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(12-26-64) 1964 AFL Championship Game - Buffalo Bills vs San Diego Chargers - audio / video merger



(12-26-65) 1965 AFL Championship Game - Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers - audio / video merger, color, 52 minutes (Quality 9) - Added July, 2011

(12-26-65) 1965 AFL Championship Game - Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers - Radio Broadcast on CD, missing a few plays - Added March, 2009



(11-07-71) San Diego Chargers @ New York Giants - Rebroadcast GOTW highlights, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(11-15-71) St. Louis Cardinals @ San Diego Chargers - MNF - Close game won 20-17 by San Diego on a 45 yard Dennis Partee FG with just 17 seconds remaining. Chargers get big nights from QB John Hadl (20-28, 216yds) and RB Mike Montgomery (17-98rush, 6-78rec, 1-2, 33yds passing!) to offset RB MacArthur Lane's (18-82rush, 6-51rec) big night for St. Louis. - includes pregame, commercials, halftime (quality 8.5) - added March, 2007



(10-24-76) San Diego Chargers @ Cleveland Browns - original color GOTW highlights, 22 minutes of narrated footage from game (Quality 9) - Upgraded May, 2011



(09-10-78) Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers - Raiders over Chargers in the infamous "Holy Roller" game! Oakland uses "multi throw it forward again and again fumble play" to score winning TD with no time left as Raider TE Dave Casper (5-100-1) puts on a show! Chargers waste great effort from ground game as Don Woods (17-66), Bo Matthews (20-78), and Lydell Mitchell (9-38) control the game, until the UNREAL ending! Named one of the NFL's greatest finishes - (JIP three minutes into game) - nover/hill (Quality 8)

(09-24-78) Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers - Packer DB Willie Buchanon tied an NFL record with four interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown, as Green Bay capitalized on 11 San Diego turnovers (five interceptions and six fumbles). The two teams also combined for a NFL-record 18 sacks. Green Bay QB David Whitehurst was sacked ten times for 83 yards, San Diego's quarterbacks were dumped eight times. JIP w/ 2:30 left in 1st Qtr. Includes halftime (Quality 8.5)

(11-12-78) Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers - OT - Lydell Mitchell has 144 rushing yards, John Jefferson 130 yards receiving - Includes commercials and halftime (quality 8)



(09-09-79) WK 2 - Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers - (Quality 8.5) - added August, 2011

(09-30-79) San Francisco 49ers @ San Diego Chargers

(10-21-79) Wk 8 - San Diego Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams - merger - full Radio Broadcast and video has edited huddles and picks up 8 minutes into game. Video freezes during huddles and dead ball situations. (Quality 8) - added September, 2011

(11-11-79) San Deigo Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals - ESPN Classic GOTW highlights, color, 22 mins (quality 8.5)

(11-18-79) Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Diego Chargers

(12-02-79) Atlanta Falcons @ San Diego Chargers - BARTKOWSKI VS FOUTS - Dan Fouts 338 yards passing, William Andrews 131 yards rushing, John Jefferson 103 yards receiving (3 discs)

(12-17-79) Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers - JIP 2 minutes into 2nd Qtr - MNF - added March, 2007

(12-29-79) 1979 AFC Divisional - Houston Oilers vs San Diego Chargers



(08-02-80) Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers - (CANTON, OH) - Rolf Benirschke of San Diego and Green Bay's Tim Birney missed second half field goals Saturday before an electrical storm terminated the preseason game with six minutes remaining to play. The contest ended in a tie as NFL officials called a halt to play at 6:13 pm EDT and called off the game seven minutes after the Chargers and Packers had gone to their dressing rooms. San Diego had the ball on the Packers' 25-yard line when Don Weiss, executive director of the NFL, ordered the contest terminated. "We had called time out and were getting the field goal team ready," head coach Don Coryell said of a fourth-down situation. Benirschke missed his field goal try from 39 yards out with 29 seconds left in the third quarter. The ball hit the left upright and bounced back onto the field. Birney muffed his opportunity from 40 yards out. His attempt sailed wide to the left with 11:41 remaining in the game. - Includes halftime (w/ HOF inductions of Herb Adderley, Deacon Jones, Jim Otto, and Bob Lilly) - (Quality 8.5)

