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1962 Season

(12-23-62) 1962 AFL Championship Game - Dallas Texans @ Houston Oilers - 2 OT - Dallas Texans (next year they became the KC Chiefs) over Houston Oilers in double OT even though after winning the OT Toss Texans RB Abner Haynes "kicked to the clock", thus giving the ball AND side of field to Houston! George Blanda, 261 pass yds but 5 INTs vs. Dawson in historic game at the time the longest in football history! (ABC)(Gowdy/ Christman/ Buck)(2 hrs of game is all that is available)(B&W) - added December, 2007


1967 Season

1967 AFL Championship Game - Oakland Raiders vs Houston Oilers - After going 13-1 in 1967, the Western Division Champion Raiders met the 9-4-1 Eastern Division Champion Houston Oilers for the American Football League Championship. The Raiders prevailed, 40-7, for their first league championship. George Blanda kicked four field goals and four PATs, Hewritt Dixon scored on a 69-yard run, and Daryle Lamonica threw for two touchdowns and ran for one more. Lamonica was the AFL season MVP for the second time in 1967, sharing the honor with Joe Namath. - 25 mins narrated by Charlie Jones - Added October, 2008



(10-10-71) Washington Redskins @ Houston Oilers - original, color GOTW highlights, 22 mins (quality 8.5)



(10-09-72) Oakland Raiders vs Houston Oilers - MNF - Famous MNF "Finger Game"! - Oakland gives Houston a 34-0 bashing on MNF while an Oiler fan gives the national television audience the bird! Raiders pick off (5) more passes then Houston (4) is able to complete! Game was closer then it looks though (13-0 after three), but Oilers just couldn't match Oakland's talented crew of QB Daryl Lamonica (12-26, 2tds, 166yds), WR Fred Biletnikoff (6-94-1), or RB's Marv Hubbard (14-73) and Clarence Davis (6-36-1) on this night. - Includes halftime (Gifford/ Cosell/ Meredith) (181 mins) (quality )



(09-16-73) Houston Oilers @ New York Giants - Ron Johnson (24-96-2) leads New York to convincing opening day 34-14 win over Houston - last couple plays of 2nd thru 3rd Qtr - Added March, 2009

(11-25-73) Houston Oilers vs New England Patriots - B&W game film - Added June, 2009



(10-19-75) Washington Redskins @ Houston Oilers - original GOTW highlights, color, 22 mins (quality 8.5)



(11-06-77) Chicago Bears @ Houston Oilers - WhiteShoes Johnson 61 yard TD run and kickoff return



(09-17-78) Wk 3 - San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Oilers - OJ vs Earl campbell - Campbell 1 TD - (Quality 8) - added September, 2011

(09-24-78) LA Rams vs Houston Oilers - Houston's Rookie Sensation Earl Campbell runs over LA's Isaiah Robertson and out of his jersey in awesome display of power still seen in HL's today, but the Rams hold on for 10-6 victory - includes commercials and halftime (Quality 8.5)

(10-08-78) Houston Oilers @ Oakland Raiders - Earl Campbell 104 rush yards - (Quality 8) - Added March, 2009

(10-23-78) Houston Oilers vs Pittsburgh Steelers - MNF - missing opening kickoff - gifford/meridth/cosell - Includes Halftime (Quality 9)

(11-12-78) Houston Oilers @ New England Patriots - Oilers come back from 23-0 deficit - heavily edited (Quality 8) - Added March, 2009

(11-20-78) Miami Dolphins @ Houston Oilers - "Luv ya Blue Game", The MNF classic where Houston rookie RB Earl Campbell (28-199-4) goes wild! Oilers take 35-30 exciting win over the Dolphins.

