossed a TD pass of 18 yards to Jehuu Caulcrick with 7:03 left in the third. A.J. Jimmerson's 4-yard run, after a 19-yard pass from Stanton to Kerry Reed, made it 38-17. After a 64-yard run by Tyrell Sutton, Northwestern was ready to go ahead 45-17 but Kaleb Thornhill turned away yet another Wildcats scoring drive by intercepting Bacher in the end zone. Moments later, Stanton later was knocked to the sideline on a late hit by Northwestern's Corey Wootton and replaced by Brian Hoyer for a series. Michigan State then made it 38-24 early in the final period when Devin Thomas blocked a Northwestern punt and Henderson returned it 33 yards for a TD. "I think the blocked punt is when people really started believe we had a shot to come back," Stanton said. Stanton re-entered the game on the next series and immediately drove the Spartans 60 yards, completing three passes for 34 yards and carrying 12 yards for the TD with 7:54 left, making it 38-31. The Spartans then stopped a third-and-1 by the Wildcats, who had to punt, and Stanton completed six straight passes in a six-play, 58-yard drive, capping it with a 9-yard TD pass to T.J. Williams that tied the game with 3:43 left. Key then intercepted Bacher at the 30 with 2:59 left and State moved in position for Swenson's field goal. Bacher completed five of six passes on Northwestern's first possession, a 71-yard drive capped by Bacher's 5-yard TD pass to Ross Lane that made it 7-3. On their next series, with the aid of two pass interference calls against the Spartans, the Wildcats moved in again, going 74 yards with Bacher hitting Jeff Yarbrough on a 14-yarder to the 2 and then carrying the final couple of yards for the TD early in the second quarter. Joel Howells kicked a 30-yard field goal to make it 17-3 on the next possession. Eric Peterman took a Bacher swing pass, broke two tackles and raced 47 yards to the Spartans 9 before the drive bogged down. An 18-yard halfback option pass for a TD from Brandon Roberson to Herbert made it 24-3 late in the half. Bacher's 22-yard pass to Lane gave the Wildcats a 31-3 lead early in the second half. Stanton completed 27-of-37 for 294 yards. Bacher, who made his first college start, moving ahead of announced starter Andrew Brewer, was 15-of-29 for 245 yards. Sutton finished with 172 yards on 21 carries. - added August, 2007

(10-21-06) Washington vs California - Great OT game - added August, 2007

(12-16-06) NCAA Division 3 National Championship "The Stagg Bowl" - UW Whitewater vs Mount Union - Added October, 2008

