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(10-16-66) Denver Broncos @ Miami Dolphins - Miami's first ever win - Original, color, 25 minutes of narrated footage from game (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011



(12/26/70-12/27/70) "This Week in the Pro Football" highlights WK 15 1970 AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Colts + Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders - Silent, Summerall/Brookshier, 30 mins, color, original (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011



(11-21-71) Baltimore Colts @ Miami Dolphins - rebroadcast, color GOTW highlights, 22 minutes of narrated footage from game (Quality 8.5)

(12-25-71) 1971 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs - Rebroadcast, color GOTW highlights, 22 minutes of narrated footage from game (Quality 8.5)

(12-25-71) 1971 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs - 2 OT - Longest game in NFL history - Original Radio Broadcast on CD with Dick Carlson - Added May, 2011

(12/25/71-12/26/71) 1971 Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Colts @ Cleveland Browns, Washington @ San Francisco 49ers - "This Week in the Pro Football" highlights WK 15 - Summerall/Brookshier, 45 mins, color, original (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011

(01-02-72) 1971 AFC Championship - Baltimore Colts @ Miami Dolphins - Miami uses solid running game and big plays to down rival Baltimore 21-0, lead by Johnny Unitas, and advance to their first Super Bowl - Radio Audio & Gamefilm merged (100 mins) (NBC)(Jones/ Ratterman)

(01-02-72) 1971 AFC Championship - Baltimore Colts @ Miami Dolphins - original color GOTW highlights, 22 minutes of narrated footage from game (Quality 8.5)

(01-16-72) Super Bowl VI - Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins - @ New Orleans - Roger Staubach vs. Bob Griese - Cowboys first championship in convincing win over Miami - MVP-QB/ Roger Staubach - Includes pregame and post-game interviews (CBS)(Scott/ Summerall) (Quality 8.5)



(10-29-72) Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Colts - Miami's powerful ground game of Larry Csonka (19-93-2), Mercury Morris (11-71-1), and Jim Kiick (14-52) keys 23-0 shut out of Baltimore in continuing march towards perfect record! - game film, b/w, silent - Added March, 2009

(11-19-72) New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - Rebroadcast GOTW highlights, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(11-27-72) St. Louis Cardinals @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - Miami continues march to a perfect season in using a heavy dose of Larry Csonka (16-114) to take 31-10 besting of St. Louis in match that was close in the 1st Half - pregame - commercials - halftime highlights including: 49ers/ Cowboys, Rams/ Saints, Packers/ Redksins, Bills/ Browns, Vikings/ Steelers. (Gifford/ Cosell/ Meredith) (169 mins) 3 discs (Quality 9)

(12-24-72) 1972 AFC Divisional - Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins - Browns blow chance to ruin Dolphins perfect season with 14-13 4th QTR lead, Mike Phipps picked off as Cleveland tries to win at end! - Coaches Film Merged With Radio Audio - edited during huddles (quality 8.5) - added August, 2007

(12/23/72-12/24/72) 1972 Divisional Playoffs - Oakland Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins - "This Week in the Pro Football" highlights WK 15 - Summerall/Brookshier, 45 mins, color, original (Quality 9) - Added May, 2009

(12-31-72) 1972 AFC Championship - Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers - original GOTW highlights, color, 22 mins (quality 8.5)

(01-14-73) Super Bowl VII - Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins - @ Los Angeles - Billy Kilmer vs. Bob Griese - MVP ; S/ Jake Scott - Dolphins go undefeated, despite Garo's Goof, in win vs "Over the Hill Gang" Redskins. The No-name D shuts down the Skins and while Bob Griese, and Larry Czonka's 112 rushing yards provides enough offense to cap the perfect season. - includes pregame, halftime and postgame (Gowdy/ DeRogatis)



(10-15-73) Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns - MNF - Joined in Progress with 2:55 left in 2nd Qtr and ends mid 3rd Qtr, includes full halftime with Cossell's highlights and has commercials including one with a very young Bradshaw, picture jumpy at times (44 minutes) (Quality 8) - Added March, 2011

(12-03-73) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins - The Dick Anderson MNF Classic game! The Dolphin safety picks off four passes in the first half, returning two for TD's. Miami builds big lead, but Terry Bradshaw comes off the bench to lead huge comeback but falls just short in 30-26 Dolphin win. Steeler RB Franco Harris (15-105) does have a big night. - halftime highlights including: Giants/ Redskins, Cowboys/ Broncos, Browns/ Chiefs, Colts/ Jets, Bills/ Falcons, Vikings/ Bengals - 4 discs quality 9

(12-22-73) 1973 AFC Divisional - Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins - Young Kenny Anderson and Bengals take on talented Dolphins - 1st Half only - Original broadcast (Quality 9.5) - Added March, 2011

(12/22/73-12/23/73) 1973 Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders - "This Week in the Pro Football highlights WK 15 - Summerall/Brookshier, 45 mins, color, original (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011

(12-30-73) 1973 AFC Championship - Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins - Original broadcast. Includes commercials and half (Quality 9.5) (4 DVDs) - Added March, 2011