(12-03-78) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Houston Oilers - (Quality 8)

(12-24-78) 1978 AFC Wildcard - Houston Oilers vs Miami Dolphins - rematch of "Luv ya Blue" game - B+

(12-31-78) 1978 AFC Divisional - Houston Oilers @ New England Patriots - all the scoring is now shown (live or replay). The pregame is about a 7.5 quality, but the game an 8 quality. Best version available for this game. - Includes pregame and postgame interview with Earl Campbell - Upgraded July, 2011

(01-07-79) 1978 AFC Championship - Houston Oilers vs Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers just dominate Oilers & Earl Campbell in the freezing rain for 34-5 win at home - gowdy/olsen



(09-09-79) Houston Oilers @ Pittsburgh Steelers - (Quality 7.5) - added May, 2011

(11-22-79) Houston Oilers @ Dallas Cowboys - Thanksgiving Day - T-Day Battle for Texas, Houston & Earl Campbell (33-195-2) win 30-24 over Dallas & Roger Staubach (21-30, 2tds, 287yds) as both stars have big days. GREAT Game! Drew Pearson 118 rec yds - (Quality 8) - Added March, 2009

(12-10-79) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Houston Oilers - MNF - added March, 2009

(12-23-79) 1979 AFC Wildcard - Denver Broncos @ Houston Oilers - The "Luv Ya Blue" Houston Oilers, in their only home playoff game of the era (and boy their team songs are sung loud!) outlast the Denver Broncos and their Orange Crush defense 13-7 in very hard hitting game. - added March, 2007

(12-29-79) 1979 AFC Divisional - Houston Oilers vs San Diego Chargers

(01-06-80) 1979 AFC Championship - Houston Oilers vs Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers 27-13 over Oilers as Houston WR Mike Renfro is ruled out of bounds on play that is credited with the NFL eventually instituting the use of "Instant Replay". Great Game!



(09-07-80) Houston Oilers @ Pittsburgh Steelers - (Quality 8.5) - Added July, 2011

(10-05-80) WK 5 - Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Oilers - (Quality 8) - added August, 2011

(11-02-80) Houston Oilers @ Denver Broncos - (Quality 8) - added August, 2011

(11-10-80) New England Patriots @ Houston Oilers - MNF - good game - Steve Grogan 374 yards passing, Earl Campbell 130 yards rushing - added March, 2009

(11-16-80) Houston Oilers vs Chicago Bears - Campbell and Payton 100+ yards (Quality 8)

(11-23-80) Houston Oilers @ New York Jets - OT - Pat Leahy 38 yd FG wins it. Ken Stabler 388 pass yds - (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2009

(12-14-80) Houston Oilers @ Green Bay Packers - Earl Campbell gored the Packers with 36 carries for 181 yards and two touchdowns. Chester Marcol's return to Green Bay resulted in 2 missed extra points. (Quality 8.5) - Upgraded April 2008

(12-21-80) Minnesota Vikings vs Houston Oilers - Oilers win and make playoffs - Quality 9 - 3 DVDs - Added June, 2009

(12-28-80) 1980 AFC Wildcard - Houston Oilers @ Oakland Raiders - Includes pregame show and halftime (Quality 9) - added March, 2007



(11-29-81) Atlanta Falcons @ Houston Oilers - broadcast ends with 1:50 to go in 4th Qtr after Oilers get last score of game - Includes Halftime and commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2011

(12-13-81) Houston Oilers @ San Francisco 49ers - (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011



(09-04-83) Green Bay Packers @ Houston Oilers - Despite suffering from migraines, Lynn Dickey passed for 333 yards and five touchdowns. He completed his first 18 passes to start the season, but had to be relieved late by David Whitehurst. Jan Stenerud won the game in overtime. - added June, 2007

(09-11-83) Houston Oilers @ Los Angeles Raiders - Joined In Progress in 2nd Qtr (Quality 8.5) - added March, 2011



(09-02-84) L.A. Raiders @ Houston Oilers - added December, 2007

(10-21-84) Wk 8 San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Oilers - Missing last 1:25 of game no scoring, Includes half and commercials (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011

(12-09-84) Houston Oilers @ Los Angeles Rams - LA's Eric Dickerson (27-215-2) breaks the all time NFL Single Season Rushing Record in leading the Rams to 27-16 win at home! - missing last 2 min - (quality 8.5) - Added September, 2008



(09-07-86) Houston Oilers @ Green Bay Packers - Houston held the ball for 39 minutes, rolled up 375 yards on offense, and had 22 first down to Green Bay's nine in easily winning the season opener by scoring 31 unanswered points. - (Quality 9.5)



(09-13-87) WK 01 Los Angeles Rams @ Houston Oilers - (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011

(01-03-88) 1987 AFC Wildcard - Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Oilers - OT - Steve Largent 132 yards receiving - added January, 2008