(01-01-07) 2007 Capital One Bowl - Wisconsin vs Arkansas - added August, 2007

2007 Rose Bowl - Michigan vs USC - Added October, 2008

2007 Fiesta Bowl - Boise St vs Nebraska - David slays Goliath! Boise State pulls off miraculous 43-42 win over Oklahoma in OT. A finish for the ages is how it's described! The game was highlighted by an 18-point comeback by Oklahoma in the second half, a combined 22 points scored in the final 1:26 of regulation, and three trick plays that helped Boise State win the game. The final 1:26 of regulation was incredible. Wide receiver Quentin Chaney caught a tipped 5 yard TD pass from quarterback Paul Thompson with 1:26 remaining in the fourth quarter. In a sign of the wildness to come, Oklahoma would require three attempts to complete the two-point conversion necessary to complete its 18-point comeback. The first attempt was unsuccessful, but Boise State was called for pass interference. The second attempt was successful, but Oklahoma was called for illegal shift (two players in motion at the time of the snap, only one player is permitted to be in motion under football rules). Finally, Thompson completed a pass to wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias on the third attempt, this time with no penalties. After the ensuing kickoff, on the next play from scrimmage, Boise State quarterback Jared Zabransky was intercepted by Marcus Walker, who returned it 34 yards for a touchdown. After the extra point, Oklahoma led 35-28 with 1:02 left. On the ensuing drive Boise State drove to the OU 42, but was stopped (1st & 10 was a sack for a loss of 8 yards, 2nd down was a dropped pass and 3rd & 18 was an incomplete pass) and faced a 4th down with 18 yards needed for first down, and only 18 seconds left. Zabransky passed for 15 yards to Drisan James. With five Oklahoma defenders playing a "prevent" style defense to prevent the long conversion, James quickly scooped the ball to an in-stride Jerard Rabb, who ran the ball along the left sideline 35 more yards for a touchdown. (The "hook and lateral" play, called "Circus" by the team, allowed for at least two more laterals. Johnson and Zabransky trailed Rabb along the sideline as potential outlets or possibly as blockers.) The extra point tied the game up at 35-35 with just seven seconds remaining in regulation, and the game then went into overtime. Boise State won the toss and elected to play defense. Oklahoma scored on their first play with a 25-yard run by Adrian Peterson, the 2004 Heisman runner-up in his first game back after missing seven games with a collarbone injury. The extra point was good, making the score 42-35 Oklahoma. On Boise State's drive, the Broncos were down to 4th and 2 on the Sooners' 5 yard line when Boise State ran a wide receiver rollout option. Zabransky ran in motion to his left while backup wide receiver Vinny Perretta, slotted as a running back, took the snap, rolled to his right, then threw a touchdown to tight end Derek Schouman (lined up as a wide receiver) to bring Boise State within one point at 42-41. Instead of kicking the extra-point to tie the game and send it into a second overtime, Broncos coach Chris Petersen elected to go for the two-point conversion to win the game. He ran a trick play drawn up by backup quarterback Taylor Tharp – after the snap, Zabransky faked a quick pass directly to his right with his right hand (where three receivers were lined up), then quickly handed off the football backhanded with his left hand to running back Ian Johnson, who ran it in to the end zone untouched for the win (this play is a variation of the Statue of Liberty play known to the team simply as "Statue"). During a postgame interview, Johnson got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Boise State head cheerleader Chrissy Popadics, on live TV. She accepted. He did not have the ring with him because he wouldn't propose if the Broncos lost. The couple married on July 28, 2007. The wild finish has led the game to become an instant classic. It has been reported that the BSU Athletic Department is selling the rights for a major motion picture about the Broncos 2006 season. Broncos quarterback Jared Zabransky is featured on the cover of the 2008 edition of EA Sports popular NCAA Football video game. The last play of the game was also the subject of a television commercial for the video game, but with a twist: it featured Adrian Peterson controlling a Sooners player who tackled Johnson before he crossed the goal line. The 2007 Fiesta Bowl won the 2007 Best Game ESPY Award, and the game's final play won the 2007 Best Play ESPY Award. It also took the #1 spot on ESPN's Sportscenter Top 10 Games of 2007. Boise State finished their season with a perfect 13-0 record, spurring controversy as to whether teams from non-BCS conferences should have an opportunity to play for a national title. Most of the Boise State players and officials that were asked about it in the immediate aftermath of the game downplayed the controversy and claimed they were just happy to participate in the BCS bowls. Some did say they believed they were good enough to play in the National Championship game against the BCS #1 Ohio State Buckeyes, who later lost to the Florida Gators. The Broncos ultimately received one first-place vote in the final AP poll of the season, released after the National Championship game. - 3discs - added November, 2007

(01-08-07) 2007 BCS Championship - Florida vs Ohio St - Florida pounds OSU - added November, 2007