(01-13-74) Super Bowl VIII - Miami Dolphins vs Minnesota Vikings - @ Houston, TX - Fran Tarkenton vs. Bob Griese - Miami gets a quick 14-0 lead behind smash mouth running by MVP Larry Czonka (145 yards) and the defense does the rest in a dominating performance. Quality 9



(09-15-74) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(11-17-74) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - GOTW highlights, Rebroadcast, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(12-21-74) 1974 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders - Sea of Hands game - Full Oakland Radio Network Broadcast with Bill King - added October, 2008

(12-21-74) 1974 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders - Sea of Hands game - original GOTW highlights, color, 22 mins (quality 8.5) - added October, 2008

(12/21/74-12/22/74) 1974 Divisional Playoffs - St. Louis Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington @ LA Rams - "This Week in the Pro Football" highlights WK 15 - Summerall/Brookshier, 45 mins, color, original (Quality 9) - Added March, 2011



(09-22-75) Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - A rematch of last years thrilling "Sea of Hands" playoff game. Oakland breaks Miami's 31 game home winning streak with strong pass defense and power running for 31-21 win. Footage of the days Presidential assassination attempt included. - commercials - pregame - (A)

(10-26-75) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(12-14-75) Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Colts - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)



(09-13-76) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - Edited Huddles (Quality 8) - Added October, 2008

(10-03-76) Los Angeles Rams @ Miami Dolphins - 2nd Half only - includes halftime with Ali retirement segment. Channel is changed during commercials to Jets vs 49ers game, which made a few plays missed (Quality 8.5) - added October, 2008

(10-17-76) Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 9)

(12-05-76) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - Edited Huddles (Quality 8) - Added September, 2008



(12-05-77) Baltimore Colts @ Miami Dolphins - MNF compilation disc of 5 edited games - heavily edited footage from the game. Picks up at halftime - Includes Halftime, 13 minutes from the game (Quality 8.5) - Added March, 2011

(12-11-77) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)



(09-03-78) Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(10-01-78) St. Louis Cardinals @ Miami Dolphins - Added March, 2009

(11-05-78) WK 10 - Dallas Cowboys @ Miami Dolphins - Satellite Feed (3 DVDs) (Quality 9) - Added September, 2011

(11-20-78) Miami Dolphins vs Houston Oilers - "Luv ya Blue Game", The MNF classic where Houston rookie RB Earl Campbell (28-199-4) goes wild! Oilers take 35-30 exciting win over the Dolphins.

(12-24-78) 1978 AFC Wildcard - Houston Oilers vs Miami Dolphins - rematch of "Luv ya Blue" game - B+



(10-28-79) Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - Bob Griese completed 18 of 27 passes for 287 yards and a touchdown as the Dolphins moved into a tie for first place in the AFC East. Miami built a 20-0 lead on a touchdown reception by Duriel Harris, a scoring run by Larry Csonka, and two Uwe von Schamann field goals. Harris caught 10 passes for 180 yards, both Miami records. - Partial game - Added August, 2008

(11-18-79) Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns - GOTW highlights, original, 22 mins (Quality 8.5)

(12-30-79) 1979 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins vs Pittsburgh Steelers - Pittsburgh offense just runs right over Miami, while the Steel Curtain defense only gives up 25 yards rushing on the day. It all adds up to 34-14 Steeler win at home.



(09-21-80) Miami Dolphins vs Atlanta Falcons - Loses video for about 5 minutes in 1st qtr due to technical difficulties - (Quality 8.5) (3 discs) - Added December, 2008

(11-20-80) WK 12 - San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins - Thursday Night Football - OT game - (3 DVDs) (Quality 8) - Added September, 2011

(11-30-80) Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Added March, 2009



(10-25-81) WK 8 Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys - Great finish as Dallas comes back from 13 down late in the 4th to win 28-27. Big individual stats as well. Miami: David Woodley 408 yards, 3 TD, 5 INT; Duriel Harris 165 yards rec, Jimmy Cefalo 164 yards rec, TD. Dallas: Danny White 354 yards, 3 TD, INT; Tony Dorsett 122 yards rushing, Tony Hill 106 yards rec. - (Quality 8) - added May, 2011

(11-22-81) Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets - It's the first time since 1969 that the Jets are battling for first place this late in the season. Jets QB Richard Todd plays the entire game wearing a flak jacket to protect a cracked rib; it almost makes him forget about his sprained ankle. Leading 12-9 in the fourth, Miami drives 75 yards--all on the ground--and is about to put the game away when Jet DE Abdul Salaam stops Dolphin RB Tony Nathan on a 3rd and goal at the Jet 2. Following the Miami FG, the Jets take over at their own 23 with 2:44 left. On the ensuing drive, Todd completes passes to seven different receivers as he goes 8 for 10 for 77 yards, the last 11 to Jerome Barkum between two Miami defenders for the winning TD with only :16 left. - (quality 9) - Added September, 2008

(11-30-81) Philadelphia Eagles @ Miami Dolphins - Monday Night Game- Game had to be stopped multiple because Jaworski could not call his plays - Great Game! - (Quality 8) - Added July, 2011

(01-02-82) 1981 AFC Divisional - San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins - Possibly the greatest football game ever played! - Chargers outlast Dolphins in Overtime in famous "The Epic in Miami", "Hook & Lateral" or "Kellen Winslow" game - The Chargers faced the Dolphins in a steamy Orange Bowl in an AFC divisional playoff shootout. Miami quarterback Don Strock and San Diego quarterback Dan Fouts were both brilliant. But the real star was Chargers tight end Kellen Winslow, who caught 13 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown and blocked a field goal as time was expiring that forced the game to overtime. The Chargers won 41-38 as a dehydrated and exhausted Winslow had to be helped off the field. Includes commercials, halftime, postgame (Quality 9) - one of the 22 games listed on the NFL Greatest games series list.