(01-10-88) 1987 AFC Divisional - Houston Oilers @ Denver Broncos - Broncos manhandle Moon lead Oilers by jumping out to early lead off of bizarre Houston miscue's and cruise to 34-10 win. - added January, 2008



(10-30-88) WK 9 - Washington Redskins @ Houston Oilers - (Quality 8.5) (3 DVDs) - Added September, 2011

(11-24-88) WK 13 - Houston Oilers @ Dallas Cowboys - Thanksgiving - (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011

(12-18-88) Houston Oilers @ Cleveland Browns - Browns comeback in the snow. Webster Slaughter 136 yards receiving (Quality 8.5)

(12-25-88) 1988 AFC Wildcard - Houston Oilers @ Cleveland Browns - Exciting back & forth clash between division rivals Houston & Cleveland a mere six days after they staged a titanic clash that put the Browns in this very game at home! Houston wins 24-23 close one that goes down to the end! Oilers cornerback Richard Johnson's interception set up kicker Tony Zendejas' game-clinching 49-field field goal with 1:54 left in the game. (Quality 9)

(01-01-89) 1988 AFC Divisional - Houston Oilers @ Buffalo Bills - added December, 2007



(09-24-89) Buffalo Bills @ Houston Oilers - OT - Kelly vs Moon in shootout - Jim Kelly 363 yards passing, Warren Moon 338 yards passing, Andre Reed 135 yards receiving - Added October, 2008

(12-23-89) Cleveland Browns @ Houston Oilers - Clay Matthews infamous lateral - (3 discs) (Quality 9)

(12-31-89) 1989 AFC Wildcard - Pittsburgh Steelers @ Houston Oilers - OT - Ernest Givins 136 yards receiving - Includes halftime (Quality 8.5) - Readded July, 2011



(11-26-90) Buffalo Bills @ Houston Oilers - MNF - "House of Pain Game" - Added October, 2008

(12-16-90) Houston Oilers @ Kansas City Chiefs - Warren Moon throws for an incredible 527 yards, with WR Haywood Jeffries (9-245) enjoying much of the action, in leading Houston past Kansas City 27-10 in this big late season clash - (Quality 8.5)

(01-06-91) 1990 AFC Wildcard - Houston Oilers @ Cincinnati Begals - Added August, 2008



(11-10-91) WK 11 Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Oilers - OT - (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011

(12-02-91) Philadelphia Eagles @ Houston Oilers - MNF - The House of Pain Game - the Eagles’ defense battered the Oilers into submission, 13-6. Seth Joyner, playing with a 102-degree fever, had eight solo tackles, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and two sacks. That performance on the national stage helped Joyner earn his first trip to the Pro Bowl. - added March, 2008

(12-29-91) 1991 AFC Wildcard - New York Jets @ Houston Oilers - Added March, 2008

(01-04-92) 1991 AFC Divisional - Houston Oilers @ Denver Broncos - Historic game called "The Drive II". John Elway leads thrilling last minute drive converting two 4th down plays for Broncos 24-23 comeback win over Oilers. Great Game!



(12-07-92) WK 14 Chicago Bears @ Houston Oilers - MNF - Includes commercials and halftime (Quality 8.5) - Added May, 2011

(12-13-92) Green Bay Packers @ Houston Oilers - ESPN SNF - Favre’s first prime time game - The Green Bay Packers hadn't won five games in a row since they captured Super Bowl I in 1966 - until Sunday night. Flirting with their own history book, Green Bay beat Houston 16-14 with the help of three field goals by Chris Jacke and a defense that gummed up the Oilers' run and-shoot. The victory gave the Packers an 8-6 record and new playoff potential, while the loss by the Oilers sealed the AFC Central Division title for the Pittsburgh Steelers despite a 30-6 loss to Chicago on Sunday. The Oilers tried to rally in the second half, but couldn't overcome their mistakes. Their fourth turnover, a fumble by Cody Carlson at the Packer 37, led to a 6-yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre to Sterling Sharpe with 3:33 left in the game, giving Green Bay a 16-7 lead. Favre completed all five of his passes in the drive. Houston came right back in closing seconds with a 77-yard drive capped by Lorenzo White's 2-yard run with 1:55 left. The Oilers then tried an onside kick that failed despite a scramble for the ball, and the Packers ran out the clock. The Oilers stymied themselves with two fumbles and two interceptions, with the Packers producing two field goals and a touchdown from the miscues. Field goals of 39, 36 and 20 yards by Jacke put Green Bay ahead 9-0 with 8:31 elapsed in the third quarter before the Oilers' offense woke up. - Includes part of ESPN Primetime pre-game, Commercials, and halftime (Quality 9)

(01-03-93) 1992 AFC Wildcard - Houston Oilers @ Buffalo Bills - "Greatest comeback in NFL History!!!" Bills defeat Oilers in 41-38 in Over Time after absolutely amazing come back from being down 35-3 in the 3rd!!! - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list.



