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1948 AAFC Championship - Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns - color, narrated 30 mins total footage between this and the NFL championship (Quality 9) - added January, 2008



(10-23-49) Buffalo Bills vs LA Dons - AAFC game - (28m) (Silent, B/W, B)

(11-20-49) Buffalo Bills vs Chicago Hornets - AAFC game - (26m) (silent, B/W, B+)

(12-04-49) 1949 AAFC Divisional - Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns - (41m) (silent, black and white) (Quality 8)



(12-26-64) 1964 AFL Championship Game - Buffalo Bills vs San Diego Chargers - audio / video merger - Added May, 2009



(12-26-65) 1965 AFL Championship Game - Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers - audio / video merger, color, 52 minutes (Quality 9) - Added July, 2011

1965 AFL Championship Game - Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers - Radio Broadcast on CD, missing a few plays - Added March, 2009



(09-16-73) Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots - Rebroadcast GOTW highlights, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(12-16-73) Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets - B&W (Edited Clips of each OJ run to Break Jim Browns record and get to 2003yds)

(12-16-73) Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets - Rebroadcast GOTW highlights, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)



(09-16-74) Oakland Raiders @ Buffalo Bills - MNF - Buffalo over the Raiders 21-20 in season opening thriller - partial game - 30 mins (Quality 8) - added March, 2007

(10-20-74) New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills - Rebroadcast GOTW highlights, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(11-03-74) Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots - Rebroadcast GOTW highlights, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(11-17-74) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - GOTW highlights, Rebroadcast, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(12-08-74) Buffalo Bills @ NY Jets - original GOTW highlights, color, 22 mins (quality 9) - Added March, 2011

(12/21/74-12/22/74) 1974 Divisional Playoffs - St. Louis Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington @ LA Rams - "This Week in the Pro Football" highlights WK 15 - Summerall/Brookshier, 45 mins, color, original (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011



(10-20-75) New York Giants vs Buffalo Bills - MNF - O.J. Simpson, in the midst of possibly his greatest season, has a big night (34-126-1), but the Giants, behind QB Craig Morton's (15-21, 220yds, 1td) big night pull off huge 17-14 upset on MNF. Exciting finish! This game is also famous for the fan who tried to shimmy across the field on a suspended poll! (A-)

(10-26-75) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(12-20-75) Minnesota Vikings @ Buffalo Bills - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)



(09-13-76) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - Edited Huddles (Quality 8) - Added September, 2008

(12-05-76) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - Edited Huddles (Quality 8) - Added September, 2008



(10-16-77) Atlanta Falcons @ Buffalo Bills - Buffalo wins rare 3-0 game over Atlanta, getting a big day from OJ Simpson (23-138) who surpassed the 10,000 mark in the game. - missing last 1:20 - added December, 2007

(11-06-77) Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(11-28-77) Buffalo Bills @ Oakland Raiders - MNF compilation disc of 5 edited games - heavily edited footage from the game. Picks up at halftime - Includes Halftime, 13 minutes from the game (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2011

(12-04-77) Washington Redskins @ Buffalo Bills - added August, 2007



(09-03-78) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills - 2nd Half only - added December, 2007

(11-26-78) New York Giants @ Buffalo Bills - added May, 2009



(09-23-79) New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(10-07-79) Chicago Bears @ Buffalo Bills - Payton rushes for 155 yards and end zone leap for td - added August, 2007

(11-18-79) Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills - Any hopes for a division title for the Packers dies in Buffalo, as Mike Collier scored on a short run and Nick Mike-Mayer kicked four field goals as the Bills reached the .500 mark. Collier's touchdown capped an 81-yard drive in the fourth quarter, and broke a tie accomplished when Mike-Mayer's fourth field goal tied the game late in the third quarter. Interceptions by Mario Clark and Charles Romes ended late drives by Green Bay. - added October, 2007

(12-16-79) Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers - added March, 2009