(12-12-82) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - The Snow Plow Game - Ron Meyer instructs a prison work release worker to use his snow plow to clear a spot for John Smith to attempt the game winning field goal. The Patriots use the win as a catalyst to qualify for the playoffs. - Named one of the NFL's greatest finishes

(01-08-83) 1982 1st RD AFC Super Bowl Tournament - New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - added January, 2008

(01-16-83) 1982 AFC Divisional - San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins - (4 DVDs)

(01-23-83) 1982 AFC Championship - New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - played in the mud - LB AJ Duhe picks off 3 passes as Richard Todd throws 5 of them in the game to send the 'phins to the super bowl. The game would cost Walt Michaels his job. (4 DVDs)

(01-30-83) Super Bowl XVII - Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins - @ Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA - Riggins & the Hogs lead Redskins over Dolphins



(09-19-83) Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Raiders - MNF - A rookie named Dan Marino (11-17, 2tds, 190yds) makes his first ever NFL appearance and leads two to late TD drives! Raider HB Marcus Allen (22-105) stars in the game - (Quality 8.5) - added December, 2008

(10-09-83) WK 6 Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - added May, 2011

(10-16-83) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - Marino comes in early second quarter- Great Overtime game - (Quality 7.5) - added March, 2011

(11-06-83) Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ers - Rookie Dan Marino vs Joe Montana

(12-31-83) 1983 AFC Divisional - Seattle Seahawks @ Miami Dolphins - Cold and Rainy day at the Orange Bowl - Seahawks SHOCK Dolphins 27-20 at the Orange Bowl. Seattle rookie RB Curt Warner (29-113-2) keys this shocking win with his hard running. Great back & forth game.



(08-??-84) Preseason WK 4 - Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Marino plays quite a bit - added July, 2011

(09-02-84) Miami Dolphins @ Washington Redskins - Added March, 2009

(09-09-84) WK 2 - New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - Missing The Final Two Minutes Of The 4th Quarter - Includes halftime and commercials (Quality 8) - added September, 2011

(09-17-84) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - MNF - added March, 2009

(09-30-84) Miami Dolphins @ St. Louis Cardinals - Marino 429 yards 3 TD's - added December, 2007

(10-07-84) Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Added March, 2009

(11-18-84) Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers - Marino vs Fouts - Dan Fouts 380 yards passing, Dan Marino 338 yards passing, Earnest Jackson 124 yards rushing - added December, 2007

(11-26-84) New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - added March, 2009

(12-02-84) Los Angeles Raiders @ Miami Dolphins - Raiders win shoot out (45-34) despite Marino breaking season TD record during the game for Dolphins. Big days from Marino (35-57, 4tds, 470yds) and WR Mark Clayton (9-177-2) can't help Miami overcome big day from Raider RB Marcus Allen (20-155-3) who shines - (quality 9) - Added September, 2008

(12-17-84) Dallas Cowboys @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - Marino sets TD record for one year with 48 - Marino hits Clayton from 63 yds out in final 1:00 to win, Cowboys knocked out of playoffs in Dandy Don's last MNF broadcast...great game

(12-29-84) 1984 AFC Divisional - Seattle Seahawks @ Miami Dolphins - added December, 2007

(01-06-85) 1984 AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins - Dan Marino (21-32, 4tds, 421yds) has a huge day in Dolphins 45-28 over Steelers in an offensive laden game. Steelers quarterback Mark Malone recorded 312 yards and 3 touchdowns, but was intercepted 3 times. - made from 2 sources - Includes pre-game, halftime, commercials, and post-game (3 discs)

(01-20-85) Super Bowl XIX - San Francisco 49ers vs Miami Dolphins - @ Palo Alto, CA - Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino - Montana lead 49ers show record setting Dan Marino & Dolphins how it's done. Montana wins MVP



(09-29-85) Miami Dolphins @ Denver Broncos - First Dan Marino vs John Elway clash, and neither disappoint in exciting 30-26 Miami win in Denver - Added March, 2009

(10-20-85) WK 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Miami Dolphins - 41-38 battle between Marino and DeBerg

(10-27-85) Wk 8 - Miami Dolphins @ Detroit Lions - Lions upset Dan Marino and defending AFC Champion Dolphins. Eric Hipple completes 14 of 19 for 239 and 3 TDs/0 INTs. Lions running back James Jones rushes for 114 yards and has 2 TDs. Lions Receiver Leonard Thompson has 133 yards receiving and 1 TD. Marino goes 23 of 44 for 247 yards 2 TDs/2 INTs in the loss. (QUALITY = 8.5) 3 DVDs - Added June, 2011