2007 Season

(09-01-07) Appalachian St @ Michigan - Appalachian State, two time defending Division I-AA champion, goes into The Big House and pulls off one of the biggest upsets in college football history in downing #5 Michigan 34-32 at their place in a come from behind victory that has to be seen to believe! Chances are, most of the 110,000 fans at the Big House had no idea exactly where Appalachian State is located. By the time they saw a blocked field goal in final seconds, this much was certain: The little Mountaineers pulled off one of the greatest upsets in college football history. The team from Boone, N.C., took the lead with 26 seconds left when Julian Rauch kicked a 24-yard field goal. Corey Lynch blocked a 37-yard try on the final play, and the Mountaineers sealed a jaw-dropping upset that might have no equal. Michigan's three stars on offense and its coach came back this season, putting the NFL and retirement on hold, with high hopes. Big Ten title. National championship. Looks like it might be time for Plan B. Mike Hart, Chad Henne and Jake Long never envisioned stumbling this early in what was a promising year. Neither did coach Lloyd Carr, who looked ashen as the upset unfolded. It didn't take long to notice the second-tier power belonged on the same field because it made up for a slight size disadvantage with superior speed and, perhaps, more passion. The two-time defending champions from former Division I-AA were ahead of the nation's winningest program 28-14 late in the second quarter, before their storybook afternoon seemed to unravel late in the fourth quarter. Hart's 54-yard run with 4:36 left put the Wolverines ahead for the first time since early in the second quarter. One snap after the go-ahead touchdown, Michigan's Brandent Englemon intercepted an errant pass, but the Wolverines couldn't capitalize and had their first of two field goals blocked. Then Appalachian State drove 69 yards without a timeout in 1:11 to set up the go-ahead field goal. "I've been dreaming about that kick every day," Rauch said. Still, it wasn't over. Henne threw a 46-yard pass to Mario Manningham, giving Michigan the ball at Appalachian State's 20 with 6 seconds left and putting the Wolverines in position to win it with a field goal. Lynch blocked the kick and almost returned 52 yards to the 18 as the final seconds ticked off. His teammates rushed across the field to pile on as the coaching staff and cheerleaders jumped with joy. "We're still sort of shocked," coach Jerry Moore said after being carried off the field by his players. Appalachian State has won 15 straight games, the longest streak in the nation, and 27 of its last 31. The Mountaineers are favored to win the Football Championship Subdivision, but they weren't expected to put up much of a fight against a team picked to win the Big Ten and contend for the national title. That's the beauty of college football. No Division I-AA team had beaten a team ranked in The Associated Press poll between 1989 and 2006, and it's unlikely that it had ever happened before. Armanti Edwards threw for 227 yards, three scores and two interceptions, and kept Michigan guessing with his mobility. He also ran for 62 yards. Jackson caught three passes for 92 yards, and scored twice, including his 68-yard reception that tied the game early and provided a glimpse of what was to come. Hart, who went almost two quarters without a carry because of a thigh injury, ran for 188 yards and three touchdowns. Henne was 19-of-37 for 233 yards in a lackluster game that included a TD and an interception in Mountaineer territory. Ordinarily those numbers should've been good enough for a win over a small school. Not on this day and not against Appalachian State. "Someone said it might be one of the big victories in college football," Moore said. "It may be the biggest." - added October, 2007

(10-13-07) Kentucky vs LSU - 3 OT - Kentucky upsets eventual national champions LSU in a great game. - Added October, 2008

(12-01-07) Army vs Navy - Added October, 2008

(12-01-07) Big 12 Championship - Missouri vs Oklahoma - Added October, 2008

2008 Rose Bowl - Illinois vs USC - Added October, 2008

(01-07-08) 2008 BCS Championship Game - Ohio St vs LSU - {National Championship} - Added October, 2008


2008 Season

(09-13-08) Notre Dame vs Michigan - Notre Dame pounds Michigan - Added October, 2008

(01-08-09) 2009 BCS Championship Game - Florida vs Oklahoma - {National Championship} - Tebow vs Bradford - Added October, 2008



Top Big Ten Icons (2010) - #13 Ron Dayne - 30 Minutes - Added March, 2011

Top Big Ten Icons (2010) - #20 Charles Woodson - 30 Minutes - Added March, 2011