(01-02-94) New York Jets @ Houston Oilers - Buddy Ryan punches Kevin Gilbride - (Quality 8) - Added March, 2011

(01-16-94) 1993 AFC Divisional - Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Oilers - Joe Montana leads KC on three 4th Qtr TD drives to end Oilers 11 game win streak with surprising 28-20 win. Good Game! - added January, 2008



(12-10-95) Detroit Lions @ Houston Oilers - (Quality 9)


Tennessee Oilers



(11-08-98) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Tennessee Oilers - added December, 2007

(12-20-98) Tennessee Oilers @ Green Bay Packers - The Packers entered the game already having clinched a berth in the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year. In White's final game at Lambeau Field as a Packer, Reggie White helped hold Oilers Pro Bowl running back Eddie George to 30 yards on 15 carries. Antonio Freeman was the big star on offense, hauling in 7 Brett Favre passes for 186 yards and 3 touchdowns. It was Freeman's second three-score game. The other was on December 8, 1996 against Denver. Favre's 3 TD tosses gave him 30 for the season, giving him an NFL record 5th consecutive season with 30 or more TD passes. Despite a torn-up field, Ryan Longwell nailed kicks from 38, 40 and 40 yards out. Punter Sean Landeta set a Packers record with 29 kicks inside the 20 in a season. Oilers punter Craig Hentrich held the previous record. - JIP 14:00 of 1st Qtr - Includes commercials and audio is radio broadcast with Max McGee and Jim Irwin also has radio post-game show (Quality 8.5)

(12-26-98) Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Oilers - last ever game for the Oilers - added December, 2007


Tennessee Titans



(12-09-99) Oakland Raiders vs Tennessee Titans - Eddie George runs for 199 yards - added December, 2007

(01-08-00) 1999 AFC Wildcard - Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans - Tennessee pulls off the famous "Music City Miracle" for 22-16 win over Buffalo when trick play Kickoff Return goes for a TD in final seconds!!! Was it a lateral? Upgraded includes ABC Wildcard pre-game show, halftime, commercials (Quality 9.0) - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list.

(01-16-00) 1999 AFC Divisional - Tennessee Titans @ Indianpolis Colts - Titans win 19-16 on the road - w/commercials and halftime - added March, 2007

(01-23-00) 1999 AFC Championship - Tennesse Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Back and fourth game in the first half but the Titans pull away in the 2nd half to advance to the Super Bowl - W/commercials & halftime - added March, 2007

(01-30-00) Super Bowl 34 - St. Louis Rams vs Tennessee Titans - @ Atlanta, GA - Rams win the SB with the most exciting finish in SB history. Titans down 16-0 late, tie the game, only to lose 23-16 as time runs out with them on the Rams 1 YARD LINE stretching for the end zone! - pregame, commercials, halftime, postgame show ; Announcers: Al Michaels and Boomer Esiason ; National Anthem: Faith Hill ; Coin Toss: Lamar Hunt - upgraded August, 2008



(01-08-01) 2000 AFC Divisional - Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans - Even though they had only 134 yards of total offense and six first downs, the Ravens broke a 10-10 tie in the fourth quarter with Anthony Mitchell's 90-yard return of a blocked field goal and Ray Lewis' 50-yard interception return. Early in the fourth quarter, Greco's field goal attempt was blocked, Mitchell caught the ball, and ran 90 yards to the end zone. The Titans then had the ball near midfield with 6:55 remaining, but Ray Lewis' 50-yard interception return for a touchdown sealed the victory for Baltimore. - Added October, 2008