(12-02-85) Chicago Bears @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - Miami hands Chicago it's only loss of the '85 season. Dolphins take 38-24 victory at home in this historical clash on MNF! Bears Walter Payton (23-121) gives it his all as usual though! includes commercials, halftime (Quality 9)

(12-08-85) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - Dan Marino throws for five touchdowns in a back & forth 34-24 Miami win at Green Bay in the cold. Good game! Green Bay's running attack bogged down with just 63 yards on 22 carries. Marino would throw 2 TDs in the fourth quarter as Miami overcame a 24-20 deficit. Lynn Dickey was sidelined with an injury in this game, and would never play for the Packers again. (Quality 9)

(12-16-85) New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - Great Monday Night Game - Includes commercials, halftime and Monday Night Matchup Pre-game (Quality 8.5) - Added July, 2011

(01-04-86) 1985 AFC Divisional - Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins - Classic - Dan Marino's furious 18 point comeback leads Miami back to 24-21 win over upset minded Browns who received a big rushing day from Ernest Byner (16-161-2). - upgraded and readded March, 2008

(01-12-86) 1985 AFC Championship - New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - Patriots use rushing attack in the rain, keyed by Craig James (22-105), to upset Dolphins 31-14 in the Orange Bowl ending 18 game losing streak to the Miami there! - added March, 2007



(preseason) Cleveland Browns vs Miami Dolphins - 3 discs - Added October, 2008

(09-21-86) Miami Dolphins @ NY Jets - The mother of all games! Jets win wild one (51-45) in overtime vs Dolphins in one of the NFL's greatest offensive games ever! Jets QB Ken O'Brien throws for 479 yards, while Marino throws for 448! WR's on both sides join the fun too as Jets Wesley Walker (6-194-4) & Al Toon (7-111) and Dolphins Mark Clayton (8-174-1) & Mark Duper (7-154-2) shine - Added December, 2007

(12-07-86) Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints - Added March, 2009

(12-14-86) Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Rams - OT - Dan Marino 403 yards passing and 6 TD passes, Mark Duper 145 yards receiving, Eric Dickerson 124 yards rushing (quality 8) - Added December, 2008

(12-22-86) New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - Last game in Orange Bowl - Steve Grogan to Stanley Morgan have one last moment of greatness together, leading the Patriots to a season ending victory in Miami clinching the Patriots first division title since 1978. Morgan would finish with 148 yards receiving including the last minute game winner - (quality 9) - Added October, 2008



(09-13-87) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - added March, 2009

(12-13-87) Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles - Added March, 2009

(12-20-87) Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins - Added March, 2009



(09-18-88) Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - Green Bay recovered three Dolphin turnovers, but still fell behind 17-0. It continued Miami's streak of never having lost to the Packers. - added June 2007

(10-23-88) New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - Marino throws for 521 yds (3rd most ever) but also throws 5 picks, 3 in 4th quarter; Miami comes back from 37-17 down to 37-30 and has 1st and goal before Marino unravels - added March, 2009

(12-12-88) Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - Marino 406 yards, Fred Banks 118 yards receiving, Mark Clayton 108 yards receiving - added December, 2007



(09-24-89) New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - Jets come back from 11-pts down in 4th quarter to win 40-33; Marino and O'brien combine for almost 750 yds in air. Buch of really crazy plays, including TD's on flea flicker, 1st half hail mary, and blocked FG - added March, 2009

(10-22-89) Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - Green Bay rallied from a 20-6 deficit when Don Majkowski tossed two fourth quarter touchdown passes to Sterling Sharpe. Pete Stoyanovich broke the tie with a field goal late to hold off the charging Packers. Includes commercials, halftime, and CBS post-game show (Quality 9.5) (4 discs)

(11-26-89) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins - Added December, 2007

(12-24-89) Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins - Monday Night Game - Coldest Home Dolphin Game ever! - (Quality 8.5) - Added July, 2011



(11-25-90) Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns - added March, 2009

(12-09-90) Philadelphia Eagles @ Miami Dolphins - Added December, 2007

(01-05-91) 1990 AFC Wildcard - Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins - Added March, 2008

(01-12-91) 1990 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills - Buffalo's no huddle offense lead by Jim Kelly (19-29, 3tds, 339yds) and WR's James Lofton (7-149-1) and Andre Reed (4-123-2) just too much for Miami & Dan Marino (23-49, 3tds, 323yds) in high scoring (44-34) game that saw the second half played in a snow storm! (Quality 8.5)