(09-28-80) Buffalo Bills vs Oakland Raiders - Added October, 2008

(01-03-81) 1980 AFC Divisional - Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers - Dan Fouts 314 yards passing, John Jefferson 102 yards receiving (Quality 8) - added October, 2007



(12-27-81) 1981 AFC Wildcard - Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets - The Jets’ first playoff game in 12-years. The Bills take a commanding 24-0 lead in the first half. Slowly though, the Jets pull to within four, and with 2:36 left in the 4th quarter, they start a march from their own 20; 2:22 later, the ball is at the Buffalo 11. Todd then misses a wide-open Scott Dierking in the end zone, instead opting to throw a jump ball to Derrick Gaffney at the goal line; Bill S Bill Simpson gets to the ball at the 2, and the Jets’ wild season is over. (quality 9) - added January, 2008

(01-03-82) 1981 AFC Divisional - Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals - Cincinnati wins its first playoff game. QB Ken Anderson, who was the NFL’s top-rated quarterback and its consensus MVP in the regular season, connected on a 16-yard TD pass to rookie WR Cris Collinsworth with 10:39 remaining in the fourth quarter to break a tie and give the Bengals a 28-21 lead. The Bills were again poised to tie the game and set up an overtime period after driving 50 yards to the Bengals’ 20 with just over three minutes left, but a costly delay-of-game penalty on fourth down led to giving the ball back to Cincinnati. Anderson completed 14 of 21 for 192 yards, and TE Dan Ross recorded a game-high 6 receptions for 71 yards. The Bills held Bengals FB Pete Johnson, who had a career-high 1077 rushing yards in the regular season, to just 45 yards on 17 carries. But HB Charles Alexander, Johnson’s blocker for the majority of the regular season, responded for Cincinnati with a season-high 72 yards, including 2 TD runs. Great Game - (Quality 8) - added October, 2007



(12-05-82) Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers - In muddy conditions which Bills head coach Chuck Knox called "murder", the Packers rolled out to a 30-7 lead thanks to four Jan Stenerud field goals and moved back into a first place tie in the NFC. (Quality 9.5)



(10-09-83) WK 6 Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - added May, 2011

(10-16-83) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - Marino comes in early second quarter- Great Overtime game - (Quality 7.5) - added March, 2011

(11-13-83) Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets - Joe Ferguson throws 3 second half TD's including a 33-yard game winner to Joe Cribbs with :22 left, bringing Bills back from 14-0 halftime deficit - added March, 2009

(11-20-83) Los Angeles Raiders @ Buffalo Bills - Added March, 2011



(09-17-84) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - MNF - added March, 2009



(10-05-86) Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets - "Giving him the business" game - Includes Halftime (Quality 8) - added August, 2011

(11-02-86) Buffalo Bills @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - (Quality 8.5) - added August, 2011



(11-01-87) WK 8 Washington Redskins @ Buffalo Bills - tracking lines (Quality 8.5) - added May, 2011



(10-30-88) Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills - The Bills scored a touchdown in each quarter, two in the first half by the offense, and two in the second half by the defense. - Includes commercials and halftime (Quality 8.5)

(12-18-88) WK 16 Buffalo Bills @ Indianapolis Colts - Going into the last game of the 1988 season, the Colts desperately needed a win and a Cleveland loss to make the playoffs. A quarterback controversy had been brewing all year between Jack Trudeau and Gary Hogeboom, and in the last game of the season, one faction had its revenge. With the Colts trailing 14-3 in the fourth quarter, Trudeau got hurt and Hogeboom replaced him. He threw two touchdown passes to seal up a comeback win. Simultaneously, Houston was beating Cleveland in Cleveland 23-7. The playoffs seemed assured. Unfortunately, the crowd was informed that the Oilers had collapsed and Cleveland won 28-23 scoring the last 21 points of the game. - Added May, 2011

(01-01-89) 1988 AFC Divisional - Houston Oilers @ Buffalo Bills - added December, 2007