(09-14-80) Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers - OT - A great game, and a prelude to this years AFC Title Game, and it's a barn burner that goes into overtime! A wild back & forth contest sees Oakland tie it at 24 with less then a minute remaining when eventual Super Bowl MVP Jim Plunkett, in for just one play for injured starter Dan Pastorini, throws a TD pass. But San Diego QB Dan Fouts (387yds, 3tds) hit WR John Jefferson (9-110-2) in the extra period for the winner. Charger TE Kellen Winslow (9-132-1) and Raider WR Cliff Branch (4-99-1) have big days as well. - Includes Halftime and commercials (quality 8.5) - added March, 2007

(10-12-80) WK 6 - San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders - (Quality 8.5) - Readded July, 2011

(10-19-80) NY Giants @ San Diego Chargers - Includes commercials and halftime (quality 9) - added March, 2007

(10-26-80) San Diego Chargers @ Dallas Cowboys - (Quality 8.5)

(11-20-80) WK 12 - San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins - Thursday Night Football - OT game - (3 DVDs) (Quality 8) - Added September, 2011

(01-03-81) 1980 AFC Divisional - Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers - Dan Fouts 314 yards passing, John Jefferson 102 yards receiving (Quality 8) - added October, 2007

(01-11-81) 1980 AFC Championship - Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers - Raiders build big lead, then hold on for exciting 34-27 win over powerful Chargers. Includes commercials, halftime, and postgame (Quality 9)



(10-18-81) San Diego Chargers @ Baltimore Colts - OT - Payton 107 yds, Buddy Ryan invents 46 defense, Fouts and Co. shocked - some commercials (quality 8.5)

(10-25-81) San Diego Chargers @ Chicago Bears - OT - Payton 107 yds, Buddy Ryan invents 46 defense, Fouts and Co. shocked - some commercials (quality 8.5)

(11-22-81) San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders - Fouts throws 6 TDs, Winslow 5 TD catches - (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2007

(01-02-82) 1981 AFC Divisional - San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins - Possibly the greatest football game ever played! - Chargers outlast Dolphins in Overtime in famous "The Epic in Miami", "Hook & Lateral" or "Kellen Winslow" game - The Chargers faced the Dolphins in a steamy Orange Bowl in an AFC divisional playoff shootout. Miami quarterback Don Strock and San Diego quarterback Dan Fouts were both brilliant. But the real star was Chargers tight end Kellen Winslow, who caught 13 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown and blocked a field goal as time was expiring that forced the game to overtime. The Chargers won 41-38 as a dehydrated and exhausted Winslow had to be helped off the field. Includes commercials, halftime, postgame (Quality 9) - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list.

(01-10-82) 1981 AFC Championship - San Diego Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals - The "Freezer Bowl" - temperature was minus-9 degrees, winds gusting from 20 to 35 miles per hour and an incredible wind chill factor of minus -59. To this day, no NFL game has ever been played with a wind chill so cold - the Bengals would win the turnover battle 4-0, intercepting 2 Dan Fouts passes and recovering 2 fumbles, which would be the key to this game. Fouts clearly struggled in the arctic atmosphere more than Bengals QB Ken Anderson, who, despite the conditions, completed 14 of 22 passes for 161 yards, 2 TDs and no INTs. TE Dan Ross led Cincinnati with 5 receptions for 69 yards, while FB Pete Johnson rushed for 80 yards and 1 TD on 21 carries. Only one player suffered a weather-related injury in the game, Bengals DE Eddie Edwards with a frostbitten right ear. - includes pregame, commercials, halftime, postgame (Quality 8.5)



(11-22-82) San Diego Chargers @ Los Angeles Raiders - MNF - After a 57 day NFL player strike cut into the NFL season, the Raiders came back on the first Monday night game after the strike to play their most hated rivals, the San Diego Chargers. The San Diego Chargers offense, was lead by coach Don Coryell and very talented quarterback, Dan Fouts. The Raiders were lead by Head coach Tom Flores and QB Jim Plunkett. The Raiders fell behind 24-14, but manged to pull out the game 28-24 with help from the Raiders "Pirate" coverage on defense and great offensive skills and leadership from Plunkett and Kenny King. (quality 8.5)

(12-11-82) San Diego Chargers vs San Francisco 49ers - Dan Fouts (33-48, 5tds, 450yds) vs Joe Montana (31-46, 3tds, 356yds) shoot-out in an all time classic! San Diego wins the thriller 41-37 and the game was described as a track meet, right down to the wild finishing dash! Other stars included the Charger receiving trio of TE Kellen Winslow (9-101) and WR's Charlie Joiner (8-145) & Wes Chandler (7-125-3), while San Francisco star WR Dwight Clark (12-135-1) shines as well.