(09-22-91) Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - Chuck Klingbeil's first NFL touchdown helped Don Shula to his 300th NFL victory, and that, the coach says, "wasn't in the script." Klingbeil, a reserve nose tackle from the CFL, recovered Don Majkowski's fourth quarter fumble in the end zone for the tie, and Pete Stoyanovich kicked a 31-yard field goal that lifted the Miami Dolphins past Green Bay 16-13. The Dolphins' offense gained just 232 yards and extended its touchdown-less streak to six quarters. But the defense and the kicking of Stoyanovich and punter Reggie Roby were enough for Miami and the milestone. The pivotal play came at the start of the fourth quarter after Green Bay scored 13 consecutive points for a 13-6 lead. On second down at his 2, Majkowski faded into the end zone, looked right, looked left and dropped the ball without being touched. Klingbeil fell on it and became Miami's unlikely hero; the 260-pound free-agent acquisition is on the team only because two other nose tackles are hurt. He was delighted to be linked with Shula's landmark win. Majkowski blamed the 86-degree weather for his fumble. Dan Marino's 40-yard pass to Mark Duper on the Dolphins' next series set up the winning kick with 8:21 left. Stoyanovich also kicked field goals of 43 and 52 yards in the first quarter. Roby punted seven times for an average of 52.7 yards. He pinned Green Bay at the 2 before Klingbeil's touchdown, and at the 5 with 2:15 left. Miami then clinched the victory when Vestee Jackson recovered another Majkowski fumble at Green Bay's 24. Majkowski finished with 19 completions in 36 attempts for 238 yards with 1 interception. He was sacked five times. Marino was 19 of 32 for 212 yards with 1 interception and 3 sacks. Mark Higgs, the second-leading rusher in the NFL, was held to 43 yards in 18 carries - Includes commercials and halftime (3 discs) (Quality 9.5)

(12-22-91) New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - OT - A battle for the last spot in the playoffs in the last game of the year for both teams goes into OT



(09-14-92) Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns - includes some pregame--Monday Night Match-up on ESPN and Monday Night Magazine and some postgame highlights on ESPN; most every commercial is also included - Added March, 2009

(10-04-92) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - added March, 2009

(12-20-92) New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - Jets coach Pete Carroll giving the choke signal towards Miami only to have the dolphins win - added December, 2008

(12-27-92) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - includes commercials and halftime - Added March, 2009

(01-10-93) 1992 AFC Divisional - San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins - added January, 2008

(01-17-93) 1992 AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - The Bills intercepted Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino twice, recovered 3 fumbles, forced 4 sacks, and held Miami to just 33 rushing yards. Although the Buffalo offense had trouble getting into the end zone because it was both quarterback Jim Kelly and running back Thurman Thomas's first game after recovering from injuries, kicker Steve Christie made an NFL playoff record-tying 5 field goals. Thomas rushed for 96 yards and caught 5 passes for 70. - (Quality 9)



(11-14-93) Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles - Don Shula breaks record - added March, 2009

(11-25-93) Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys - Thanksgiving Day - Amazing ending - Played on snow covered field in Dallas! - On a snowy Thanksgiving in Dallas, the Cowboys’ Jimmie Jones blocked Miami’s game-winning field-goal attempt with 0:15 remaining. With the game seemingly over, Dallas’ Leon Lett revived the dead ball, sliding into it at the Cowboys’ seven-yard line. Miami recovered the ball at the Dallas one with :03 left -- enough time for Pete Stoyanovich to kick a game-winning 20-yard field goal. - w/pregame, commercials and half-time

(12-13-93) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins - MNF

(01-02-94) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - OT - Bill Parcells' Patriots cap his first year behind rookie Drew Bledsoe's four touchdown passes. The victory knocks the Dolphins out of the playoffs and ends the season on a four game winning streak.



(08-13-94) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - added September, 2007

(09-04-94) New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins - Marino comes back from injury and Miami wins passing shoot out 39-35 over Patriots! Dolphins QB Dan Marino (473 yards & 5 TD's) uses WR Irving Fryar (5-211-3) to outdo New England's QB Drew Bledsoe (421 yards & 4 TD's) and TE Ben Coates (8-161-2) connection!

(09-11-94) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - Rookie Irving Spikes has already made a career out of beating the Green Bay Packers. Spikes, a free agent who made Miami's roster after an exceptional preseason performance against Green Bay, set up two first-half touchdowns that triggered the Dolphins' 24-14 victory over the Packers on Sunday. Spikes made the Dolphins roster after he burned the Packers with three kickoff returns for 146 yards and ran for the winning touchdown in a 31-24 exhibition victory at County Stadium on Aug. 13. But Spikes ran just once for five yards in Miami's season-opening 39-35 victory over New England. Signed by Miami after being ignored on draft day, Spikes ran 13 times for 70 yards before leaving early in the fourth quarter with a twisted right knee. After punting on their first possession, the Dolphins scored on their next four drives, including a pair of touchdown passes by Dan Marino, in boosting their regular season record against the Packers to 8-0. Marino has beaten Green Bay all five times he's faced them, but he said the job this time was easier with the 5-foot-8, 215-pound Spikes. With Miami ahead 3-0 late in the first half, Spikes, who had the fourth-best rushing average in the nation (149.5) last year at Northeast Louisiana, ran on three straight plays for 41 yards, setting up Marino's 3-yard touchdown strike to Keith Jackson. Marino, who shredded the Patriots for 473 yards and five touchdowns last week in his first regular season appearance since undergoing surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon, completed 17 of 25 passes for 177 yards. He executed a perfect play-action fake on fourth-and-1, hitting Jackson all alone on the left side of the end zone, capping a 12-play, 86-yard drive that made it 10-0 with 5:43 left in the half. The Dolphins weren't done. DE Ed Cross recovered Brett Favre's fumble at Miami's 47 on the next series, and Spikes again put the Dolphins in position for another Marino touchdown pass. On that drive, Spikes ran five times for 35 yards, and Terry Kirby dived for a first down on fourth-and-1 at the Packers' 6. On second-and-goal, Marino hit Keith Byars wide open in the left flat for the score with 27 seconds left before halftime. After Kirby burst up the middle for a 6-yard touchdown run midway through the third period making it 24-0, the Packers drove to Miami's 10-yard line. But sixth-year NT Craig Veasey got his first career interception. Favre finally put Green Bay into the end zone late in the fourth quarter. He hit tight end Ed West for a 2-yard TD pass with 6:30 left in the game, but the conversion pass failed, and he added a 9-yard TD to Sterling Sharpe with 1:22 remaining. Favre hit West for the 2-pointer, malting it 24-14. - (Quality 9.5) - also have on 3 disc version w/ comm and halftime (quality 9)