(01-08-89) 1988 AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals - The week before the AFC Championship game was filled with controversy, as Bills head coach Marv Levy convinced the NFL office that Bengals head coach Sam Wyche’s no-huddle offense was illegal. Cincinnati had developed and employed the no-huddle attack all season, but shortly before kickoff, the league informed the team that game officials would severely restrict its use. Wyche would eventually prevail in this rule book battle. Nevertheless, his offense, forced to abandon its no-huddle tactics for this contest, returned to basics and led the charge in beating Buffalo for a berth in Super Bowl XXIII. It was Cincinnati’s third victory of the year over Buffalo, having also downed the Bills in the preseason and regular season. Cincinnati won with a punishing rushing game, running the ball on 50 of 73 offensive plays and gaining 175 of their 249 total yards on the ground. Cincinnati’s defense recorded a solid performance, holding the Bills to 181 total yards, including just 53 in the second half. Cincinnati made 8-of-16 combined third-down and fourth-down conversions while allowing the Bills a debilitating none-of-11. Bengals rookie FB Ickey Woods "shuffled" his way to his second 100-yard rushing game of the postseason, gaining 102 on 29 carries. The Bengals advanced to the Super Bowl from what was, at the time, the worst previous-season finish (4-11) of any Super Bowl qualifier. Even to the present time, only the 1999 St. Louis Rams (4-12 in ’98) have gone farther. - Includes pregame, commercials,halftime, NBC postgame, local news post game, CNN sports tonight postgame, etc. (3 discs) (Quality 8.5)



(09-18-89) Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills - (Quality 8.5) - added June, 2009

(09-24-89) Buffalo Bills @ Houston Oilers - OT - Kelly vs Moon in shootout - Jim Kelly 363 yards passing, Warren Moon 338 yards passing, Andre Reed 135 yards receiving - Added October, 2008

(01-06-90) 1989 AFC Divisional - Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns - "The Drop" - Browns over Bills in 34-30 back and forth thriller that is FULL of big plays as the game goes down to the very last play. Buffalo gets big days from Jim Kelly (28-54, 4tds, 405yds) and RB Thurman Thomas (13-150-2 receiving) in losing cause. Great Game! Includes commercials and halftime (Quality 9)



(09-30-90) Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills - John Elway tries, but fails to pull another comeback. - added May, 2009

(11-26-90) Buffalo Bills @ Houston Oilers - MNF - "House of Pain Game" - Added October, 2008

(01-12-91) 1990 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills - Buffalo's no huddle offense lead by Jim Kelly (19-29, 3tds, 339yds) and WR's James Lofton (7-149-1) and Andre Reed (4-123-2) just too much for Miami & Dan Marino (23-49, 3tds, 323yds) in high scoring (44-34) game that saw the second half played in a snow storm! (Quality 8.5)

(01-20-91) 1990 AFC Championship - Oakland Raiders @ Buffalo Bills - The Buffalo Bills finally advanced to the Super Bowl when they defeated the LA Raiders 51-3 to win the AFC title. The Bills, using their famous "No Huddle" offense, exploded for 502 yards on offense (202 of which were on the ground). Jim Kelly passed for an even 300 yards, completing 17 out of 23 and two touchdowns. Reserve RB Ken Davis scored 3 TDs in the victory. The Buffalo defense intercepted the Raiders QBs a total of 6 times, one returned by LB Daryl Talley for a TD to blow the game open 28-0. James Lofton's second TD reception against his former team put Buffalo ahead 41-3 just before the half. It was the most lopsided AFC Championship game in history and the Raider's worst playoff loss ever. - (Quality 9)

(01-27-91) Super Bowl 25 - Buffalo Bills vs New York Giants - A - Giants win as Buffalo's Norwood misses last second FG - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list. - pregame, commercials, halftime, postgame show ; Announcers: Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, and Dan Dierdorf ; National Anthem: Whitney Houston ; Coin Toss: Pete Rozelle - upgraded August, 2008