(12-16-01) Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans - The Packers went into the game thinking about the arm of Steve McNair, but left devastated by the running of Skip Hicks. With help of 142 rushing yards from Hicks, Tennessee defeated Green Bay 26-20. The Titans' Eddie George has been a Pro Bowl running back for Tennessee since winning the Heisman Trophy at Ohio State and being drafted in the first round, but he could muster out only 26 yards on 15 carries. Hicks carried 17 times to reach the 142-yard plateau, but it was his 51-yard gain on a crucial third-and-five inside the two minute warning that was the dagger in the heart for the Packers. Meanwhile, the Packers' Ahman Green, the NFC's leader in yards from scrimmage, gained just nine yards on nine carries to go along with four receptions for 24 yards. Quarterback Brett Favre was Green Bay's leading rusher with five carries for 20 yards. After losing to Minnesota last week, Tennessee had been reduced to playing for pride instead of a playoff berth. The Packers' loss coupled with the Chicago victory over Tampa Bay saw the Green Bay hold on first place in the NFC Central division and a first-round bye in the playoffs disappear. - includes commercials, halftime (Quality 9)



(08-30-02) Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason (Midwest Shrine Game) - added April, 2008

(01-11-03) 2002 AFC Divisional - Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans - "Nedney’s Redemption" - The third time was the charm for Titans kicker Joe Nedney. After missing the potential game-winning field goal at the end of regulation time, and a second failed kick in overtime was negated because of a controversial roughing-the-kicker penalty on Pittsburgh's Dewayne Washington, Nedney won the game from 26 yards out 2:15 into overtime. Steelers coach Bill Cowher was incensed, saying he called a time-out before the winning kick took place. (3 dvd's) w/ commercials and half-time

(01-19-03) 2002 AFC Championship - Tennessee Titans @ Oakland Raiders - Tennessee goes into the Black Hole of Oakland and keeps it close trailing only 27-24 after three, but the Raiders win the final quarter and the game 41-24. - Pregame, Commercials, Halftime, Postgame - Added March, 2008



(08-28-03) Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason - (Bishop's Charitites Game) - Added April, 2008

(10-05-03) Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots - The injury plagued Patriots were in danger of falling two games behind the Phins in the loss column with a loss to the Titans. Fresh off a poor performance against the Redskins and a beating administered by the Titans the previous year, the Patriots needed a victory in the worst way. Late in the 4th, the Titans trailed 31-27, had the ball and were driving when Ty Law, who early in the game had severly twisted his ankle, stepped in front of a Steve McNair pass and raced 65 yards to for the game deciding TD. (Quality 9) - Added September, 2008

(01-03-04) 2003 AFC Wildcard - Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens - added August, 2008

(01-10-04) 2003 AFC Divisional - Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots - added October, 2007



(09-03-04) Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans - Preseason - added April, 2008

(10-11-04) Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers - MNF - Lambeau Field is now a desired destination, as Chris Brown and the Tennessee Titans were the latest to learn. Brown rushed for 148 yards and two long touchdowns and Tennessee cruised to a 48-27 rout of the stumbling Green Bay Packers on Monday night, scoring more points than any visitor ever had at the famed stadium. The Titans (2-3) snapped a three-game losing streak and sent the Packers (1-4) to their fourth straight loss. This is Green Bay's first four-game losing streak since 1991 and their first 0-3 start at home since 1988. Only eight teams in NFL history have overcome a 1-4 start to reach the playoffs, including the Titans two years ago. Tennessee scored on five of its first six possessions with Brown,who had 27 carries, going in on its first two series, from 37 and 29 yards out. Only Na'il Diggs' block of Gary Anderson's 42-yard field goal prevented the Titans from scoring the most first-half points — 28 — by an opponent in Lambeau Field's 47-year history. The Packers' hopes for a comeback were killed by four second half turnovers. They had six overall. Steve McNair (chest, ankle) returned after missing Tennessee's last game, and threw two touchdown passes, including an 11-yarder to Eddie Berlin in the third quarter after Brett Favre's third interception. Favre extended his NFL record with his 213th consecutive start, including playoffs, despite numerous injuries, including a mild concussion he suffered last week. Favre also had a heavy heart over the death last week of his 24-year-old brotherin- law in an ATV accident at the family home in Mississippi. Both teams had lost three straight and much of the blame went to poor run defense, which showed up right away again for Green Bay as Brown carried nine times for 90 yards in the first quarter — and the early deficit altered Green Bay's plan to give the Titans a steady diet of Ahman Green. The Packers had just 5 yards rushing on five carries in the first half. This game would mark a turning point for the Packers during the season. - JIP 13:31 1st Qtr - Includes commercials and halftime (Quality 9)