(09-25-94) Miami Dolphins @ Minnesota Vikings - Marino vs Warren Moon - Marino 431 yards - added December, 2007

(10-16-94) Los Angeles Raiders @ Miami Dolphins - Added March, 2009

(11-27-94) Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets - Marino Fake Spike game - Another classic Marino vs Jets game. Marino has made a history of beating up on the Jets, but in this game the Jets take a 24-6 lead int the 3rd Qtr and look destine to take a share of first place in the division in front of their largest home crowd ever. Marino would relize who he is playing though and lead the Dolphins back and invent a new play in order to beat them at the end. The game features 735 passing yards between the 2 QBs. - added January, 2008

(12-31-94) 1994 AFC Wildcard - Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins - Montana vs Marino, Montana’s last game - Includes ESPN NFL Gameday pregame, KMBC Channel 9 Chief's Tailgate Special Pre-game, halftime, commercials, ABC Post-game, and KMBC local Kansas City Post-game (Quality 8.5) (3 DVDs

(01-08-95) 1994 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers - Great Game - (4 discs)



(10-08-95) Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins - added March, 2009

(12-03-95) Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins - Added March, 2009

(12-17-95) Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - Includes commercials, halftime, and "The Postgame Show" (Quality 9) - added March 2007

(12-24-95) Miami Dolphins @ St. Louis Rams - added March, 2009

(12-30-95) 1995 AFC Wildcard - Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - added August, 2008



(12-16-96) Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - added March, 2009



(07-26-97) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason - added September, 2007

(09-14-97) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - Dan Marino’s 200th start and Brett Favre throws 150th career TD pass - The Green Bay Packers lost another Super Bowl starter and nearly another game, too. Gilbert Brown, the champions' 350-pound run stuffer, sprained his right knee in the first quarter and the Packers, playing without five starters from last year, struggled to a 23-18 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Brett Favre threw two touchdown passes, including one to a wide-open William Henderson from 10 yards with 5:33 left as Green Bay bounced back from a loss at Philadelphia. Ryan Longwell, who missed a chip shot in the final seconds that would have beaten the Eagles, hit all three of his field goals to counter four from Miami's Olindo Mare. Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino hit former Packers receiver Charles Jordan with a 29-yard TD pass with 1:47 left to pull Miami to 23-18. That prevented Marino from going three games without a touchdown pass for the first time in his 15-year career. Jordan had four catches for a career-best 100 yards. His 2-point conversion pass failed, however, and Miami's hopes of an upset died when the onside kick was recovered by Green Bay's Terry Mickens and Dorsey Levens gained 31 yards on three runs. Levens finished with a career-high 121 yards on 21 carries. - Includes commercials (Quality 9)

(11-23-97) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - Added March, 2009

(12-07-97) Detroit Lions @ Miami Dolphins - Yet another record-breaking performance by Lions' running back Barry Sanders (30 rushes for 137 yards), who set an NFL record with his 12th straight 100-yard game. The Dolphins took advantage of five Lions' turnovers (three fumbles and two interceptions), converting the miscues into 13 points. Each team scored on their first possession, Miami with a 27-yard TD pass from Dan Marino-to-Troy Drayton, while Detroit settled for Jason Hanson's team record 24th consecutive field goal (26 yards). The Dolphins extended their lead to 17-3 on a one-yard run by Karim Abdul-Jabbar and a 19-yard field goal Olindo Mare, the first of his four in the contest. Sanders scored on a seven-yard run to make the score 17-10 with less than a minute remaining in the first half, but Mare added a 33-yard field goal as time expired in the half to restore Miami's 10-point lead. Mare gave Miami a 13-point lead in the third quarter before the Lions answered with two touchdowns. Scott Mitchell (19-of-29 for 288 yards) hooked up with Johnnie Morton (career-high nine catches for 171 yards) on a 35-yard scoring pass and Bryant Westbrook returned his first career interception 64 yards for another score. Both extra point attempts failed, however, and the Lions found themselves trailing 23-22. Marino and Drayton combined for another score, a 23-yard TD pass early in the fourth quarter, to increase the Dolphins' lead to 30-22. The Lions then marched 96 yards for the game-tying score (two-point pass was good) -- a 16-yard TD pass from Mitchell to Herman Moore (five grabs for 64 yards). The Dolphins, however, took possession with 1:54 remaining and drove 54 yards in seven plays, setting the stage for Mare who booted a 42-yard field goal as time expired.