(11-10-91) Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers - Jim Kelly, forced out of the game for several plays in the third quarter by a sore back, returned to lead the Buffalo Bills to another victory. Kelly passed for two first-half touchdowns and then ran for another in the fourth quarter as the Bills beat the Green Bay Packers 34-24. The Bills, who scored on an 80-yard drive in the final minutes of the first half, used their no-huddle offense to move 78 yards after the second-half kickoff for another quick score and a 21-10 lead. A 28-yard pass interference call against Roland Mitchell gave the Bills the ball at the Green Bay 5. Kelly hurt his lower back when he was hit as he released the ball and had to leave the game. Frank Reich stepped in and handed off to Thurman Thomas, who carried 5 yards for the touchdown. - JIP during Packers first drive, includes commercials and halftime (Quality 9) - added June 2007

(12-08-91) Buffalo Bills @ Los Angeles Raiders - OT - Bills some how over come a two-digit deficit and survived four (4) missed Scott Norwood kicks to prevail in OT, 30-27 - (Quality 8)

(01-05-92) 1991 AFC Divisional - Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills - added January, 2008

(01-12-92) 1991 AFC Championship - Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills - Bills overcome stubborn Broncos in tight defensive battle won 10-7 by Buffalo after holding off late Bronco rally lead by backup QB Gary Kubiak (11-12, 136yds) subbing for the injured John Elway.

(01-26-92) Super Bowl XXVI - Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins - @ Minneapolis, MN - includes Commercials, halftime, and superbowl live post-game (Quality 9) (3 discs)



(09-13-92) Buffalo Bills 34 San Francisco 49ers 31 - First game in NFL history to have NO punts! Bills beat 49ers 34-31 as Kelly (403yds) & Young (449yds) excel and the two teams combine for almost 1100 yards of total offense! Great game! (no commercials)

(10-04-92) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - added March, 2009

(01-03-93) 1992 AFC Wildcard - Houston Oilers vs Buffalo Bills - "Greatest comeback in NFL History!!!" Bills defeat Oilers in 41-38 in Over Time after absolutely amazing come back from being down 35-3 in the 3rd!!! This game was even more amazing in the fact that the comeback was led by the Bills backup QB Frank Reich. Reich now has led the greatest comebacks in NCAA Division 1 history and NFL history. - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list.

(01-09-93) 1992 AFC Divisional - Buffalo Bills vs Pittsburgh Steelers - The Bills forced 4 turnovers as they held the Steelers to just a field goal. Buffalo quarterback Frank Reich threw for 160 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions; while running back Kenneth Davis rushed for 104 yards and a touchdown. Pittsburgh scored first on kicker Gary Anderson's 38-yard field goal. However, Steelers quarterback Neil O'Donnell lost a fumble which Bills defensive lineman Phil Hansen recovered. Buffalo then advanced 59 yards to score on Reich's 1-yard touchdown pass to Mitch Frerotte, an eligible lineman. - (2 dvd's w/ NBC Live pregame show, commercials, halftime and Steelers 5th Quarter post game (Quality 8.5)

(01-17-93) 1992 AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - The Bills intercepted Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino twice, recovered 3 fumbles, forced 4 sacks, and held Miami to just 33 rushing yards. Although the Buffalo offense had trouble getting into the end zone because it was both quarterback Jim Kelly and running back Thurman Thomas's first game after recovering from injuries, kicker Steve Christie made an NFL playoff record-tying 5 field goals. Thomas rushed for 96 yards and caught 5 passes for 70. - (Quality 9)

(01-31-93) Super Bowl XXVII - Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys - @ Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA - includes Pre-game intros, Commercials, halftime, and post-game ; Announcers: Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy ; National Anthem: Garth Brooks ; Coin Toss: O. J. Simpson (Quality 9)



(09-05-93) New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills - Drew Bledsoe's first game - (Quality 9)

(09-12-93) Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboy - Added March, 2009

(11-15-93) Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills - MNF - w/pregame, commercials and post-game

(01-15-94) 1993 AFC Divisional - Los Angeles Raiders vs Buffalo Bills - Includes pre-game and post-game