(12-20-82) Cincinnati Bengals @ San Diego Chargers - What a game on MNF between the leagues two best offensive teams. San Diego wins 50-34 in a fireworks show! San Diego's Dan Fouts (25-40, 1td, 435yds) becomes the first QB to ever have consecutive 400+ passing days with a big assist from WR Wes Chandler (10-260-2). Cincinnati star QB Ken Anderson (40-56, 2tds, 416yds) has a huge night with help from WR Chris Collinsworth (9-156-1)

(01-09-83) 1982 1st RD AFC Super Bowl Tournament - San Diego Chargers vs Pittsburgh Steelers - A game with one of the more incredible starts you'll ever see turns into a shoot out between San Diego's Dan Fouts (333yds, 3tds) and Pittsburgh's Terry Bradshaw (325yds, 2tds). Big offensive days are recorded every where as Chargers over come nightmare beginning for 31-28 win on the road.

(01-16-83) 1982 AFC Divisional - San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins - (4 DVDs)



(09-04-83) New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers - (Quality 8) - added August, 2011

(09-25-83) WK 4 - Cleveland Browns @ San Diego Chargers - Tracking line on top of picture (Quality 8.5) - added August, 2011

(10-31-83) Washington Redskins @ San Diego Chargers - MNF

(12-01-83) WK 14 Los Angeles Raiders @ San Diego Chargers - (Quality 8) - added March, 2011



(09-02-84) WK 1 San Diego Chargers @ Minnesota Vikings - Gill Byrd’s famous INT ret for TD - Kramer’s folly - (Quality 8) - added July, 2011

(09-30-84) WK 5 - Detroit Lions @ San Diego Chargers - (Quality 9) - added August, 2011

(10-07-84) San Deigo Chargers @ Green Bay Packers - Paul Coffman caught 8 passes for 104 yards and a touchdown, as the two teams went back and forth all game. (Quality 9.0)

(11-18-84) Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers - Marino vs Fouts - Dan Fouts 380 yards passing, Dan Marino 338 yards passing, Earnest Jackson 124 yards rushing - added December, 2007

(11-25-84) San Diego Chargers vs Pittsburgh Steelers



(09-22-85) WK 3 - San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals - Classic high-scoring 44-41 game! Lionel James' big day - Game won with 4 seconds remaining! - includes post game interview with Dan Fouts (Quality 8.5) - added July, 2011

(10-06-85) WK 5 - San Diego Chargers @ Seattle Seahawks - (Quality 8) - added August, 2011

(11-10-85) Los Angeles Raiders @ San Diego Chargers - The Lionel "Little Train" James Game as the mighty might (5'6 - 170) has an incredible game in recording the second highest (345) total of all purpose yards in a game by a player. He rushes (7-51-1), receives (11-168-1) and returns kickoffs (5-126) driving the Raiders into submission. San Diego QB Dan Fouts (436yds, 4tds) also enjoyed a big day, as did Raiders RB Marcus Allen (28-119-1, and 5-30rec) and TE Todd Christensen (7-112-1). The Chargers win wild one 40-34 in OT on James' (who else) 17 yard run to victory!

(11-17-85) San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos - OT - Denver takes shocking 30-24 win over Chargers when SD's winning FG attempt in OT is blocked, but a Bronco time out wipes that attempt out! After the break the teams line up for another FG attempt to win the game for San Diego, only to see that one blocked too, and this one is returned for the winning Bronco TD! Amazing!

(12-08-85) Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Diego Chargers - Wow, what a shootout! San Diego beats Pittsburgh 54-44 in AMAZING back & forth contest! Chargers QB Dan Fouts (372yds, 3tds) and WR Wes Chandler (5-154-2) lead parade of stat stars.