(12-22-97) New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - The Patriots rally from a 6-0 halftime deficit and stop a two point conversion with under four minutes remaining in the game to hold off the Dolphins in Miami and clinch back-to-back division titles for the first time in franchise history. (Quality 9) - Added September, 2008

(12-28-97) 1997 AFC Wildcard - Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - added September, 2008



(08-28-98) Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - preseason - added September, 2007

(11-23-98) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - Trailing 23-19, Drew Bledsoe fractures a finger on his passing hand by hitting his hand off of a helmet on the final drive. Drew stays in the game and hits Shawn Jefferson on a 25 yard TD pass with 29 seconds left to clinch the victory. - (Quality 9) - Added September, 2008

(12-21-98) Denver Broncos @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - Elway vs Marino - Dolphins are just too fired up for Broncos on MNF as they soundly beat defending champs 31-21 behind Dan Marino's (23-38, 4tds, 355yds) big night.

(01-02-99) 1998 AFC Wildcard - Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - added September, 2008

(01-09-99) 1998 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins vs Denver Broncos - Broncos show Dolphins the real wins count in playoffs with easy 38-3 victory avenging upset loss in Miami two weeks earlier. Terrell Davis (21-199-2) is unstoppable. - (Quality 8.5)



(09-02-99) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason - added April, 2008

(10-10-99) Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts - Added March, 2009

(12-05-99) Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins - After the debacle that was the first Dolphins/Colts game of the season, the Colts were hungry for revenge and their first division title since 1987. The Colts jumped out to an early 17-3 lead thanks in part to an insane run by Edgerrin James. The Dolphins battled back and the game was largely back and forth all day with the Colts staying just a step ahead. With just seconds to go, Marino put the Fins in position for a Mare field goal to tie the game. Manning got the ball with 29 seconds to play and two time outs. After a couple of quick strikes and timeouts, Vanderjagt banged home a massive 53 yarder at the gun to win the game. This game featured a young Manning out dueling an aging Marino and was an instant classic - Added May, 2009

(12-27-99) New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - Added March, 2009

(01-09-00) 1999 AFC Wildcard - Miami Dolphins @ Seattle Seahawks - Dan Marino's last win, exciting game won on a late TD - added March, 2007

(01-15-00) 1999 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Dan Marino's last NFL game - added March, 2007



(08-21-00) Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - Preseason MNF - Added April, 2008

(10-23-00) Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets - OT - The "Midnight Miracle" - One of the greatest comebacks in NFL history, and certainly the greatest in MNF history! Jets score 30 points in wild 4th Qtr to overcome 30-7 deficit after three, then win it 40-37 in OT! QB Vinny Testaverde (36-59, 5tds, 378yds) throws 4 TD passes in the 4th Quarter alone! Amazing. - August, 2008

(10-29-00) Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - The Packers trip to South Florida began with the hope of climbing back to .500 and in the mix of the NFC Central race. Coming out of their bye week, the Packers were at their healthiest point of the season and seemed to be catching the Miami Dolphins at the right time. Instead, the Packers fell 28-20 on Sunday after the Dolphins stormed back from a 17-point deficit. In the process, Green Bay not only dropped its record to 3-5, but the health of starting rb Dorsey Levens is again in question after suffering a bruised knee in the first half. Miami, which suffered a disheartening loss to the New York Jets on Monday and lost starting All-Pro LB Zach Thomas to an ankle injury, used an 81-yard punt return by Jeff Ogden in the third quarter to provide the final back-breaker to Green Bay. The Packers reached the midpoint of the season with a 3-5 record, their poorest after eight games since Holmgren's first team in 1992 had the same mark. (Quality 9.5)

(12-30-00) 2000 AFC Wildcard - Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins - Great game! Miami overcomes three first half interceptions that lead to 14-0 Indy lead at the break. Dolphins come out running the ball, and eventually tie the game at 17 with less then a minute remaining in regulation. In overtime, the Colts never miss kicker does just that, and it leads to a dramatic ending when Miami RB Lamar Smith (40-209-2, an NFL Record for carries in a playoff game, and the second highest total rushing ever in a playoff game) breaks several tackles on 17 yard game winning run for 23-17 Dolphin win at home! - Upgraded August, 2008

(01-07-01) 2000 AFC Divisional - Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders - added August, 2008



(08-25-01) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - Preseason - Added April, 2008

(12-22-01) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - The Patriots worst to first run was nearly complete. The first place Dolphins came to Foxboro late in the season for an important division clash. Behind Antowain Smith's career high 156 rushing yards, the Patriots scored 20 points in the second quarter and jumped out to a 20-3 haltime lead. The victory would give the Patriots first place by virtue of tiebreakers and the Patriots would clinch their first division title since 1997 with a 38-6 victory over Carolina in two weeks. (Quality 9) - Added September, 2008

(12-30-01) Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins - includes all commercials and halftime; also, many highlights from local Miami TV follow the game - Added March, 2009

(01-13-02) 2001 AFC Wildcard - Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins - Added October, 2008



(09-29-02) WK 4 Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs - Includes halftime (Quality 8.5) - added August, 2011