(01-23-94) 1993 AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs - Bills defeat Montana lead Chiefs 30-13 by knocking Joe out! Buffalo RB Thurman Thomas (33-186-3) does help out - Includes pre-game, commercials, halftime, and post-game (Quality 9)

(01-30-94) Super Bowl XXVIII - Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills - @ Atlanta, GA - Cowboys do it again to the Bills with second half surge



(10-02-94) Buffalo Bills @ Chicago Bears - added January, 2008

(11-06-94) Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets - one of the hardest hitting games in the rivalry; Jets win 22-17 as Buffalo gets to Jets 22 before time runs out. Game must have record for concussions. - added May, 2011

(11-20-94) Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills - They fight like children on the sidelines and bicker across the radio dial. On the field, though, Jim Kelly and Andre Reed are always together. Kelly and Reed connected for two touchdowns and 191 yards on Sunday to beat Green Bay 29-20 and revive the Bills' playoff hopes. Buffalo snapped a two-game losing streak and sent the Packers to their first loss in four games. Reed had a team record 15 catches and a career best in yardage. Kelly's total of 365 yards was his best in 2 1/2 years and the fourth-best of his career. Together, they have connected for 56 TDs, tied for third-best in NFL history and more than any other active tandem. Steve Young and Jerry Rice of the 49ers had 54 going into their Sunday night game against the Raiders. Kelly was seen yelling at Reed on the sideline Monday night during the Bills' 23-10 loss to the Steelers, when Reed admitted missing some audiles because of the crowd noise. Kelly was also upset that Reed failed to see a blitz that led to a sack, fumble and Pittsburgh touchdown. On Reed's Tuesday night radio show, he said he wishes Kelly had approached him in private so they could work it out, saying "don't act like a fool on national TV." But the two said they had put the feud behind them. And on Sunday, they showed they really have. Kelly hit Reed for 15- and 10-yard touchdowns in the first half as the Bills moved out to a 24-0 lead. Brett Favre and Sterling Sharpe connected for two touchdowns and Edgar Bennett caught another as Green Bay made it 27-20, but the Packers failed in three attempts to close the gap further. - Includes commercials and halftime (Quality 8.5)



(12-17-95) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - Includes commercials, halftime, and "The Postgame Show" (Quality 9) - added March 2007

(12-30-95) 1995 AFC Wildcard - Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - added August, 2008

(01-06-96) 1995 AFC Divisional - Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers - added August, 2008



(12-16-96) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - added March, 2009

(12-28-96) 1996 AFC Wildcard - Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills - added August, 2008



(08-16-97) Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills - Played in Toronto - Includes halftime, commercials (Quality 8.5)

(09-21-97) Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills - Buffalo rallies from 26-0 deficit. - Added May, 2011