(09-14-86) San Diego Chargers @ NY Giants - includes halftime, commercials, and NBC postgame (3 discs) (Quality 8.5)

(09-21-86) WK 3 - Washington Redskins @ San Diego Chargers - Includes halftime, commercials, and post-game (4 DVDs) (Quality 9) - added September, 2011



(11-01-87) Cleveland Browns vs San Diego Chargers - OT

(12-27-87) San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos - Blizzard



(01-02-93) 1992 AFC Wildcard - Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers

(01-10-93) 1992 AFC Divisional - San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins



(10-17-93) Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers - Joe Montana leads his first 4th Qtr comeback with the Chiefs - halftime, commercials, ESPN NFL Primetime post game highlights, NFL Films greatest moments QBs (Quality 8.5) - Added July, 2011

(12-12-93) Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers - ESPN SNF - Lost in the glare of the Brett Favre-to-Sterling Sharpe combination is the fact the Green Bay Packers have a pretty good defense. Tony Bennett and Johnny Holland stuffed fourth-down attempts by San Diego and Terrell Buckley and Mike Prior intercepted Stan Humphries' passes in the closing minutes to preserve a 20-13 Sunday night win over the San Diego Chargers. With 4:42 to play, Bryce Paup slowed Natrone Means and Holland held the back for no gain on fourth-and-1 at the Green Bay 37. Then the Chargers, who have scored only six touchdowns in seven home games, had the ball at the Green Bay 43 approaching the two-minute warning. Buckley picked off Humphries' pass intended for Nate Lewis and returned it 31 yards to the Chargers' 48. San Diego got the ball back in the closing seconds, but Prior got Green Bay's third interception of the night. - Includes halftime (Quality 9.5)



(09-04-94) San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos - TNT broadcast - Chargers mount big comeback and insane finish - (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2011

(09-18-94) San Diego Chargers @ Seattle Seahawks - throwback uniforms at Huskie stadium Tony Martin NFL record (tying) 99 yard TD reception. - Added March, 2011

(09-25-94) San Diego Chargers @ Los Angeles Raiders - LA fights back, take lead, Stan Humphries is injured but comes back to guide the team to a last second fg. - (Quality 8) - Added March, 2011

(10-09-94) Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers - Montana throws 55 passes hitting on 37 - includes pre-game interview from NBC Live with Ahmaad Rashaad interviewing Joe Montana, Halftime, and commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added July, 2011

(12-05-94) Los Angeles Raiders @ San Diego Chargers

(01-08-95) 1994 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers - Great Game - (4 discs)

(01-15-95) 1994 AFC Championship - San Diego Chargers vs Pittsburgh Steelers - Chargers shock Steelers 17-13 at Three Rivers as LB Junior Seau (16 tackles) has a game for the ages. - NBC - Dick Enberg - includes commercials and post-game (Quality 9)

(01-29-95) Super Bowl XXIX - San Francisco 49ers vs San Diego Chargers - 49ers, behind Steve Young's 6 TD passes destroy Chargers



(10-15-95) Dallas Cowboys @ San Diego Chargers - Added March, 2011

(12-17-95) San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts - A back and forth battle both teams fighting for a playoff spot- a last second FG wins it. - (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2011

(12-23-95) San Diego Chargers (27) at NY Giants Giants (17) - Snowball Game - SD Rallies from down 17-3 at half-time - 3:00

(12-31-95) 1995 AFC Wildcard - Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers



(09-15-96) San Diego Chargers @ Green Bay Packers - So far this year, the only competition the Green Bay Packers seem to have is themselves. The offense, defense and special teams all got to do the Lambeau Leap in Sunday's 42-10 rout of the previously unbeaten San Diego Chargers at Lambeau Field. LeRoy Butler returned an interception 90 yards for a touchdown and Desmond Howard returned a punt 65 yards for a TD as the Packers, who have pummeled their opponents by a combined score of 115-26, started out 3-0 for the first time since 1982. San Diego was actually still in it with 6 1/2 minutes left, trailing 28-10 and threatening again when Butler stepped in front of Terrell Fletcher at the Packers 10. Butler raced down the left sideline for the score, then vaulted himself into the stands as has become customary at Lambeau Field. Brett Favre completed 22 of 34 passes for 231 yards and TD passes of 19 yards to Freeman, 8 to William Henderson and 7 to Keith Jackson. Robert Brooks led the Packers with eight catches for 108 yards. Favre also had two interceptions, the last of which led to San Diego's only touchdown, a 9-yard pass from Stan Humphries to Tony Martin that made it 28-10 with 8:16 left. - (Quality 9)



(12-27-98) San Diego Chargers @ Arizona Cardinals - Chris Jacke's 53yd FG as time expires puts AZ in the playoffs for the 1st time since 1977, fans rush the field - includes halftime (Quality 8.5) - Added September, 2011