(11-04-02) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - MNF - A hurt Favre is always more dangerous as he comes back strong - Dave Wannstedt has been on the losing end three of the four times Brett Favre has come back from injury during his career. This time, the Miami Dolphins coach got to share his misery with Cris Carter, who came out of retirement only to watch Favre steal the show again. Favre had a much better return than Carter on Monday night, guiding Green Bay to a 24-10 victory over the Dolphins despite a sprained left knee that had threatened to end his decade-long starting streak. Carter, coming out of retirement following a nine-month layoff, had three inconsequential catches for 31 yards. He fumbled away his first reception, leading to the Packers' first touchdown, and was the target on an interception by linebacker Nate Wayne in the second half. Favre, knocked out of his last game, extended his NFL record for consecutive regular-season starts by a quarterback to 165. He overcame an early interception in the end zone to lead the Packers to their sixth straight victory. Favre didn't play like he was protecting his knee. Several times he scrambled toward the first-down marker with his usual abandon. The Packers, who have the NFL's best record at 7-1, also recorded four more takeaways to increase their league-leading total to 27 and held Miami running back Ricky Williams to 47 yards. Darren Sharper's 89-yard scoring runback of an interception was the fifth-longest in team history, surpassing the 88-yard runback of Bob Summerhays against Philadelphia on October 14, 1951, which had been the fifth-longest. - Includes commercials, halftime, and MNF post-game interview with Ahman Green (Quality 8.5)

(12-29-02) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - OT - With a remote chance at defending their title, the Patriots were on the brink of elimination as they trailed the Dolphins 24-13 with under 5 minutes to go in the game. The Patriots would rally to tie the score behind a Troy Brown TD pass from Tom Brady and an Adam Vinatieri field goal with a little over a minute left in the game. The Patriots would win the toss and further benfit from the kickoff going out of bounds. A little over two minutes into OT, Adam Vinatieri would win the game and give the Patriots brief hopes of qualifying for the playoffs. The Jets would end that dream a little over two hours later by beating the Packers. - (4 DVDs) - Added July, 2011



(09-07-03) Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins - Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins - Kicker Kris Brown hit a game-winning 35-yard field goal in the final minute to shock the favored Miami Dolphins 21-20 in Miami. Quarterback David Carr connected on 17 of 31 attempts for 266 yards and a touchdown. Rookie wide receiver Andre Johnson caught six passes for 76 yards while teammate Corey Bradford hauled in two catches for 85 yards, catching Carr's only touchdown throw. With the win, the Texans became the first NFL expansion team to win its first two regular-season openers. - Added March, 2009

(10-19-03) New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - OT - With first place on the line, the Patriots and Dolphins engagaed in a typical defensive struggle. After the Patriots tied the score late at 13, the first example that the 2003 season might be special manifested itself, the Phins drove into Patriots' territory to set-up a potential Olinde Mare game winning FG, but Richard Seymour would block the kick and the game would go to OT. After a coin flip mistake by the ref gave the Dolphins the ball, the Dolphins further benefitted when a great reception by Chris Chambers was allowed even though his foot was clearly out of bounds. A second Mare game winning field goal attempt would go wide right. Later in OT, on the first play after a Ty Poole INT gave the Patriots the ball at their own 18, Brady avoided the rush and rolled to the left and heaved the ball towards a streaking Troy Brown who beat two defenders and went 82 yards for the game winning touchdown. (Quality 9) - Added September, 2008



(12-20-04) New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - MNF - In a game reminiscent of the 1983 Snow Plow game, the Patriots and Dolphins were locked in a 3-0 battle late in the game. Through the blizzard like conditions, Tedy Bruschi stepped in front of a Jay Fiedler pass deep in the Phins end and waltzed into the endzone and clinched the AFC East for the Patriots. The fans put on a snow fireworks show for the Patriots. - added March, 2007



(09-07-06) Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers - NFL Season Opener: Culpepper’s first game as a Dolphin - 18/37, 262 YDS, 2 INT

(10-22-06) Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - The Packers' defenders were more sure-handed than the Dolphins' receivers. Ranked last in the NFL in pass defense, Green Bay intercepted Joey Harrington three times and benefited from half a dozen dropped passes by the woeful Dolphins to win. Brett Favre threw two touchdown passes, including the clincher to David Martin with six minutes left, and Ahman Green scored on a 70-yard run in his first game back from injury. But it was big plays by Green Bay's beleaguered defense that made the difference. The Packers doubled their season interception total, and the takeaways led to 13 points. Charles Woodson made his first interception with Green Bay and returned it 23 yards for a score. Interceptions by linebackers Brady Poppinga and Nick Barnett set up a pair of field goals. Green Bay beat the Dolphins in Miami for the first time in seven tries, battling fatigue and cramps in steamy, 86-degree weather to finish strong. The last time the Packers won in South Florida was in Vince Lombardi's final game as their coach in the 1968 Super Bowl against Oakland. Harrington set a Miami regular-season record with 62 passing attempts. He completed 33 for a career-high 414 yards and two touchdowns, but much of the yardage came with the Dolphins trying to play catch-up in a hurry-up offense. They scored only two touchdowns despite running 83 plays.



(12-16-07) Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins - OT - Added March, 2009

(12-23-07) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - Added August, 2008



(09-07-08) New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - Brett Favre's first start for the New York Jets - Added March, 2009

(09-21-08) Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots - Added March, 2009

(12-28-08) Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets - Added March, 2009



(10-17-10) Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers - Added March, 2011


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