(09-01-05) Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans - Preseason - Favre throws long TD to Jennings in his only series of game. Aaron Rodgers would play the first 3 Qtrs - Vince Young would play at QB for Titans



(09-01-06) Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers - Favre throws long TD to Jennings in his only series of game. Aaron Rodgers would play the first 3 Qtrs - Vince Young would play at QB for Titans

(12-03-06) Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts - Vince Young and the Titans come back to stun the Colts on Rob Bironis’ 60-yard field goal - added March, 2007



(08-30-07) Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans - Preseason - added September, 2007

(01-06-08) 2007 AFC Wildcard - Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers - Added August, 2008



(08-28-08) Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers needed only one play to show that he's ready to go. But Vince Young still doesn't quite seem warmed up for the regular season, even after the Titans' victory over Green Bay. Rodgers threw a 68-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings on his first -- and only -- play from scrimmage, then spent the rest of the evening holding a clipboard and playing catch on the sideline. Young made a few big plays but failed to capitalize on several scoring chances despite playing with good field position against the Packers' defensive reserves. Young drove the Titans inside the Packers' 10-yard line four times in the first half, but Tennessee came away with only three field goals. Young led the Titans' No. 1 offense to only two field goals in Tennessee's three previous preseason games. Young stood on the Titans' sideline with a bandage on his right hand in the second half after bruising his thumb early in the second quarter. Titans coach Jeff Fisher said he didn't expect Young to be limited in practice next week. As Rodgers continues to calm fans' concerns about his ability to replace Brett Favre, the Packers' most pressing quarterback concern is who will be his backup. After what started out as a rough night for the Packers' pair of rookie quarterbacks, Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm, Flynn drove the Packers into Titans territory in the final 2 minutes and threw a 22-yard touchdown to Jake Allen to cut Tennessee's lead to two with no time left on the clock. The Packers had a chance to tie the game on a 2-point conversion, but receiver Johnny Quinn was out of bounds when he caught Flynn's pass in the corner of the end zone.

(09-14-08) Tennessee Titans @ Cincinnati Bengals - Added March, 2009

(09-21-08) Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans

(11-02-08) Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans - OT - Rob Bironas kicked a 41-yard field goal 5:24 into overtime to keep the Titans unbeaten. Bironas connected on 4-of-5 field goal tries and the combination of Johnson and White racked up 166 of Tennessee's 178 yards on the ground. Johnson finished with 89 yards and a score on 24 carries, while White added 77 yards on eight attempts. Kerry Collins threw for 180 yards without a touchdown or interception, completing 18-of-37 passes. Aaron Rodgers connected on 22-of-41 passes for 314 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He also fumbled once. Donald Driver caught seven passes for 136 yards and Ryan Grant ran for 86 yards on 20 carries for the Packers, who were coming off a bye and had their two-game win streak stopped. (Quality 9)

(11-23-08) New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans - Added March, 2009

(12-21-08) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans - K. Bulluck and Lendell White stomp on Terrible Towel



(09-03-09) Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans - Preseason - Vince Young went 7-for-12 passing for 85 yards and a TD and also ran for 38 yards and a score, while Dominique Edison caught five passes for 90 yards and two scores, as the Titans crushed Green Bay.atrick Ramsey was 5-for-8 for 82 yards and Kerry Collins ended 0-for-3. Brian Brohm was 20-for-28 passing for 154 yards and Aaron Rodgers went 2-for-3 for seven yards for the Packers. Kregg Lumpkin had a rushing TD and Jordy Nelson gained 50 yards on three grabs. The Packers last finished a preseason unbeaten in 1999. - Added March, 2011


Team Yearbooks

Houston Oilers Yearbooks - 1979 (original), 1980 (original), 1987 (original), 1988 (original), 1991 (original), 1992 (original), 1993 (original) - Updated May, 2011



NFL's Greatest Moments: Autumn Thunder - Green Bay Packers / Chicago Bears rivalry, Earl Campbell highlights, and Ray Nitschke highlights - ESPN Classic