(10-24-99) Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers - Brett Favre rebounded from his worst pro game with three TD passes, and Green Bay had six interceptions against the Chargers. Favre, 7-pf 23 for 120 yards with three interceptions in last week's loss at Denver, was 12-of-22 for 173 yards with one interception. - (Quality 9.0)



(11-19-00) WK 12 San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos - Incredible game as Broncos, playing without injured QB Brian Griese or RB Terrell Davis, somehow overcome two 17 point deficits to pull out incredible 38-37 comeback win in the final moments. Denver sub QB Gus Frerotte (36-58, 5tds, 462yds, 4ints) uses his wide outs Rod Smith (11-187-1) and Ed McCaffrey (10-148-2) to bring home a victory. San Diego's much bylined young QB Ryan Leaf (13-27, 3tds, 311yds) performs well, but shows his inexperience at the end. Great game! - Includes Halftime and Commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added August, 2011



(10-14-01) San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots - OT - The feelings of the Patriots victory over the Colts was erased by a 30-10 drubbing at the hand of the Dolphins. With the season in the balance and trailing the Chargers 23-13 with a little under 9 minutes to go, the Patriots coaching staff finally unleashed young Tom Brady and he delivered. Tom Brady eventually tied the game with 36 seconds left by hitting Jermaine Wiggins and then drove the Patriots into field goal range in OT as Adam Vinatieri capped the comeback with a 44 yard field goal.



(10-13-02) WK 6 Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers - Includes halftime and commercials (Quality 8.5) - added August, 2011

(12-01-02) WK 13 Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers - A battle for first place! Denver loses another game in OT that it should have won in regulation as San Diego shows true grit in pulling out 30-27 win at home. Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson (37-220-3 and 11-51 rec) is awesome, as is Broncos rookie RB Clinton Portis (23-159-2 and 3-34 rec). An incredible back & forth contest - Includes Half, commercials and local post-game - (Quality 8) - Added May, 2011

(12-22-02) San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs - No Priest Holmes (He was injured the week before in the Denver game) Still KC pulls out a win Thanks to Trent Green who tosses a 99 yd TD pass to Marc Boerigter!!! Holme s replacement Mike Cloud totally ineffective avg 1yd per carry.



(12-14-03) Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers - Brett Favre threw a season-high four touchdown passes and joined Ahman Green and kicker Ryan Longwell in setting franchise records in a win that kept the Packers alive in the NFC North title race. With Minnesota losing 13-10 at Chicago, the Vikings and Packers are both 8-6 atop the NFC North. However, the Vikings hold the edge based on the fourth tiebreaker, conference records. Minnesota is 7-4 and the Packers are 7-5. Both teams are finished with their division schedule, and the Packers are done with NFC opponents. Favre threw three TD passes in the fourth quarter after the Packers fell behind the Chargers. Green broke the oldest team single-season rushing record in the NFL, eclipsing Hall of Famer Jim Taylor's mark of 1,474 yards set in 1962. And Longwell had eight points to break Don Hutson's career scoring record. Longwell got his 824th career point on a PAT following Robert Ferguson's 40-yard touchdown catch. Hutson had 823 points in his Hall of Fame career. - Includes commercials, halftime, and FOX post-game (Quality 8.5)



(12-26-04) San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts - OT - Peyton Manning sets the single season all time NFL passing TD's mark while leading his team to 4th Qtr comeback that leads to 34-31 win in Overtime! In addition to Peyton's record setting mark, San Diego's RB LaDainian Tomlinson (13th straight game with rushing TD) and TE Antonio Gates (13th TD reception in a season at his position) set all time NFL records too! - Includes halftime and commercials (Quality 9) (4 DVDs) - Added July, 2011

(01-08-05) 2004 AFC Wildcard - NY Jets vs San Diego Chargers - 15 minutes into Overtime New York gets FG to take 20-17 win at San Diego. Great back & forth game that saw the Jets win twice, the first time being waved off when LB Eric Barton roughs the passer inexcusably. The Chargers had over come 10 point deficit in 4th Qtr to tie it in the final seconds thanks in large part to the help of Barton's error. Then, they actually could have won it in OT, but some once again questionable Coach Shottenheimer conservative play calling helps lead to FG miss. New York's ensuing FG saves Barton from Jets infamy!