(12-20-97) Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers - The only mission the Green Bay Packers didn't accomplish Saturday was getting Dorsey Levens the club single-season rushing record. They achieved all their other goals in a 31-21 victory over the Buffalo Bills, the most significant of which was keeping Brett Favre & Co. healthy. In a regular season finale that meant nothing for the playoff picture, the Packers kept their momentum going - despite a clumsy second half by their subs - in stretching their winning streak at Lambeau Field to 26. They even made history. Flanker Robert Brooks joined Antonio Freeman in giving the Packers two 1,000-yard receivers for the first time in their 78-year history. Factor in Levens' 1,000-yard rushing season, and the Packers have a balanced attack as they head into the playoffs in defense of their Super Bowl title. Levens fell 39 yards short of Jim Taylor's 35-year-old record of 1,474 rushing yards. Playing into the fourth quarter, Levens gained 71 yards on 22 carries. He had 25 more yards wiped out by two holding penalties. Rookie Darren Sharper tied the team record for most defensive TDs in a season (three) with a 20-yard interception of Alex Van Pelt in the fourth quarter. Favre was slow getting up after a hit by defensive end Phil Hansen on his first dropback, but he bounced back to put on another strong display, making him a strong candidate for an unprecedented third consecutive MVP award. On one play, Favre scrambled right, slipped three rushers and hit Mark Chmura for a first down. Then, he hit a leaping Brooks with an 18-yard bullet in tight coverage and the crowd chanted, "MVP! MVP! MVP!" Favre completed 12-of-18 passes for 156 yards and two TDs, his 34th and 35th of the season, and left at halftime with Green Bay ahead 21-0. Buffalo lost for the sixth time in seven games, and Bills special teams star Steve Tasker said goodbye a little early by getting ejected on the day he retired. Tasker decided not to catch a punt deep in his own territory less than two minutes into the game. As he got out of the way, the ball bounced inside the 5-yard line and grazed the back of the Bills' Raymond Jackson and caromed into the hands of Tyrone Davis for a Packers touchdown. Referee Mike Carey immediately signaled the score, and the usually easygoing Tasker protested. He was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected. It was Davis' first career touchdown. Then, the tight end added his first TD reception, a 2-yarder, that made it 21-0 in the second quarter. Davis' TD catch followed a 4-yard touchdown reception by Freeman. - Includes commercials and audio is radio broadcast with Max McGee and Jim Irwin (Quality 8.5)



(11-29-98) WK 13 Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots - With a fractured finger on his passing hand from the previous week, Drew Bledsoe again rallies his team in the closing minutes. Drew caps a 246 yard 3 touchdown day by hitting Ben Coates in the endzone as time expires. - Includes Halftime and commercials (Quality 8) - Added March, 2011

(01-02-99) 1998 AFC Wildcard - Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - added September, 2008



(10-10-99) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills - added March, 2009

(01-08-00) 1999 AFC Wildcard - Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills - Tennessee pulls off the famous "Music City Miracle" for 22-16 win over Buffalo when trick play Kickoff Return goes for a TD in final seconds!!! Was it a lateral? Upgraded includes ABC Wildcard pre-game show, halftime, commercials (Quality 9.0) - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list.



(09-10-00) Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills - Bills QB Rob Johnson was sacked and battered numerous times by the Green Bay defense but hung tough to out-duel Brett Favre, who threw for 269 yards and 2 touchdowns for the Packers. Johnson completed 18 of 26 passes for 259 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception while under constant pressure from Packers linemen, linebackers and safeties. His touchdown strike to tight end Jay Riemersma with 11:45 to play in the game gave Buffalo an insurmountable 27-10 lead. (Quality 9)



(12-22-02) Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers - The Vonnie Game - Favre threw for the 150th touchdown of his career in Lambeau Field - Vonnie Holliday's best day as a pro came after the worst night of his life. Holliday set a team record by sacking Drew Bledsoe five times, forcing him to fumble on three of them, in Green Bay's 10-0 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Thanks to Holliday, the Packers (12-3) are the league's only team to win all its home games this season. His exceptional performance came less than 24 hours after his 16-year- old cousin died of a congenital heart defect. Holliday's first forced fumble led to Green Bay's only touchdown, and his last one ended Buffalo's hopes with 1:13 left and the Bills at the Green Bay 17. He collapsed on the field, then again on the sideline, crying. Holliday, plagued by a torn chest muscle and a sprained knee this season, had just one sack coming into the game. He took off a restrictive shoulder harness last week against doctors' orders and had a solid game against San Francisco. But nothing like Sunday, when he broke Bryce Paup's club record of 4 1/2 sacks set on Sept. 15, 1991, against Tampa Bay. The Packers need to win at the Jets next week and also for the Eagles or Tampa Bay to slip up to get anything more than a first-round playoff game at Lambeau Field, where they've never lost in the postseason. Green Bay lost its best defender in safety Darren Sharper, who sprained his right knee on his league-leading seventh interception return in the first half. Sharper took helmet in his knee and will be re-examined today. - (Quality 9)



(08-05-05) Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers - pre-season scrimmage - family night - Includes commercials (Quality 9)