(08-11-05) San Diego Chargers @ Green Bay Packers - preseason - added September, 2007

(09-11-05) Dallas Cowboys @ San Diego Chargers

(12-18-05) San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts - upset of the year as Colts fall from unbeaten season Includes halftime and commercials (Quality 9)



(08-12-06) Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers - preseason - Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer has high expectations for new quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers didn't disappoint in his debut, throwing for 169 first-half yards and leading two early scoring drives in a 17-3 victory over Green Bay in Saturday night's preseason opener for both teams. The Chargers showed their faith in Rivers, a third-year pro, by letting Drew Brees leave for New Orleans during the offseason. Cool in the pocket and crisp with his passes, Rivers completed 15-of-21 while playing the entire first half except for the final play. He connected on a 22-yard touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson on the Chargers' opening series to cap a 64-yard drive, then engineered an 18-play, 86-yard scoring march the first time they had the ball in the second quarter. Packers quarterback Brett Favre, pressured by the San Diego defense for most of the four series he played, was unable to generate much. The loss spoiled the head coaching debut of Green Bay's Mike McCarthy. The 36-year-old Favre, who pondered retirement in the offseason but decided to return, completed 5 of 10 passes for 66 yards and was sacked twice on consecutive plays in the first quarter. He came out of the game early in the second - Includes Pre-game, halftime, and Mike McCarthy show after game

(10-01-06) San Diego @ Baltimore Ravens

(10-08-06) Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Diego Chargers

(11-12-06) San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals - Chargers win 49-41 Rivers 338 yds 3 TD's Palmer 440 yds 3 TD's Chad Johnson 260 yds 2 TD's

(01-14-07) 2006 AFC Divisional - New England Patriots @ San Diego Chargers - Great game that has a missed 54 yard field goal at the end that would have sent the game into OT



(09-16-07) San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots

(09-23-07) San Diego Chargers @ Green Bay Packers - The Packers weren't given a chance in this game going against a Charger team that was thought to be one of the elite teams in the league. Little did anyone know at this point that so were the Packers. Favre was voted ‘FedEx Air Player Of The Week’ for leading five scoring drives, completing 28 of 45 passes for 369 yards and three TD passes. With the Chargers up 21-17 in the fourth quarter, tied Marino’s touchdown passes record by completing a short pass to Greg Jennings, who sprinted down the middle of the field for a 57-yard touchdown

(11-04-07) San Diego Chargers @ Minnesota Vikings - Minnesota wins the game 35-17 behind Rookie RB Adrian Peterson's (30-296-3... 253 yards in the 2nd Half alone!!!) record setting performance as he sets NFL Records for most yards rushing in a game for a Rookie and even better, he sets the record for the most yards rushing ever in a single game! In recording his second 200+ yard rushing game this season he became the first rookie running back ever to do that in NFL History, amazing. Also occurring in this game, but rendered almost an afterthought due to AP's historic performance, was the longest play of any kind in the history of the NFL as San Diego's Antonio Cromartie returned a long field goal attempt that fell just short by the Vikings at the end of the 1st Half a stunning 109 yards for a Charger touchdown! Obviously, this is a record that will never be broken! - Added January, 2008

(01-06-08) 2007 AFC Wildcard - Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers

(01-13-08) 2007 AFC Divisional - San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts - Despite the loss of starting quarterback Phillip Rivers and running back LaDanian Tomlinson (the NFL's leading rusher during the season), San Diego still managed to defeat the defending Super Bowl champion Colts, forcing them to turn the ball over on downs twice in San Diego territory in the final minutes of the game. Manning led the Colts down the field, moving the ball 70 yards and converting a 4th down and 5 with a 16-yard completion to Clark. But he threw three consecutive incompletions from the Chargers 7-yard line, turning the ball over on downs. Indianapolis' defense managed to force a punt, but the Colts turned the ball over on downs again with 53 seconds left and San Diego ran out the rest of the clock. - Added October, 2008

(01-20-08) 2007 AFC Championship - San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots - Added September, 2011



(09-22-08) New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers - MNF - added December, 2008

(09-28-08) San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders

(01-03-09) 2008 AFC Wildcard - Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers - Added September, 2011

(01-11-09) 2008 AFC Divisional - San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Added September, 2011



(01-17-10) 2009 AFC Divisional - New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers - Added March, 2011


Team Yearbooks

San Diego Chargers Yearbooks - 1964 (with 1968 AFL highlights), 1994 (Original) - Updated May, 2011