(08-20-05) Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills - pre-season - Includes commercials, halftime, Mike Sherman show, and Inside Lambeau post-game show (Quality 9.5)



(11-05-06) Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills - When Willis McGahee went down, London Fletcher and the Buffalo defense stepped up. The linebacker scored on a 17-yard interception return and keyed a four-takeaway outing in Buffalo's win over the Packers on Sunday. It didn't matter to Fletcher that the Bills offense generated just 90 yards and four first downs through three quarters, or that Buffalo was minus its most potent threat, McGahee. The running back hurt his ribs 4 minutes in and didn't return. The offense did just enough in ending a three-game losing streak and helping the Bills improve to 3-5. Not that the final outcome was reflected on the stat sheet, which weighed heavily in Green Bay's favor. The Packers out-gained the Bills 427 yards offense to 184. Green Bay had 26 first downs to Buffalo's 11, and controlled the ball for nearly 9 more minutes. Brett Favre finished 28-of-47 for 287 yards passing, while Buffalo's J.P. Losman was a modest 8-of-15 for 102 yards. The difference? Turnovers. Buffalo didn't commit one, a switch after Losman had committed eight, including five interceptions, in his previous three starts. Green Bay's four turnovers were one more than it had committed in its previous three games. Green Bay lost in its attempt to win three straight for the first time in two years and dropped to 0-5 all-time at Buffalo. - added September, 2007



(11-18-07) New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills - added August, 2008



(09-14-08) Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Added March, 2009

(09-21-08) Oakland Raiders @ Buffalo Bills - Added November, 2009

(11-02-08) New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills - Added March, 2009

(11-09-08) Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots - Added March, 2011

(12-14-08) Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets - Added March, 2009



(08-22-09) Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers turned in a crisp early performance, completing 8-of-9 passes for a pair of TDs as Green Bay rode a strong first half to defeat Buffalo. Tyrell Sutton rushed for 49 yards and a score on 11 carries for the Packers, who have emerged victorious in both exhibition games thus far. Ryan Grant picked up 43 yards on the ground and also scored once. Donald Driver and Greg Jennings each registered a TD catch for Green Bay, which saw backup Brian Brohm go 12-for-19 for 83 yards. Rodgers hit Jennings in the first quarter then Driver in the second. Grant added a TD run and Mason Crosby nailed a 36-yarder and the Pack took a 24-0 edge to halftime. - Includes Packers Pre-game - Added March, 2011



(09-19-10) Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers threw for 255 yards and two TDs and ran for a score to lead Green Bay. Rodgers connected on 19-of-29 throws, with four going to Jermichael Finley for 103 yards, as the Packers tallied 21 unanswered second-half points to win their fourth straight home opener and fifth straight home game. Clay Matthews recorded three sacks for a second straight week for a defense that limited the Bills to 186 total yards. Trent Edwards was pressured all day and completed 11-of-18 passes for 102 yards and was intercepted twice. Marshawn Lynch carried 17 times for 64 yards for the Bills (0-2), who lost their second straight visit to the legendary venue. Brandon Jackson finished with 29 yards on 11 carries in his first start since 2007 filling in for Ryan Grant, who is sidelined for the season, while John Kuhn led the Packers with 36 rushing yards on nine totes. Greg Jennings caught three passes for 36 yards while Jordy Nelson made three grabs for 32. Fred Jackson ran nine times for 39 yards for Buffalo, which leads the all-time series, 7-4, while Lee Evans, who had made a catch in 90 of his last 91 games, was held without a catch for Buffalo. The Bills have gone 56 consecutive games without their quarterback throwing for 300 yards since J.P. Losman threw for 340 yards against the Houston Texans on November 19, 2006. - Includes NFC playbook, NFL Today pregame, halftime, FOX postgame, Pack attack (Tom Crabtree guest), Mike McCarthy Show (Brian Chillar guest) - (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011


Team Yearbooks

Buffalo Bills Yearbooks - 1988 (original), 1991 (original) - Updated May, 2011